A Celebration of 10 Years of SOHO
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On the 2nd December 1995 the worlds flagship solar probe SOHO was launched on a journey of some 1.5million Km's sunwards of Earth to the Lagrangian point, from where it has been sending back a near constant stream of data on our nearest star the Sun and its environment. In 10 years it has revolutionised our ideas about the solar interior and solar atmosphere and the acceleration of the solar wind. Scientists gathered on the anniversary of the launch, at CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, to celebrate the achievements of SOHO. Below we bring you a few selected movies.

The CCLRC News Release    Soho Launch movie (QuickTime)

Selected results and movies from SOHO - courtesy of the SOHO and Instrument teams.

SOHO Spacecraft animation

Our mysterious Sun


The complex & violent solar atmosphere

The quiet and active Sun

Close up on convection cells

Peeling back the solar atmosphere

Temperature mapping the Sun

Solar Tornadoes.

The Vibrating Sun


Coronal Mass Ejection


Driving the Earths Aurora animation

The Comet Neat


Two out of a thousand Comets

The big one


Four Planets & the Plieades

Magnetic Field Structure animation

Surface Magnetic polarities

Problems viewing the movies:
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IE & Windows Media Player may have issues:
Either click 'close' on the WMP 'download failed box' then click play on WMP
(Once cached locally the movie should play)
or right click on an image and select 'Save Target as' then save file to disc.
Play the saved file by double clicking on it.
or simply chose the QuickTime option

Some amazing facts about 10 years of CDS
  • 10,000,000 exposures have been taken
  • 34,000 science studies have been run
  • 240,000 science fits files have been produced
  • 3,500 individual science plans have been made
  • 400,000 command blocks have been sent to CDS by the CDS ground system
  • 400GB of data sent back from CDS
  • 666 reviewed science papers published
    The mechanisms have performed:
  • 24,000,000 mirror steps
  • 7,000,000 slit steps
  • 24,000,000 instrument pointing movements
    and all with just one major service, and that was before launch

News: 24th November 2005
A CDS Intrument status page is now online.
The CDS User Guide has been updated with latest GIS information.

We still await the definative orbit information files. Processing of CDS final telemetry continues, though data sets are not being flagged as 'Final' until the orbit files becomes available. View the CD Processing page to see the current processing status

From the CDS Operations Management Team in the Space Science & Technology Department at CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
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