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User Statistics

The results from the recent survey of where users get their CDS data from are shown in the figure below.

It should be reasonably representative although very few MEDOC users replied - maybe they are not on cds-soft, or were busy with the MEDOC campaign - so those numbers are probably underestimated.

For reference the possible categories were:
  1. I was at GSFC and transferred the data home before I left
  2. From the GSFC SOHO archive
  3. From the GSFC copy of the CDS data (via personal user account)
  4. From the MEDOC archive (including results from MEDOC campaign)
  5. CDS archive at RAL (via personal user account)
  6. My site mirrors all the data
  7. Personal request to RAL
  8. Personal request to GSFC
  9. Via collaborator, and I don't ask where they get them from

    1. From the CDS Operations Management Team in the Space Science & Technology Department at CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
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