Software Notes

    As of 18-Jan-00 the series comprises:-

   Note                       Title                           Author

    00      This index.
    01      CDS ground based software requirements          C D Pike
    02      CDS catalog definitions                         W Thompson
    03      Converting CDS telemetry to FITS files          W Thompson
    04      IDL software for FITS binary tables             W Thompson
    05      SERTS graphics devices routines                 W Thompson
    06      SERTS image display routines                    W Thompson
    07      CDS Planning Tool Users' Guide                  D M Zarro &
                                                            L Wang
    08      CDS software and data directories               C D Pike
    09      CDS IDL data structure                          S V Haugan
    10      The UIT IDL database system                     W Thompson
    11      Converting CDS calibration telemetry to FITS    W Thompson
    12      User guide to calibration science analyser      C D Pike
    13      Report on VDS subsystem calibration             W Thompson
    14      Time conversion routines                        W Thompson
    15      Study identifications                           R A Harrison
    16      C Utility programs for IDL programming          S V Haugan
    17      Installing the CDS software                     C D Pike,
                                                            W Thompson &
                                                            D M Zarro
    18      CDS Interoperability software                   W Thompson
    19      Other SoHO Interoperability software            W Thompson
    20      Quicklook software user manual                  P Brekke &
                                                            S V Haugan
    21      Profile fitting to CDS/SUMER data               N Brynildsen
    22      CDS on-line help utilities                      C D Pike
    23      CDS FITS generation software                    W Thompson
    24      CDS Technical Planning software                 C D Pike
    25      Command Preparation Software                    M K Carter
    26      Engineering telemetry monitor (EMON)            C D Pike
    27      Guide to the Science Telemetry Monitor (STM)    C D Pike
    28      Tape Archiving Procedures for the SoHO/CDS      D Luttermoser
    29      CDS Planning Database Directories               C D Pike
    30      CDHS State Database Software                    M K Carter
    31      Monitoring CDS mechanical use                   C D Pike
    32      A QL Density/Temp. Diagnostic Tool for CDS      P G Judge &
                                                            P Brekke
    33      The CHIANTI Synthetic Spectrum Program 
            for CDS/SUMER                                   K Dere et al
    34      Applying Calibration to VDS Data                W Thompson
    35      CDS Temperature Monitoring                      C D Pike
    36      CDS QCM Monitoring                              C D Pike

    37      Density and temperature diagnostic Line 
            Ratios for CDS/SUMER  using CHIANTI             K Dere et al

    38      IDL access to CDS telemetry files               C D Pike
    39      Automatic line fitting to CDS spectra           B J Kellett
    40      CDS Engineering studies.                        M K Carter
    41      Analyzing CDS data in IDL: An Observers Guide   S V H Haugan
    42      A Guide for the Visiting Scientist              W Thompson
    43      Processing CDS Level-0 CDROMs                   W Thompson
    44      Study Durations                                 W Thompson
    45      CDS Solar Feature Tracking                      C D Pike
    46      Missing Pixels and Cosmic Rays                  W Thompson,
                                                            S.V.H. Haugan &
                                                            Peter Young
    47      The Component Fitting System for IDL            S V H Haugan
    48      CDS Pointing Calculations                       W Thompson
    49      Deriving Statistics from NIS Data               W Thompson
    50      DEM analysis using CHIANTI                      G Del Zanna
    51      The VDS Burn-in Calibration                     W Thompson
    52      Routines for use with the CHIANTI database      P R Young
    53      Post-recovery broadened line profiles           W Thompson
    54      GIS Instrument Guide                            C Folley
    55      GIS Analysis Guide                              C Folley
    56      GIS Calibration Details                         E Breeveld

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