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PhD Theses
Last Updated on Tuesday 4 September 2007.

CDS PhD Theses

The table below shows the PhD theses that have involved either analysis of CDS data or contributions to the CDS hardware. Please report any additions or corrections to A. Fludra or P.R. Young.

Year Student Supervisor Institute Title
2007 J.B. Noglik R.W. Walsh University of Central Lancashire (UK) Beyond the Solar Surface: An Observational Study of Solar Coronal Loops
2006 B. Ishak J.G. Doyle Armagh Observatory (UK)
R.O. Milligan F.P. Keenan Queen's University Belfast (UK) Multiwavelength Observations of Chromospheric Evaporation During the Impulsive Phase of Solar Flares
A. Srivastava B. Dwivedi Banaras Hindu University (India) MHD Waves in Coronal Holes and Line Diagnostics of Coronal Loops
2005 J.W. Cirtain P.C.H. Martens Montana State University (USA) The solar extreme ultra-violet corona: Resolved loops and the unresolved active region corona
2004 I. Ugarte-Urra J.G. Doyle Armagh Observatory (UK) Brightness and magnetic evolution of solar coronal bright points
2003 D. Garcia-Alvarez J.G. Doyle Armagh Observatory (UK) Dynamic activity in the outer atmospheres of late-type stars including the sun
2002 D. Bewsher E.R. Priest St. Andrews University (UK) Transition Region Blinkers
D.R. Williams F.P. Keenan Queen's University Belfast (UK) Coronal and Transition Region Observations of the Sun and Cool Stars
2001 A. Brkovic S. Solanki University of Zurich (Switzerland) Structure and Variability of the Upper Solar Atmosphere Observed with SOHO
G.A. Fischbacher H.P. Summers Strathclyde University (UK) Diagnosis and Modelling of Optically Thick Structures in the Lower Solar Atmosphere
S.D. Loch H.P. Summers Strathclyde University (UK) Spectral Series Emission and Atomic Populations in Solar Astrophysical and Laboratory Fusion Plasmas
S. Parenti B.J.I. Bromage University of Central Lancashire (UK) Ultraviolet and EUV Studies of Selected Structures in the Solar Corona
N. Ranns L.K. Harra University College London (UK) Studies of Solar Flares: Homology & X-ray Line Broadening
2000 P.T. Gallagher F.P. Keenan Queen's University Belfast (UK) Optical and EUV Observations of the Solar Atmosphere
S. Patsourakos J.-C. Vial University of Paris-Sud XI (France) Investigation of Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration in Coronal Holes
1999 G. Del Zanna B.J.I. Bromage University of Central Lancashire (UK) Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Corona
L. McDonald L.K. Harra University College London (UK) The Energetics of Solar Flares and Bright Points
1998 P.R. Young H.E. Mason University of Cambridge (UK) EUV spectroscopy of solar and stellar atmospheres
1997 D.H. Brooks H.P. Summers Strathclyde University (UK) On the Radiating and Dynamic Properties of the Solar Upper Atmosphere
1996 A. Mohan B. Dwivedi Banaras Hindu University (India) Line Diagnostics for Solar Plasmas
1995 A.A. Breeveld J.L. Culhane University College London (UK) Ultraviolet Detectors for Solar Observations on the SOHO Spacecraft

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