What goes on beneath the Sun's surface?

So, what does go on beneath the surface of the Sun? Probably not a lot, do I hear you say? You may think that the Sun is quite calm, but actually it gets excited and agitated, it shakes and tremors - don't we all at times!

My name is Rekha and I'm going to take you down deep beneath the surface of the Sun.

First, I need to explain what that word helioseismology means. It comes from ancient Greek words - helios meaning the Sun or 'light', seismos meaning 'tremor' and logos meaning 'reasoning'.

This is what we think the inside of the Sun looks like. The Sun is a star and in the centre, or core, energy is produced by nuclear fusion of hydrogen to helium. The temperature is around 16 million degrees C. This energy is radiated through some layers of the Sun and then the energy is transferred by convection. This convection zone, which is quite deep, lies just beneath the solar surface and is very interesting.

My work is to find out more about the inside of the Sun, by studying how and why the Sun shakes and tremors! Follow these links and listen to the Sun to find out what's deep inside....


Magical Musical Interior

Mystifying Magnetic Surface

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