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Publications - 1995
Last Updated on Tuesday 19 July 2005.

10 Published this year

1995-1  Imaging photon counting system for the extreme ultraviolet
Carter, M. K., Kent, B. J., Read, P. D., Aschenbach, B. R. & Braeuninger, H. W.
1995, Proc. SPIE Vol. 2515, p. 220-230, X-Ray and Extreme Ultraviolet Optics, Richard B. Hoover; Arthur B. Walker; Eds., 2515, 220-230
1995-2  Line diagnostics for NE V and MG V solar ions
Dwivedi, B. N. & Mohan, A.
1995, Solar Physics 158, 237-248
1995-3  The Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer for the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Harrison, R. A., Sawyer, E. C., Carter, M. K., Cruise, A. M., Cutler, R. M., Fludra, A., Hayes, R. W., Kent, B. J., Lang, J., Parker, D. J., Payne, J., Pike, C. D., Peskett, S. C., Richards, A. G., Culhane, J. L., Norman, K., Breeveld, A. A., Breeveld, E. R., Janabi, K. F. A., McCalden, A. J., Parkinson, J. H., Self, D. G., Thomas, P. D., Poland, A. I., Thomas, R. J., Thompson, W. T., Kjeldseth-Moe, O., Brekke, P., Karud, J., Maltby, P., Aschenbach, B., Brauninger, H., Kuhne, M., Hollandt, J., Siegmund, O. H. W., Huber, M. C. E., Gabriel, A. H., Mason, H. E. & Bromage, B. J. I.
1995, Solar Physics 162, 233-290
1995-4  On the Failure of Standard Emission Measure Analysis for Solar Extreme-Ultraviolet and Ultraviolet Irradiance Spectra
Judge, P. G., Woods, T. N., Brekke, P. & Rottman, G. J.
1995, ApJL 455, L85+
1995-5  Emission Line Ratios for SI XI Applicable to CDS/SUMER Observations from SOHO
Keenan, F. P., Greer, C. J., Foster, V. J. & Widing, K. G.
1995, Solar Physics 161, 159-164
1995-6  Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer: an extreme-ultraviolet spectrometer for the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
Kent, B. J., Harrison, R. A., Sawyer, E. C., Hayes, R. W., Richards, A. G., Culhane, J. L., Norman, K., Breeveld, A. A., Thomas, P. D., Poland, A. I., Thomas, R. J., Thompson, W. T., Aschenbach, B. R., Braeuninger, H. W., Kjeldseth-Moe, O., Kuehne, M., Hollandt, J., Paustian, W. & Bromage, B. J.
1995, Proc. SPIE Vol. 2517, p. 12-28, X-Ray and EUV/FUV Spectroscopy and Polarimetry, Silvano Fineschi; Ed., 2517, 12-28
1995-7  The application of atomic physics to the study of solar abundances and their variations
Mason, H. E.
1995, Advances in Space Research 15, 53-
1995-8  Effects of flows and non-equilibrium ionization on some C IV line ratios on the Sun.
Spadaro, D., Orlando, S., Peres, G. & Leto, P.
1995, A&A 302, 285-+
1995-9  Ultraviolet Detectors for Solar Observations on the SOHO Spacecraft
Breeveld, A.A.
1995, PhD thesis, University College London.
1995-10  Spectroscopic Diagnostics for CDS and SUMER
Mason, H.E.
1995, Highlights in Astron.

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