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Blinker Movies

Movies from February 1998 are now available in three formats. The default is Java Script animation, but each page has links to an Animated GIF movie and an MPEG movie. Note that the size of the files can be very large and are not suited to slow network links.
10367 1998/02/06 05:42:28.000   BLINK_ST   0 NIS   Quiet sun blinker movie    191 Frames
10358 1998/02/04 18:26:23.000   BLINK_ST   0 NIS   Quiet sun blinker movie   126 Frames
10348 1998/02/03 11:51:57.000   BLINK_ST   0 NIS   Quiet sun blinker movie   108 Frames
9881 1998/01/04 15:49:50.000   BLINK_ST   0 NIS   Quiet sun blinker movie   75 Frames

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