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Rotating jets

EUV dimming under a CME

Evidence for wave dissipation

Twisted flux-tube arrangements with counter-flowing streams

Prominence Errupting

Transition Region brightenings

Active Region Loops

Deriving Intensity & velocity distributions

Temperatures in the Solar Atmosphere.

Material streaming back into the sun after an erruption

Carrington rotation map.

Full Sun images

Quiet Sun blinker event.

Gas loops at different temperatures on the limb.

Prominence erupting and dispersing into space.

Solar Tornados.

Three images looking down onto the centre of the solar disc.

Huge magnetic loops extending tens of thousands of km into space

A full-Sun image made by detecting radiation from oxygen.

Images of a developing active region near disk center.

Active region loops observed on the West limb.

Long, thin strips of the Sun, 7400 km x 44400 km.

Active region loops seen with both CDS and EIT.

Images of a solar prominence.

Quiet sun spectra in the four GIS spectral bands.

Quiet sun spectra in the two NIS spectral bands.

Mosaics of the full sun, built up from a series of NIS rasters.

Mosaic of the full sun, in He I 584.34 A

High velocity event observed, 22 March 1996, 13:49 UT.

Image showing the beautiful magnetic loop system of an active region

Bright active region loops on East limb.

A prominence on the west solar limb

Active region loop system above the east limb

Active region observed simultaneously in a range of temperatures.

NIS Spectral Atlas.

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