RPG Stage 0: Preliminary Instructions

Overview Stage 0: Preliminary Stage 1: Pre-Planning

Minimum conditions for Remote Planners

  • Have a user account on the (gateway) ope-gw machine at ISAS. If there are any problems with the ope-gw machine then use the ssh2 machine - a different account requiring a different password, which all EIS COs should have
  • You can log into the eisco machine at ISAS (from ope-gw or ssh2)
  • You can use ssh and scp to access these machines
  • You have the Solarsoft (SSW) library including the hinode/eis tree, and it is updated regularly (preferably daily)
  • You must have eis included in your SSW instrument list ($SSW_INSTR)

Important Points for Remote Planning

  • Clarify your contact telephone number in the Hinode Daily Events/Hinode operation page or in the "EIS observing plan YYYY-MM-DD" emails, to ensure direct communication with the CP and/or other COs
  • When an EIS upload plan is not completed or CP does not find the required EIS command files by the deadline 14:30 JST on the date of upload, the CP may finalize the whole plan without containing the EIS observing plan. When this happens, EIS observations are safely suspended until a new plan is uploaded
  • In Post-Planning on the eisco@ISAS machine, you must only run CPT (rpcpt->run) once

Document checklist

Before you start your planning activities, you need the following documents:
  • Log on to the eisco machine (via the gateway machine) and get the EISCO_INFORMATION_FILE.txt file in the home directory which contains the passcodes for the Hinode telecon and Yugma sessions as well as other useful things.
  • The EIS Observing Schedule for your week. If you did not receive it directly from Len Culhane, you will be able to get it from the eisops Google account.
  • If available, a list of engineering studies required to run.

Overview Stage 0: Preliminary Stage 1: Pre-Planning