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Publications - 2010
Last Updated on Thursday 23 August 2012.

24 Published this year

2010-1  Analysis of Solar Transistion Region Plasma Loops as Observed by Instruments on the Hinode, SOHO, and TRACE Satellites
Orange, N., Oluseyi, H., Bruni, D., Chesny, D., Neira, C. and Preuss, L.
2010, Bull. Amer. Astron. Soc. Meet. #215, Vol. 42, 291
2010-2  Absolute Radiometric Calibration of EUNIS-06 170-205A Channel and Calibration Update for Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer/Normal-Incidence Spectrometer
Wang, T., Brosius, J.W., Thomas, R.J., Rabin, D.M. and Davila, J.M.
2010, Ap. J. Supp. 186, 222-232
2010-3  The EUV Spectral Irradiance of the Sun from 1997 to Date
Del Zanna, G. and Andretta, V.
2010, IAU Symp. 264, 78-80
2010-4  Intensity Distribution and Contrast of the Solar EUV Network
Raju, K.P.
2010, Solar Phys., 262, 61-69
2010-5  Constraining Coronal Heating: Employing Bayesian Analysis Techniques to Improve the Determination of Solar Atmospheric Plasma Parameters
Adamakis, S., Walsh, R.W. and Morton-Jones, A.J.
2010, Solar Phys., 262, 117-134
2010-6  Image Processing Techniques and Feature Recognition in Solar Physics
Ascwanden, M.J.
2010, Solar Phys., 262, 235-275
2010-7  Fast Cold Upflows During a Solar Microflare Observed With RHESSI and SOHO's CDS
Brosius, J.W. and Holman, G.D.
2010, Bull.Amer.Astron.Soc. Meet. #216, Vol. 41, 902
2010-8  Absolute Radiometric Calibration of EUNIS, and Calibration Updates for HINODE/EIS and SOHO/CDS
Wang, T., Thomas, R.J., Brosius, J.W., Young, P.R., Rabin, D.M. and Davila, J.M.
2010, Bull.Amer.Astron.Soc. Meet. #216, Vol. 41, 860
2010-9  EUV Spectra of the Full Solar Disk: Analysis and Results of the Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer (CHIPS)
Sirk, M.M., Hurwitz, M. and Marchant, W.
2010, Solar Phys., 264, 287-309
2010-10  The EUV Spectrum of the Sun: Long-Term Variations in the SOHO CDS NIS Spectral Responsivities
Del Zanna, G., Andretta, V., Chamberlin, P.C., Woods, T.N. and Thompson, W.T.
2010, A&A 518, id.A49
2010-11  Making Three-Temperature Maps of the Solar Corona from EUV Images
Dudok de Wit, T., Kretzschmar, M. and Benseghir, T.
2010, 38th COSPAR Assembly, p.4
2010-12  Observed Flows in Coronal Loops Generated by Multi-Thread Modelling
Walsh, R. and Sarkar, A.
2010, 38th COSPAR Assembly, p.3
2010-13  Relations Between Theoretical and Observational Plasma Parameters and the Radiation of the Prominence
Berlicki, A., Schwartz, P., Schmieder, B., Heinzel, P., Gunar, S.
2010, 38th COSPAR Assembly, p.6
2010-14  From the Sun to the Earth: The 13 May Coronal Mass Ejection
Bisi, M.M., Breen, A.R., Jackson, B.V., Fallows, R.A., Walsh, A.P., Mikic, Z., Riley, P., Owens, C.J., Gonzalez-Esparza, A., Aguilar-Rodriguez, E., Morgan, H., Jensen, E.A., Wood, A.G., Owens, M.J., Tokumaru, M., Manoharan, P.K., Chashei, I.V., Giunta, A.S., Linker, J.A., Shishov, V.I., Tyul'Bashev, S.A., Agalya, G., Glubokova, S.K., Hamilton, M.S., Fujiki, K., Hick, P.P., Clover, J.M. and Pinter, B.
2010, Solar Phys., 265, 49-127
2010-15  Multiwavelength Imaging and Spectroscopy of Chromospheric Evaporation in an M-class Solar Flare
Veronig, A.M., Rybak, J., Gomory, P., Berkebile-Stoiser, S., Temmer, M., Otruba, W., Vrsnak, B., Potzi, W. and Baumgartner, D.
2010, Ap. J. 719, 655-670
2010-16  On The Isothermality of Solar Plasmas
Landi, E. and Klimchuk, J.A.
2010, Ap. J. 720, 320-328
2010-17  Early Chromospheric Response During a Solar Microflare Observed With SOHO's CDS and RHESSI
Brosius, J.W. and Holman, G.D.
2010, Ap. J. 720, 1472-1482
2010-18  Radiative and Magnetic Properties of Solar Active Regions. II. Spatially Resolved Analysis of OV 62.97 nm Transistion Region Emission
Fludra, A. and Warren, H.
2010, A&A 523, id.A47
2010-19  A Reconnecting Current Sheet Imaged in a Solar Flare
Liu, R., Lee, J., Wang, T., Stenborg, G., Liu, C. and Wang, H.
2010, Ap. J. Lett. 723, L28-L33
2010-20  Search for Rapid Changes in the Visible-Light Corona During the 21 June 2001 Total Solar Eclipse
Rudawy, P., Phillips, K.J.H., Buczylko, A., Williams, D.R. and Keenan, F.P.
2010, Solar Phys., 267, 305-327
2010-21  TOPICAL REVIEW The Solar UV-X-ray Spectrum From 1.5-2000 A
Doschek, G.A. and Feldman, U.
2010, Jour.Phys.B 43, 232001
2010-22  Solar Flare Impulsive Phase Observations from SDO and Other Observatories
Chamberlin, P.C., Woods, T.N., Schrijver, C.J., Warren, H.P., Milligan, R.O., Christe, S. and Brosius, J.W.
2010, AGU Fall Meet. Abs. #SH23A-1832
2010-23  Space Based Observations of Coronal Cavities in Conjunction with the Total Solar Eclipse of July 2010
Kucera, T.A., Berger, T.E., Boerner, P., Dietzel, M., Druckmuller, M., Gibson, S.E., Habbal, S.R., Morgan, H., Reeves, K.K., Schmit, D.J. and Seaton, D.B.
2010, AGU Fall Meet. Abs. #SH51A-1666
2010-24  Heliospheric Modulation of Galactic Cosmic Rays Observed at the L1 Lagrange Point in Solar Cycle 23
Fludra, A.
2010, AGU Fall Meet. Abs. #SH51B-1670

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