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Publications - 2006
Last Updated on Tuesday 4 September 2007.

53 Published this year

2006-1  Polar and equatorial Coronal holes and the solar wind
Banerjee, D., O'Shea, E. & Doyle, J. G.
2006, 36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, 36, 771-+
2006-2  On Deriving Plasma Velocity Information from CDS/NIS Observations: Application to the Dynamics of Blinkers
Brooks, D. H. & Bewsher, D.
2006, Solar Physics 234, 257-272
2006-3  The Intercalibration of SOHO EIT, CDS-NIS, and TRACE
Brooks, D. H. & Warren, H. P.
2006, ApJS 164, 202-214
2006-4  Thermal Composition and Doppler Velocities in a Transequatorial Loop at the Solar Limb
Brosius, J. W.
2006, ApJL 636, L57-L60
2006-5  Radio Measurements of the Height of Strong Coronal Magnetic Fields Above Sunspots at the Solar Limb
Brosius, J. W. & White, S. M.
2006, ApJL 641, L69-L72
2006-6  The EUV Unresolved Corona
Cirtain, J., Martens, P. C. H., Acton, L. W. & Weber, M.
2006, Solar Physics 235, 295-316
2006-7  High-resolution X-ray spectra of solar flares
Doschek, G. A.
2006, Adv. Space Research 38, 1482-1489
2006-8  Significant Results from SUMER/SOHO
Dwivedi, B. N.
2006, ArXiv Astrophysics e-prints , astro-ph/0611250
2006-9  The ultraviolet Sun
Dwivedi, B. N.
2006, Proceedings of the ILWS Workshop, 39-+
2006-10  On the Propagation and Dissipation of Alfvn Waves in Coronal Holes
Dwivedi, B. N. & Srivastava, A. K.
2006, Solar Physics , 3-+
2006-11  The Evaporation Regime in a Confined Flare
Falchi, A., Teriaca, L. & Maltagliati, L.
2006, Solar Physics 239, 193-216
2006-12  Multiwavelength Analysis of an Active Region
Gontikakis, C., Dara, H. C., Zachariadis, T. G., Alissandrakis, C. E., Nindos, A., Vial, J.-C. & Tsiropoula, G.
2006, Solar Physics 233, 57-78
2006-13  SOHO/CDS observations of waves above the network
Gmry, P., Rybk, J., Kucera, A., Curdt, W. & Whl, H.
2006, A&A 448, 1169-1175
2006-14  Multi-wavelength study of a high velocity event near a sunspot
Lin, C.-H., Banerjee, D., O'Shea, E. & Doyle, J. G.
2006, A&A 450, 1181-1188
2006-15  p-Mode Propagation through the Transition Region into the Solar Corona. I. Observations
Marsh, M. S. & Walsh, R. W.
2006, ApJ 643, 540-548
2006-16  Observational Evidence of Gentle Chromospheric Evaporation during the Impulsive Phase of a Solar Flare
Milligan, R. O., Gallagher, P. T., Mathioudakis, M. & Keenan, F. P.
2006, ApJL 642, L169-L171
2006-17  RHESSI and SOHO CDS Observations of Explosive Chromospheric Evaporation
Milligan, R. O., Gallagher, P. T., Mathioudakis, M., Bloomfield, D. S., Keenan, F. P. & Schwartz, R. A.
2006, ApJL 638, L117-L120
2006-18  An information-theoretical methodology for profile parameter estimation of solar coronal spectra
Nakagawa, A.
2006, A&A 455, 1081-1089
2006-19  Magnetoacoustic wave propagation in off-limb polar regions
O'Shea, E., Banerjee, D. & Doyle, J. G.
2006, A&A 452, 1059-1068
2006-20  Oscillations in a solar filament: first observation of long periods in the HeI 584.33 line, modelling and diagnostic
Pouget, G., Bocchialini, K. & Solomon, J.
2006, A&A 450, 1189-1198
2006-21  EUV line intensity distribution in the solar atmosphere: differences between a polar coronal hole and its equatorial extension
Raju, K. P. & Bromage, B. J. I.
2006, A&A 446, 295-300
2006-22  Analysis of a multi-wavelength time-resolved observation of a coronal loop
Reale, F. & Ciaravella, A.
2006, A&A 449, 1177-1192
2006-23  Calibration of space instrumentation with synchrotron radiation
Richter, M., Gottwald, A., Scholze, F., Thornagel, R. & Ulm, G.
2006, Adv. Space Research 37, 265-272
2006-24  Multithermal Analysis of a SOHO/CDS Coronal Loop
Schmelz, J. T. & Martens, P. C. H.
2006, ApJL 636, L49-L52
2006-25  New perspectives on prominences as observed by SOHO/SUMER
Schmieder, B., Vial, J.-C. & Heinzel, P.
2006, SF2A-2006: Semaine de l'Astrophysique Francaise, 563-+
2006-26  Study of an extended EUV filament using SoHO/SUMER observations of the hydrogen Lyman lines
Schwartz, P., Heinzel, P., Schmieder, B. & Anzer, U.
2006, A&A 459, 651-661
2006-27  Coronal Observations of CMEs
Schwenn, R., Raymond, J. C., Alexander, D., Ciaravella, A., Gopalswamy, N., Howard, R., Hudson, H., Kaufmann, P., Klassen, A., Maia, D., Munoz-Martinez, G., Pick, M., Reiner, M., Srivastava, N., Tripathi, D., Vourlidas, A., Wang, Y.-M. & Zhang, J.
2006, Sp. Sci. Rev. 123, 127-176
2006-28  MHD Waves in Coronal Holes and Line Diagnostics of Coronal Loops
Srivastava, A. K.
2006, Ph.D. Thesis ,
2006-29  Dynamics and evolution of an eruptive flare
Teriaca, L., Falchi, A., Falciani, R., Cauzzi, G. & Maltagliati, L.
2006, A&A 455, 1123-1133
2006-30  EIT and TRACE responses to flare plasma
Tripathi, D., Del Zanna, G., Mason, H. E. & Chifor, C.
2006, A&A 460, L53-L56
2006-31  NRLEUV 2: A new model of solar EUV irradiance variability
Warren, H. P.
2006, Adv. Space Research 37, 359-365
2006-32  Solar VUV measurements obtained by SOHO instruments and their radiometric calibration
Wilhelm, K.
2006, Adv. Space Research 37, 225-233
2006-33  A Multi-Wavelength Study of the Compact M1 Flare on October 22, 2002
Zanna, G. D., Berlicki, A., Schmieder, B. & Mason, H. E.
2006, Solar Physics 234, 95-113
2006-34  The Gradual Phase of the X17 Flare on October 28, 2003
Zanna, G. D., Schmieder, B., Mason, H., Berlicki, A. & Bradshaw, S.
2006, Solar Physics 239, 173-191
2006-35  Bursting the Solar Bubble: The Flare-Coronal Mass Ejection Relationship
Harrison, R.A.
2006, in 'Solar Eruptions and Energetic Particles, (eds) N. Gopalswamy et al., AGU Geophysical Monograph Ser. 165, 73.
2006-36  10 Years of CME Onset Studies with SOHO/CDS
Bewsher, D. & Harrison, R.A.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-37  Heating of the Solar Corona: Modelling the EUV/X-ray Emission
Brooks, D.H., & Warren, H.P.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-38  The Solar Neon Abundance and the Standard Solar Model
Young, P.R.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-39  What we have learned about prominences and filaments from SOHO/SUMER and CDS spectral observations
Heinzel, P., Schmieder, B., & Vial, J.-C.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-40  Multi-wavelength high resolution observations of a M5.4 flare from ground and space
Kucera, A., Wohl, H., Rybak, J., Gomory, P., & Veronig, A.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-41  Importance of absorption and volume blocking for line intensity depression in EUV filaments
Schwartz, P, Schmieder, B., & Heinzel, P.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-42  Solar cycle contrast changes as seen in EUV transition region lines
Thompson, W.T.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-43  Off-limb coronal loop dynamics as seen from CDS, EIT and TRACE
Banerjee, D., O'Shea, E., & Doyle, J.G.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-44  SOHO/CDS observations of polar coronal jets over the last solar cycle
Del Zanna, G., Mason, H.E., & Cirtain, J.W.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-45  The in-flight monitoring and validation of the CDS NIS radiometric calibration
Lang, J., Brooks, D.H., Lanzafame, A., Martin, R., Pike, C.D., & Thompson, W.T.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-46  The signature of moving magnetic features in the solar atmosphere
Lin, C.-H., Banerjee, D., O'Shea, E., & Doyle, J.G.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-47  Diagnostics of coronal loops from multi-band observations
Reale, F., & Ciaravella, A.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-48  The EUV spectral irradiance and the physical characteristics of the solar corona during the 10 years of the SOHO measurements
Del Zanna, G., & Andretta, V.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-49  Observational evidence of gentle and explosive chromospheric evaporation
Milligan, R.O., Gallagher, P.T., Mathioudakis, M., & Keenan, F.P.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-50  Two observations of damped oscillations during filament eruptions: a signature of the eruptions?
Pouget, G., Bocchialini, K., & Solomon, J.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-51  Multi-wavelength investigation of a sigmoidal active region
Tripathi, D., Mason, H.E., & Young, P.R.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-52  Helium line formation during the decay phase of a small two-ribbon flare
Andretta, V., Mauas, P.J.D., Falchi, A., & Teriaca, L.
2006, ESA SP-617. SOHO-17 Workshop.
2006-53  Multiwavelength Observations of Chromospheric Evaporation During the Impulsive Phase of Solar Flares
Milligan, R.T.
2006, PhD Thesis, Queen's University Belfast.

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