Rekha Jain's Details

Who am I ?


My name is Rekha Jain.

I am at present working in the physics department in UMIST in Manchester.

How did I get where I am now?

After studying physics and maths at university, I decided to do research in astronomy and guess what? I was lucky to get a Research Scholar position in a prestigious Institute in India, doing just that - I started observing stars and galaxies.

My work now concerns the Sun, its oscillations and other projects.

I have always been interested in travelling to far-away places and it was while sitting in the library one day that I thought that it would be a good idea to go abroad for further studies. This way I could travel to another country and spend a few years knowing about its people, culture etc. The next thing I remember is looking at an advertisement in the "New Scientist" (to do research in theoretical solar physics) and believe it or not, it caught my eye because I could not find St. Andrews on the copy of the UK map that I had. Of course, I wanted to come to St. Andrews, Scotland for my next adventure! So there I was, in Scotland (thankfully, in the summer!) in 1989. Since then I have worked in the field of solar physics, spending two years in JILA at the University of Colorado in Boulder (another beautiful place to study) and, in the last couple of years, I have been based in Manchester, England.

What else do I do ?

Here is a picture of me dancing!

No, I am joking.

Seriously though, I like dancing e.g. Indian, Scottish Country dancing.

I like to visit various countries and learn about different cultures and traditions. Nobody says it is easy for a young woman coming from India, wanting to travel to distant places. But I am a pretty adamant one and love doing unusual things. If I can do what I wanted to, you sure can too.

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