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CDS IDL library - one-liners

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ABS               - Returns the absolute value of its  argument.
ACGAUNT           - Calculate continuum gaunt factor using approximations
ACOS              - Returns the angle, in radians, whose cosine is X
ADDTIME           - If optional keyword delta_min is supplied, then add a offset in
ADD_ALT()         - Adds a CDS alternate science plan record to the database
ADD_ANOMALY()     - Adds a SOHO anomaly to the database
ADD_CAMPAIGN()    - Adds a CDS campaign record to the database
ADD_CDS_POINT     - Adds a pointing calibration curve to database
ADD_DATAWIN()     - Adds a data window list definition to the database
ADD_DETAIL()      - Adds a CDS detailed science plan record to the database
ADD_EFFICIENCY    - Adds an overall efficiency value to database
ADD_EFF_AREA      - Adds an effective area curve to database
ADD_EXPER()       - Adds a CDS experiment entry to the as-run database
ADD_EXP_COMM()    - Adds a CDS experiment comment entry to the as-run database
ADD_FLAG()        - Adds a CDS flag receiver science plan record to the database
ADD_F_RASTER()    - Adds a fundamental raster definition to the database
ADD_F_STUDY()     - Adds a fundamental study definition to the database
ADD_GSET()        - Adds an entry to the GIS setup database.
ADD_INST_DLYD()   - Adds an entry to the instrument delayed command database.
ADD_KW2HDR        - Add keywords set in _EXTRA to a FITS header.  The mapping of _ext
ADD_LINELIST()    - Adds a line list definition to the database
ADD_MAIN()        - Adds a CDS main entry to the as-run database
ADD_METHOD        - Dynamically add a method to a class (and it's objects)
ADD_MIRSHIFT()    - Register NIS mirror shift calibrations in the database.
ADD_NRT_RES()     - Adds an entry to the NRT reserved database.
ADD_OTHER_OBS()   - Adds a plan entry for another observatory to database
ADD_PATH          - Add directory (and optionally all its subdirs) into IDL path
ADD_PLAN()        - Adds a SoHO/CDS science plan record to the database
ADD_PROGRAM()     - Adds a CDS program definition to the database
ADD_PROP          - Add a property to a map object
ADD_RAW()         - Adds an entry to the GIS raw data file catalog.
ADD_RESOURCE()    - Adds an entry to the general resource database.
ADD_RES_TYPE()    - Adds a resource type name to the database
ADD_TAG           - add a tag to a structure
ADD_TEL_MODE()    - Adds an entry to the telemetry mode database.
ADD_TEL_SUBMODE() - Adds an entry to the telemetry submode database.
ADD_TILTCAL()     - Register NIS tilt calibrations in the database.
ADD_T_STUDY()     - Adds a fundamental study definition to the title database
ADD_V_RASTER()    - Adds a raster variation definition to the database
ADD_V_STUDY()     - Adds a study variation definition to the database
ADD_WAVECAL()     - Register wavelength calibrations in the database.
ADD_WAVE_EFF      - Adds an efficiency versus wavelength curve to database
ADJUST()          - Adjust the range of an image.
ADJUST_COLOR      - Adjust the color table with the cursor.
ADJUST_TIMES      - check input times and adjust if required
AFFINE            - Apply the affine transformation given by the input parameters
AFFINE_SOLVE      - Calculate the parameters of a general affine image
ALIGN_CUBE_CORREL - align a data cube via cross correlation; update coordinates
ALIGN_LABEL       - meta-label (via xyouts) an image via relative positions/align
ALL_VALS          - Find and sort unique values in an array
ALOG              - Returns the natural logarithm of X.
ALOG10            - Returns the logarithm to the base  10 of X.
ALPHA_PAGE        - This procedure switches to alpha from graphics page under Tektron
AMEDIAN           - Works the same as MEDIAN, but the effect tapers off at the edges.
AMOEBA_C          - Reiteratively fits an arbitrary function
AMOEBA_F          - Reiteratively minimizes an arbitrary function
ANAFRD            - for reading various types of image files written by ana
ANAHEAD2STRUCT    - convert an ana header (per lapalma) -> SSW structure
ANYDATA2PAPER     - analyze your data and submit to selected Journal
ANYNAME2STD()     - Converts user format of line name to CDS standard.
ANYTIM            - This function converts one of several recognized time formats int
ANYTIM2CAL()      - Converts (almost) any time format to calendar format.
ANYTIM2DOY        - Given a time in the form of a (1) structure, (2) 7-element time
ANYTIM2EX         - Given a time in the form of a (1) structure, (2) 7-element time
ANYTIM2INTS       - Given a time in the form of a (1) structure, (2) 7-element time
ANYTIM2JD()       - Converts any input time format to full Julian day.
ANYTIM2TAI()      - Converts any standard CDS time format to TAI.
ANYTIM2UTC()      - Converts (almost) any time format to CDS UTC format.
ANYTIM2WEEKS      - Given a starting and ending time, return a vector
ANYTIM_REPORT     - This routine checks the performance of anytim for all of its inpu
AN_NIMCP          - Analyze data from runs of NIMCP.
AN_NIMCP_1_2      - Analyze data from runs of NIMCP_1 and NIMCP_2
AN_NIMCP_AVG      - Analyze data from runs of NIMCP.
APPEND_ARR        - Manageable method for concatanating arrays
APPLY_CDS_ADEF    - Apply CDS analysis definition(s), generating an analysis.
APPLY_LOCK        - create a LOCK file
ARCMIN2HEL()      - Convert arcmin from sun centre to heliographic coords.
ARCTAN            - Generalized arctan function that resolves the 180-degree ambiguit
ARR2GIF           - Write images to a series of GIF files
ARR2STR()         - Convert an array to a delimited string.
ARRAY_CONCAT      - concatenate a dynamic array with subarrays of variable lengths
ARRAY_DECAT       - decatenates a dynamic array into subarrays of variable lengths
ARRAY_JHUAPL      - Force given argument to be an array.
ARRAY_MATCH()     - Detect if a vector matches any row or column of a 2D array
ARRAY_XOR()       - Returns the XOR elements of two arrays.
ARROW2            - Wrapper routine for IDL user library ARROW routine.
ARR_DIFF          - boolean function - arrays different? (string/struct/numeric OK)
ASCII             - Print ASCII characters based on its numerical decimal value.
ASIN              - Returns the angle, in radians, whose sine is X
ASK               - Gets a single letter response from the keyboard.
ASMOOTH()         - Smooths a one or two-dimensional array.
ASSOC             - Associates an array structure with  a file.
ATAN              - Returns the angle, in radians, whose tangent is X.
ATIME             - Convert argument UT to string of format YY/MM/DD, HHMM:SS.XXX or
AVERAGE()         - Averages an array over one or all of its dimensions.
AVG               - Return the average value of an array, or 1 dimension of an array
AVG_WO_CR()       - Average together multiple images, ignoring cosmic rays
AVOID_SPIKES      - Return the subscript list of data values which don't have spikes
AXIS              - Draws an axis of the specified type and scale.
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BASELINE()        - Returns baseline value of the input array.
BASE_INTERP()     - Interpolate to the base of a curve, ignoring outliers.
BBSO__DEFINE      - Define a BBSO data object
BELL              - To ring the terminal bell a specified number of times.
BELLS()           - Fits bell splines to data array.
BESELI            - Returns the I Bessel function of order N.
BESELJ            - Returns the J Bessel function of order N.
BESELY            - Returns the Y Bessel function of order N.
BGAUSS            - Compute multiple CDS broadened gauss functions with quadratic bac
BIGPICKFILE       - Pickfile, but with more space for everything.
BIN2DEC           - Convert binary representation to decimal integer.
BIN2HEX           - Convert binary representation to hexadecimal.
BINDGEN           - Returns a byte array with the specified dimensions.
BINUP             - to rebin data into arbitrary dimensions
BITS              - Given a byte or integer, return a vector of 8 or 16 values
BITS2             - Given a byte or integer, return a vector of 8 or 16 values
BLANK()           - To make a blank string with a given length
BLINK_IMAGES      - Blinks two images together by modifying the color tables.
BLINK_MAP         - blink two maps using XINTERANIMATE
BOOST_ARRAY       - Append array onto an array of arrays.
BOOST_TAG         - boost a tag value
BOX_AV()          - Produce a box average of an array.
BOX_CRS           - Two-button equivalent of BOX_CURSOR for Microsoft Windows.
BOX_CURSOR        - Emulate the operation of a variable-sized box cursor
BOX_CURSOR2       - Emulate the operation of a variable-sized box cursor
BOX_MESSAGE       - message to user, highlight with box around text
BP_SEEK_POS       - Display and look at BP_SEEK study data
BREAKPOINT        - Allows you to insert and remove breakpoints.
BREAK_FILE        - Break a filename into its component parts.
BREAK_MAP         - Break map up into small pieces
BREAK_PATH()      - Breaks up a path string into its component directories.
BSCALE            - Scale images into byte arrays suitable for displaying.
BSC_CHECK         - check that index or data structure is of type BSC
BSC_STRUCT        - Define the following BSC specific database structures
BSORT             - Sorts data into ascending order.
BUILDGEN          - build 'super structure' for generic files
BUILD_STR         - build data structure for generic files using size
BYTARR            - Returns a byte vector or array. 
BYTE              - Returns a result converted to byte type.
BYTE2INT()        - Convert byte(s) to integer(s), nothing else.
BYTEORDER         - Converts integers between  host and network byte ordering.
BYTESWAP()        - Swaps the bytes in an integer (as a function).
BYTSCL            - Scales all values of Array to 0 to 255.
BYTSCLI           - Variation on BYTSCL which allows MAX < MIN.
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CACHE_DATA        - cache data in pointer for fast retrieval
CACHE_LIST        - Cache time-based listing
CACHE__DATA       - create a cache object, whose contents persist
CALC_RAS_DUR()    - Calculate the duration of a raster.
CALL_EXTERNAL     - Calls a function in an external sharable object.
CALL_EXTERNAL_INFO - return system dependent info required by call_external
CALL_FUNCTION     - Calls IDL function specified by the string Name.
CALL_PROCEDURE    - Calls Procedure specified by Name.
CATEGORY          - List procedure/function names and categories.
CAT_DURATION      - Lists the durations of rasters performed on the CDS.
CAT_FITS()        - Cataslogues available FITS files and optional info.
CD                - Is used to set and/or change the current working directory.
CDD               - Change directory and set IDL prompt to current path name
CDSCONGRID        - Shrink/expand the size of an array by an arbitrary amount.
CDSFOV            - Plots given (x,y) in CDS Field Of View
CDSHEADFITS()     - Read a FITS file header record
CDSLOG            - Accumulate messages from other routines, option to save
CDSLOGO           - Puts a CDS logo in one corner of a PostScript plot
CDSLR2XY()        - Calculates solar (x,y) values for given OPS position.
CDSNOTIFY         - Display a message to the user.
CDSPICKFILE       - This function allows the user to interactively pick a file.
CDSXY2LR()        - Calculates CDS OPS values for given solar (X,Y) position.
CDS_ADEF_PARSEFILE - Parse file names++ according to a CDS Analysis Definition
CDS_AR_OBS        - To find files which contain observations on a given AR.
CDS_ASRUN_POINT   - create map structures for ASRUN CDS pointings from catalog
CDS_CLEAN         - Removes cosmic rays from CDS data
CDS_CLEAN_EXP     - Clean cosmic rays (based on local median) from QLDS data.
CDS_CLEAN_IMAGE   - Clean cosmic rays & missing pixels from NIS raster images
CDS_CLEAN_SPIKE   - Removes cosmic rays from QLDS data.
CDS_COMPRESS      - read and compress a sequence of CDS FITS QL files
CDS_CORR_GRADIENT - Apply local intensity gradient correction to line position.
CDS_FILES         - find CDS files
CDS_GAUSS()       - Fits Gaussian with constant, linear or quadratic background.
CDS_IMAGE         - Reads a CDS image from a FITS file (QL or Level-1).
CDS_NEW_SPIKE     - Removes cosmic rays from CDS quicklook data structures
CDS_OUTPLOT       - To overplot time series data on a plot created by UTPLOT
CDS_PAD_QLDS      - Make sure all detector data windows have same size.
CDS_PLAN_BRIEF    - Read detail (or other) plans from DB and display them in text wid
CDS_PLAN_POINT    - create map structures for planned CDS pointings
CDS_PLOT_ERR      - Plot data with error bars in both X and Y directions
CDS_QUASI_FIT()   - Quasi-fits line profile to extract image
CDS_READ_MISSING  - Read list of missing pixels and apply to QLDS
CDS_REPAIR_TOP    - "Repair" the tops of saturated lines ( 4095 counts )
CDS_SATURATE      - Checks NIS data for saturation
CDS_SAVE_MISSING  - Save a list of MISSING pixels to a file
CDS_SHOW_IMAGE    - Displays a CDS image read by CDS_IMAGE.
CDS_SIMPLE_FITS   - Write out simple 2D FITS files.
CDS_SLINE()       - Select from basic CDS Kelly or BB spectral line list
CDS_SLINE_DATA    - Create save file from Kelly or CDS spectral line list.
CDS_SNAPSHOT      - Makes a thumbnail sketch of images from a CDS study.
CDS_STACK         - store CDS QL structures in a pointer stack
CDS_TILT_COR      - Produce tilt corrected CDS wavelength scale
CDS_UTPLOT        - To plot time series data with sensible time axis labelling.
CDS_UTSTRING      - To overprint a string on a UTPLOT graph
CDS_WAVE_CAT()    - Find data extraction windows that match a given input.
CDS_WAVE_FILES()  - Find data files which contain named data window(s).
CDS_WAVE_LABEL()  - Converts CDS wavelength labels into a nicer format
CDUP              - Change directory path to an upper level
CENTROIDW         - Calculate the weighted average of ARRAY
CFIT              - Make a best fit of the sum of components to the supplied data
CFITSLIST         - Create/update the lfitslist.txt file.
CFIT_APATCH       - Patch CFIT analysis result at specific points
CFIT_APIXLIST()   - Return masked CFIT analysis pixels given masking program
CFIT_BLOCK        - Apply a component fit to a block of data.
CFIT_BLOCK_ERROR() - Calculate parameter errors from CFIT structure.
CFIT_BPATCH       - Patch block result at specific points
CFIT_ERRDEMO      - Demonstrate analytical vs empirical errors of line fitting.
CFIT_ERROR        - Calculate parameter errors from CFIT structure.
CHANGE_TAG_VALUE  - Change a tag value in a structure
CHECKDATA         - Check an input against a specified set of properties.  This allow
CHECKFONT         - This function changes the default widget hardware font to be one 
CHECKVAR          - This procedure checks sets a non-existent variable
CHECK_ANOMALY     - check directory location of anomaly database file: anomaly.db
CHECK_CDS_MODES   - check CDS raster telemetry against DSN submodes
CHECK_CHECK_TIME  - check to see that msod is within the range
CHECK_COMPILE     - verify whether input module will compile (syntax checker)
CHECK_CONFLICT    - To check any conflict of IDL procedure/function names.
CHECK_EXT_TIME    - Checks CDS external time values for logical consistency.
CHECK_FITS        - Check that keywords in a FITS header array match the associated d
CHECK_FTP         - check if ftp server is alive
CHECK_INTEG       - Checks the integrity of the CDS catalog databases
CHECK_INT_TIME    - Checks CDS internal time values for logical consistency.
CHECK_KAP         - Check validity of campaign numbers in IAP file
CHECK_KAP_ANOMALY - check lines in KAP files for anomalous activity keywords
CHECK_LOCK        - check if a LOCK file created by APPLY_LOCK has expired
CHECK_LOG         - check idl batch logfile for abnormal termination
CHECK_MATH        - Returns and clears the accumulated math error status.
CHECK_NIS_WCAL    - Demonstrates applicability of current NIS wavecal.
CHECK_TAPE_DRV    - Associate tape drive numbers with device files. *Unix only*
CHG_CTABLE        - Change current color table in terms of gamma, bottom and top
CHILD_POINTER()   - to retrieve child of a pointer variable
CHKARG            - Determine calling arguments of procedure or function.
CHKLOG            - Determine actual name of logical or environment variable.
CHK_DATAWIN()     - Check the existence in CDS database of a given datawin
CHK_DIR()         - Check the validity of a directory name.
CHK_F_RASTER()    - Check existence in CDS database of a given raster structure
CHK_F_STUDY()     - Check existence in CDS database of a given fundamental study
CHK_LINELIST()    - Check the existence in CDS database of a given linelist
CHK_STRUCT_NAME   - check if a structure name is unique
CHK_TMFILE        - Checks CDS tm file for misplaced APIDs and bad chksums.
CHK_TM_TIME       - Check packet times are incrementing correctly.
CHK_T_STUDY()     - Check existence in CDS database of a given study title
CHK_V_RASTER()    - Check the existence in CDS database of a raster variation
CHK_V_STUDY()     - Check existence in CDS database of a given study variation
CH_SCALE          - This procedure computes a scale factor for charsize that is appro
CINDGEN           - Returns a complex, single-precision array.
CIRCLE_SYM        - Define (part of) a circle as the user plotting symbol.
CIR_MASK()        - Get indices of a circular mask over a 2D array
CLEAN             - To fix-up a gif image with a weird color table.  Gifs, in general
CLEANPLOT         - Reset all plotting system variables (!P,!X,!Y,!Z) to their defaul
CLEAN_EXPOSURE    - Clean cosmic rays from single (slit spectrogram) exposure
CLEAN_JOURNAL     - This procedure removes some of the output in journal files to mak
CLEAN_PATH        - clean up SSW path by reorganizing directories
CLEAN_SPIKE       - Removes cosmic rays from a 3-D CDS array
CLEARPLOT         - To clear the IDL plotting parameters
CLEAR_SCREEN      - Writes escape sequence to clear screen and set cursor to top left
CLEAR_STRUCT      - clear all field values in a structure
CLEAR_UTPLOT      - Restores plotting structures !x and !y to their values prior to c
CLIPBOX           - To draw a box around the outside of the clip box
CLON2EX           - Calculate times corresponding to input 'Carrington'
CLONE__DEFINE     - Define a CLONE class
CLOSE             - Closes the file units specified as arguments.
CLOSE_ANACUBE     - Close ANA data cube opened with OPEN_ANACUBE
CLR_INST_DLYD()   - Deletes instrument delayed command entries from the database
CLR_NRT_RES()     - Deletes NRT reserved entries from the database
CLR_OTHER_OBS()   - Deletes entries from the "other_obs" database
CLR_RESOURCE()    - Deletes SoHO resource entries from the database
CLR_TEL_MODE()    - Deletes SoHO telemetry mode entries from the database
CLR_TEL_SUBMODE() - Deletes SoHO telemetry submode entries from the database
CLS               - Clear screen (in Xterm's VT102 mode)
CMOUSE            - Controlling the "Mouse button action" selection & display
CMOUSE_ACTION     - Translate a mouse click accorrding to the CMOUSE status
CMP_ALL_PRO       - Compares all procedure files in one path against another.
CMP_FILES()       - Checks whether two text files are identical or not.
CMP_LIBS          - Compares one IDL library against another.
CMP_TREES         - Compares all procedure files in one path against another.
CMTEST            - Demonstration of CMOUSE
CNVRT_MSPTIME     - Convert a date/time string from Microsoft Project format.
CNVT_COORD()      - Conversion between any 2 of 4 coord systems for solar images
COLLEXC           - Compute effective excitation rate coefficients for a given Temper
COLORBAR__DEFINE  - The purpose of this routine is to implement a COLORBAR object
COLORSET          - Select true color (24 bit) if available, or pseudo color (8 bit) 
COLOR_BAR         - Display a color bar on an image display screen.
COLOR_CONVERT     - Converts colors to and from the RGB system.
COLOR_PALETTE     - To display the numerical values associated
COLOR_QUAN        - Quantizes a true-color image.
COMBINE_COLORS    - Combines two color tables into one.
COMBINE_STRUCT    - Combine two structures
COMBINE_VEL       - Combines current color table with a velocity color table.
COMDIM            - Collapse degenerate dimensions of an array.
COMPILE_CLASS     - compiles CLASS definitions
COMPILE_SFIT      - Write and compile evaluation function for given SFIT
COMPLEX           - Returns complex scalars or arrays.
COMPLEXARR        - Returns a complex, single-precision vector or array.
COMP_BGAUSS       - Evaluate broadened Gaussian for use in CURVEFIT/CFIT/MCURVEFIT
COMP_FITS_CEN     - compute XCEN (or YCEN) from FITS standard keywords
COMP_FITS_CRPIX   - Compute CRPIX from FOV center
COMP_FITS_CRVAL   - Compute CRVAL from FOV center
COMP_GAUSS        - Evaluate gaussian component for use in CURVEFIT/CFIT/MCURVEFIT
COMP_POLY         - Evaluate polynomial component for fitting.
COMP_PPOLY        - Evaluate pivoted polynomial component for fitting.
COMP_VOIGT        - Evaluate Voigt profile for use in CURVEFIT/CFIT/MCURVEFIT
CONCAT2D()        - Concatenate two or more 2-d arrays.
CONCAT3D()        - Concatenate two or more 3-d arrays.
CONCAT4DOS        - Concatenates IDL procedure files for copying to DOS machine.
CONCAT_DIR        - To concatenate directory and file names for current os.
CONCAT_PNT        - Concatenates instrument pointing to contiguous areas
CONCAT_STRUCT     - concatanate two structures
CONFAC            - simplify interface to congrid
CONFIGURE_HTTP    - configure an HTTP server within the SSW environment
CONFLX            - Calculate continuum flux in (ph s-1 A-1) or (erg s-1 A-1).
CONGRDI()         - Interpolates an array into another array.
CONJ              - Returns the complex conjugate of X.
CONNECT           - Find objects of connected pixels in a binary image
CONTOUR           - Draws a contour plot from data.
CONTV             - Places contour plots over displayed images.
CONVERT_2_STREAM  - This procedure converts fixed-length-record files to stream files
CONVERT_COORD     - Transforms one or more sets of coordinates.
CONVOL            - Convolves an array with a kernel.
CONV_A2H          - Converts arcmins-from-suncenter coordinates to heliographic
CONV_A2P          - To convert from a an angle from sun center to a pixel location
CONV_H2A          - Computes arcsecs-from-suncenter coordinates from
CONV_H2P          - To convert from a pixel location to heliocentric coordinates
CONV_UNIX_VAX     - To convert Unix IDL data types to Vax IDL data types.
CONV_VAX_UNIX     - To convert VAX IDL data types to UNIX (Sun,MIPS,etc.) IDL data ty
COORD_CONV        - This procedure computes the data, normal, and device coordinates 
COORD_L2V         - To convert linear pixel coordinates to x,y,z pixels.
COORD_V2L         - To convert pixels (x,y,z) to linear coordinates
COPY_QLDS()       - Make a copy of a QLDS, including data windows.
COPY_STRUCT       - Copies one structure to another (with options).
COPY_TAG_VALUES   - Copy tag values of one structure into another structure
COPY_VAR          - to copy data by pointer
COS               - Returns the trigonometric  cosine of X.
COSH              - Returns the hyperbolic cosine of X. 
COSMIC_STAT       - return number of cosmic ray 'hits' or %affected area
COUNTDOWN         - Prints a message showing where you are in a long job.
COVSRT            - Repack the covariance matrix to the true order of the parameters
CP_GET_ENTRY()    - Retrieves latest entries for a given command mnemonic and set of 
CP_GET_HISTORY()  - Retrieves history for a given command mnemonic and parameter numb
CP_GET_INDECES()  - Returns structure elements corrsponding to particular pnumbers.
CP_GET_MNEMONIC() - Retrieves latest entries for a given command mnemonic from the CD
CRANGE            - This function returns the plot range limits for the X,Y, or Z coo
CREATE_STRUCT     - Create an IDL structure from a list of tag names and dimensions
CREATE_UPDATE_TAR - This procedure creates a tar file suitable for updating a remote 
CRONTAB           - Simulate running IDL commands in a cron job
CROSSBAR          - This procedure overplots a crossbar for the procedures point and 
CROSS_CORR        - Perform a cross correlation match on two images
CROSS_CORR2()     - Takes two-dimensional cross-correlation of two arrays.
CROSS_HAIR        - Plot a rectangle or cross hair on the current plotting device.
CRS               - Simplified CURSOR, with continuous readout option.
CSCALE            - my own color scale routine
CT_HANDLING       - User Interface to work with color tables. One can load
CUBE_EDIT         - edit 3D cube (mouse -OR- command line) w/optional rebin
CUM_SUM           - This function returns the cumulative sum along
CURDIR            - return current directory
CURSOR            - Used to read position of the graphics cursor.
CURSOR_INFO       - Report cursor's position to a text widget.
CWF_COMPONENT     - Compound widget showing one fit component
CWF_FIT           - Comp. widget for showing/editing Component Fit structures
CWF_STATUS        - Comp. widget showing a CFIT structure's CONST/INCLUDE status.
CWQ_CUBE          - Show one data cube from a QLDS any way you like it
CWQ_DSPWAV        - Constitutes one column of the data display in DSPWAV.
CWQ_IMAGE         - QuickLook compound widget for zoomabel images.
CWQ_SPECTR        - QuickLook compound widget for spectral plots.
CWQ_WINSEL()      - QL compound widget for selecting a line window
CW_ALOGSLIDER     - The standard slider provided by the WIDGET_SLIDER() function is
CW_BSELECTOR      - CW_BSELECTOR is a compound widget that appears as a pull-down
CW_CHECKBOX()     - "Checkbox" or "cross-box" widget (status on/off).
CW_CUBEVEIW       - Compound widget for visualizing data n-cubes (0 < n < 8)
CW_DROPLIST()     - Create a compound widget to simulate a droplist widget
CW_EDROPLIST      - Create a compound widget that is an editable droplist widget,
CW_ENTERB         - A button with user editable content
CW_FLIPSWITCH     - Implements a pusbutton status switch (e.g., On/Off)
CW_INFILTRATE     - Infiltrate a widget hierarchy to tap into its events.
CW_LOADCT()       - Color table picker w. gamma/top/bottom control.
CW_MOUSE()        - Controlling the "Mouse button action" selection & display
CW_PLOTZ()        - One-window compound widget plot zoom
CW_PSELECT        - Simplified management of a pulldown selection menu
CW_PZOOM()        - One-window compound widget image zoom.
CW_RANGE          - Create a compound widget consisting of two editable droplist
CW_TEXT           - compound text widget that switches itself to a label when non-edi
CW_TMOUSE()       - Convert a draw-event into an action string.
CW_TVZOOM         - Compound widget for displaying zoomed images. (cf CW_ZOOM).
C_EXPECTED        - Expectation value of the C-statistic
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DARKLIMB_CORRECT  - Calculate limb darkening function for specified wavelength
DAT2GIF           - Write 2-d data to GIF file
DATA2FILES        - convert data (2D or 3D) -> file or file sequence
DATA_COMPRESS     - Compress and decompress data using UNIX compress or gzip by
DATA_PATHS        - check for directories/subdirectories pointed to by
DATA_QUALITY      - determine empirical data quality
DATA_SUM2FITS     - add data summary fields to fits header (data not effected)
DATE2MJD()        - Convert calendar dates to Modified Julian Days.
DATE_CODE()       - Convert any date/time value into YYYYMMDD format.
DATPLOT           - This procedure is used to OVERplot histograms between channel edg
DAYCNV            - Converts Julian dates to Gregorian calendar dates
DAYS2LAUNCH()     - Calculates days until SOHO launch.
DBBUILD           - Build a database by appending new values for every item.
DBCLOSE           - Procedure to close a data base file
DBCREATE          - Create new data base file or modify description.
DBDELETE          - Deletes specified entries from data base
DBEDIT            - Interactively edit specified fields in a database.
DBEDIT_BASIC      - Interactively edit specified fields in a database.
DBEXT             - Extract values of up to 12 items from data base file.
DBEXT_DBF         - Subroutine of DBEXT to extract values of up to 18 items from a da
DBEXT_IND         - routine to read a indexed item values from index file
DBFIND()          - Search data base for entries with specified characteristics
DBFIND_ENTRY      - Subroutine of DBFIND to perform an entry number search
DBFIND_SORT       - Subroutine of DBFIND to perform a search using sorted values
DBGET             - Find entry numbers which contain specified values of a given item
DBHELP            - List available databases or items in the currently open database
DBINDEX           - Procedure to create index file for data base
DBINDEX_BLK()     - Set associated variable in preparation for writing to file.
DBL2ARRAY         - Convert a 64 bit flag word to a byte array of 1's and 0's.
DBLARR            - Returns a double-precision vector or array.
DBMATCH           - Find the entry number in a database for each element of item valu
DBOPEN            - Routine to open an IDL database
DBPRINT           - Procedure to print specified items from a list of database entrie
DBPUT             - Put new value for specified item into data base file entry.
DBRD              - Read an entry from a data base or linked multiple databases.
DBREPAIR          - Repairs problem with IEEE format databases.
DBSEARCH          - Subroutine of DBFIND() to search a vector for specified values
DBSORT()          - Routine to sort list of entries in data base
DBTITLE()         - Function to create title line.  Subroutine of DBPRINT
DBUPDATE          - Update columns of data in a database  -- inverse of DBEXT
DBVAL()           - Extract value(s) of an item from a data base file entry.
DBWRT             - procedure to update or add a new entry to a data base
DBXPUT            - Routine to replace value of an item in a data base entry
DBXVAL()          - Quickly return a value of the specified item number
DB_CHECK          - check input search string for syntax errors
DB_ENT2EXT        - Converts database entry from host to external format.
DB_ENT2HOST       - Converts database entry from external to host format.
DB_GBO            - Poor man's database
DB_INFO()         - Function to obtain information on opened data base file(s)
DB_ITEM           - Returns the item numbers and other info. for an item name.
DB_ITEM_INFO()    - Returns information on selected item(s).
DB_OR()           - Combine two vectors of entry numbers, removing duplicates.
DB_TITLES         - Print database name and title.  Called by DBHELP
DD                - Display directory stack used by PD and PPD
DEC2BIN           - Convert integer decimal number to binary representation.
DEC2HEX           - Convert a non-negative decimal integer to a hex string.
DEC2SUN           - Converts data written on a DEC machine to SUN format by swapping
DECODE_GEV        - decode gev structures (return event times in desired format)
DEFAULT           - Supply default values for variables
DEFAULTS          - Supply default volume, directory, and extension parts of a file n
DEFAULTS_2        - Supply default volume, directory, and extension parts of a file n
DEFINE_KEY        - Programs the keyboard function Key.
DEFSYSV           - Creates a new system variable.
DEF_ANOMALY       - define anomaly structure
DEF_CDS_DETAIL    - Define CDS detailed plan structure
DEF_CDS_STUDY     - define a base CDS study structure
DEF_CDS_UTPLOT    - Setup x-axis for time plot.
DEF_DIRLIST       - Define directory list using setenv or setlog
DEF_FONT          - return system dependent default fonts using system variable
DEF_INST_PLAN     - Define a plan structure
DEF_MAP           - Define a basic 2x2 element image map
DEF_PROGRAM       - define program structure
DEF_STUDY         - define a base study structure
DEF_YSSYSV        - define system variables for Yohkoh SW
DELETE_ANALYSIS   - Delete a CFIT ANALYSIS structure, freeing the handles.
DELETE_CDS_ADEF   - Delete and free handles of a CDS Analysis Definition (ADEF)
DELETE_FILE()     - Delete a named file.
DELETE_QLDS       - Delete a QLDS and free handles.
DELETE_SYMBOL     - (VMS Only) Deletes a DCL interpreter symbol.
DELLOG            - (VMS Only) Deletes a VMS logical name. 
DELVAR            - Deletes variables from the main IDL program level.
DELVARX           - delete variables for memory management (can call from routines)
DEL_ALT()         - Deletes a CDS alternate plan record from the database
DEL_ANOMALY()     - Deletes a SoHO anomaly from the DB
DEL_DETAIL()      - Deletes a CDS detailed science plan record from the database
DEL_FLAG()        - Deletes a CDS flag receiver record from the database
DEL_PLAN()        - Deletes a SoHO/CDS science plan record from the database
DEL_SOHO_DET()    - Deletes a SoHO/CDS DETAILS plan record from the database
DEMO_4TH_PIX      - Demonstrates the 4th pixel readout effect in NIS1 data.
DERIV_ARR         - Procedure to return the rate of change of the
DESPIKE_GEN       - Remove (cosmic ray) spikes from an image.
DETABIFY()        - Converts tabs to spaces in character strings.
DETDATA()         - Retrieve Spectral Window data from a QL Data Structure
DETDESC()         - Retrieve Spectral Window info from a QL Data Structure
DETREND           - Removes linear or higher order polynomial trends from 1-D data
DEVICE            - Provides device-dependent control.
DEVICELIB         - Definitions needed for the SERTS graphics device library.
DHELP             - Diagnostic HELP (activated only when DEBUG reaches DLEVEL)
DIFFERENCE_MOVIE  - difference a data cube and provide some statistics
DIFF_MAP          - Difference two maps
DIFF_ROT()        - Computes the differential rotation of the sun
DILATE            - Implements the morphologic dilation operator.
DIMREBIN          - As REBIN, but dimensions supplied as an array
DIMREFORM         - As reform, but dimensions supplied as an array
DINDGEN           - Returns a double-precision array.
DIR_EXIST         - check if elements of input list are existing directories
DIR_SINCE         - directory listing for spcified age files
DISKFREE          - To return the number of free bytes available on the disk in megab
DISK_HOG          - show disk usage, order by size
DISMOUNT          - Emulates the VMS DISMOUNT function in Unix.
DISPLAY_NIMCP     - Displays the relevant NIMCP data for a given date
DISPLAY_OK()      - Detect if device display has been set properly
DMY2YMD()         - To convert date string DD-MM-YY format to YY/MM/DD format.
DOC_HEAD          - return idl documentation header from source file
DOC_LIBRARY2      - To find a routine and to display the full contents of the file.
DOC_LIB_UNIX      - Extract the documentation template of one or more procedures.
DOC_LIB_VMS       - Extract the documentation template of one or more procedures.
DOC_MENU          - Extract documentation template of one or more procedures.
DOC_SUMM          - Extract portions of documentation headers and present in some
DONT_USE_THIS     - To print a message to the screen asking that the routine not be
DOUBLE            - Returns a result converted to double-precision. - Detect a double click in a draw widget
DOY2UTC()         - Converts day of year to internal CDS time format.
DOYTIM2EX         - Convert a string with day-of-year and time into external format.
DO_DEMO           - run an idl demo program (format can be IDL main routine)
DO_EIT_MAP        - make EIT maps
DO_EIT_SCALING    - scale EIT images (degrid, take log, etc)
DO_REG_BACKUP     - To make a regular backup of a directory tree
DPRINT            - Diagnostic PRINT (activated only when DEBUG reaches DLEVEL)
DRAWBOX           - Draw a rubber-band box (or circle)
DRAW_BOXCENSIZ    - To draw a box on the screen in either data or device coordinates 
DRAW_BOXCORN      - To draw a box on the screen in either data or device coordinates
DRAW_CIRCLE       - Draw a circle.
DRAW_GRID         - Draw a Stonyhurst grid
DREXC             - Compute effective excitation rate due to dielectronic recombinati
DROT_MAP          - differentially rotate image contained within structure created by
DROT_MAP_FAST     - fast version of DROT_MAP
DROT_NAR          - Solar rotate NOAA AR pointings to given time
DROT_XY           - wrapper around ROT_XY to correct for roll in map
DR_CARR           - If ARG is a time interval (in decimal days) this routine
DR_PHOTO          - If ARG is a time interval (in decimal days) this routine
DSCALE            - scale data
DSPEXP            - Display all exposures of selected Spectral Windows.
DSPLINE    (DELUXE SPLINE) - Perform cubic spline interpolation or linear interpolati
DSPSPEC()         - Displays all Spectral Windows from specific exposures.
DSPWAV            - Display data slices at specific wavelength +line profiles
DSP_AUX           - Plot/display auxiliary data from a qlds.
DSP_CUBE          - Display CDS QLDS data cubes any way you like it...
DSP_INFO          - Display basic information from a CDS QL Data Structure
DSP_MENU          - Selection of display modes for CDS QL data.
DSP_MOVIE         - Display a movie of CDS "slit spectrograms" (SCANX/Y/T)
DSP_POINT         - Show pointing area for QLDS with IMAGE_TOOL
DSP_RASTER        - Displays locations of CDS raster using IMAGE_TOOL.
DSP_STRARR        - To display a string array in a text widget.
DSP_STRUCT        - Display contents of a structure as a pulldown menu.
DSP_WAV           - Show images at given wavelengths + spectra at given point
DUMMYPLOTS        - This procedure is called by utplot to set up plot system variable
DVOIGT_FIT        - Double voigt function fit to line profile
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EDGE_PRODUCTS     - From a vector of contiguous channel boundaries return the
EIT__DEFINE       - Define an EIT map object
ELLIPSE           - Return function value and its derivatives of an ellipse
EMENU             - same as WMENU but can handle almost infinite size lists
EMON              - Gather/plot engineering data statistics.
EMON_1PAR         - To extract and plot a single parameter from telemetry.
EMON_CDS_MODE     - To extract and plot the CDS mode setting from telemetry.
EMON_ERROR        - To detect any CDS error in the telemetry.
EMON_GIS_HV_CNT   - Extract and plot GIS HV and counts from CDS tm file.
EMON_LUT          - To extract GIS LUT details from telemetry.
EMON_MAIN_HTRS    - To extract and plot the main heaters data from Eng B pkts.
EMON_MECH_LOG     - To summarize CDS mechanism movements.
EMON_QCM_LOG      - Accumulates CDS QCM logs.
EMON_RELAYS_LOG   - Updates the history of any CDS relay use.
EMON_SENSITIVE    - To (de)sensitize EMON control buttons.
EMON_TEMP_LOG     - Accumulates CDS temperature logs.
EMPTY             - Causes all buffered output to be written.
ENABLEFLAG        - Reenable a previously set but disabled image display flag.
EOF               - Tests the specified file unit for the end-of-file condition.
EPLOT             - Overplot x and y error bars on a previously drawn plot.
ERASE             - Erases the screen of the currently selected graphics device.
ERODE             - Implements the morphologic erosion operator.
ERRORF            - Returns the value of the error function.
ERRPLOT           - Overplot error bars over a previously drawn plot.
ESEGMENT          - to transform image  into a form in which loop-like
ESPAWN            - spawn a shell command and return STDIO and STDERR
EUTPLOT           - Plot error bars on previously (using UTPLOT) drawn plot with
EVAL_CFIT         - Evaluates a component fit at given points.
EVAL_SFIT         - Evaluate "short" fit structure at given points.
EVENTS_BY_TIME    - This procedure finds events for different instruments over input 
EVENT_MOVIE       - form a 3D plot movie from UT events (via evt_grid)
EVENT_MOVIE_DEFAULTS - set some color "defaults" for
EVT_GRID          - To annotate previously drawn utplot output with event times
EX2DOW            - To convert from the standard 7 element time array
EX2FID            - Given a 7-element time array, generate the fileID (YYMMDD.HHMM)
EX2INT            - Convert conventional date and time into days since 1979
EX2WEEK           - To convert from any standard times to a week number.
EXECUTE           - Compiles and executes one or more IDL statements.
EXEC_STRUCT       - Execute CREATE_STRUCT to dynamically create new structure
EXIST             - To See if variable Exists
EXIST_JOB         - determine if a job exists
EXIT              - Quits IDL and exits back to the operating system.
EXP               - Returns the natural exponential function.
EXPAND_TILDE()    - Expand tilde in UNIX directory names
EXPAND_TV         - Expands and displays an image.
EXPINT_DEMO       - Demonstrate effect of packetization module patch
EXPORT_PLAN       - Exports a CDS science plan from the database
EXPORT_STUDY      - Exports a study definition from the database
EXPSLICE()        - Returns slice of a Spectral Window at specific exposure
EXPTV             - Uses SCALE_TV and EXPAND_TV to display an image.
EXP_ZDBASE        - expand ZDBASE into component directories
EXTEND_MATRIX()   - Extand dimension of a given matrix by attaching a submatrix
EXTRACT_FID       - extract embedded FIDS from file names, return fids and times
EXTRACT_FIDS      - find & extract embedded FIDS in file names
EXTRA_KEYWORDS    - extract keyword settings from _extra structure
EXT_RANGE()       - Calculate extended range for plotting variables.
EZFIT             - Easy Gauss fit to data.
EZMGN             - To fit multiple Gaussians to NIS data and compare to CHIANTI
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FAKE_POINT_STC()  - Create a fake pointing structure for IMAGE_TOOL to use
FASTFIT           - Least-squares fit of linear function without error analysis
FBLUE             - Compute 2 component gaussian where one is blueshifted
FCHECK            - This functions checks sets a non-existent variable
FCOLOR            - This function is used with LINECOLORS.PRO for defaults if the dev
FDECOMP           - Decompose file name into components.
FFT               - Returns the complex, discrete FFT of an array.
FF_DEMO           - Demonstrates new on board flat-field for OV region.
FID2EX            - Given a fileID, generate the 7-element time array
FID2TIME          - Infer file time from file ID name with "_yymmdd_hhmmss"
FID__DEFINE       - Define a FID (file id) object
FIFO__DEFINE      - Define a FIFO object
FIG_CLOSE         - Finish a plot in a postscript-file of a figure
FIG_MULTI_POS()   - multi-plot !p.positions maintaining correct aspect ratio of
FIG_MULTI_TV()    - multi-plot of images in grey-scale representation
FIG_OPEN          - Set device parameters to start a display or postscript-file
FIG_TV()          - plot of image in grey-scale representation
FILE2FID          - move files from a directory into another based on file
FILES2DATA        - read multiple files->3D cube w/optional congrid
FILES_HANDLING    - User Interface which handle image files. Makes use of
FILES_SEARCH      - Search all files in a set of Unix sub-directories for an input st
FILES_SINCE       - return files in   newer than  file
FILETIMES         - return start and stop times in Yohkoh reformatted files
FILE_ACC          - Determine existence, type and access of file on UNIX system.
FILE_APPEND       - append text to text file - optionally, only append uniq text
FILE_COMPRESS     - provide IDL interface to gzip and Unix compress utility
FILE_DELETE       - system/shell independent file delete
FILE_DIFF         - check for ascii file difference (boolean)
FILE_EXIST        - returns true(1) if any files match pattern=file
FILE_LIST         - Given a set of directories (and optionally a partial
FILE_MENU         - Given a set of directories (and optionally a partial
FILE_OR_STRING    - check if a valid filename or string datatype is being input
FILE_PATH         - find file in tree (recursive version of RSI
FILE_PURGE        - Purge files that have similar file names.  Purge is based on
FILE_PURGE_SIZES  - purge files > -OR- < some file size threshold
FILE_SIZE         - return file sizes - optionally as string with units
FILE_STAT()       - Vector version of FSTAT
FILE_UNCOMPRESS   - provide IDL interface to standard unix uncompress & gzip utility
FILL_BOX          - To fill a plot box with one of a selection of patterns.
FILL_CATEGORY     - Load save file with current categories
FILL_MISSING      - Fill in missing pixels in a data array
FILL_TFTD         - Load save file with current one-liners
FILM_THUMBNAIL    - embed thumbnail image in "film" (make www logos/thumbnails)
FILT_DATA         - filter data according to specified criteria
FINDFILE          - Returns array containing names of files matching specification.
FINDFILE_LIST     - This procedure takes a list of files and path (!path format) and
FINDGEN           - Returns a single-precision array.
FINDVAL           - Linearly interpolates X,Y arrays for (xval,yval)
FIND_ALL_DIR()    - Finds all directories under a specified directory.
FIND_CAMPAIGN     - Shell around LIST_CAMPAIGN to fix the annoying
FIND_CAT          - Find and list routines matching input category string
FIND_CDS_STUDIES  - Find CDS studies or programs matching search criteria
FIND_CDS_STUDY    - find a CDS study in database
FIND_COMMON()     - Find which elements are common to the input vectors.
FIND_COMPRESSED   - find compressed version of a file
FIND_CONTIG_RANGES - Compress a set of ranges to leave only the non-contiguous ranges
FIND_COSMIC_RAYS  - Find cosmic rays and determine their strengths
FIND_DATA_RUNS()  - Detect runs of data in an array and return their boundaries.
FIND_DRAW_WIDGET() - Find the widget ID corresponding to a draw window.
FIND_DUP()        - Function to identify duplicate values in a vector.
FIND_DURATION     - Find the actual durations of rasters from the FITS headers
FIND_FID          - find files based on encoded fid names (yymmdd_hhmm)
FIND_FILE()       - Fixing builtin FINDFILE() problem
FIND_FILES        - Find multiple files in a multiple path
FIND_FILE_DUR()   - Find the duration of a single CDS FITS file.
FIND_IX           - This function finds the nearest neighbor index in the
FIND_KAP_FILE     - Find latest KAP (or CAP or IAP) file for the given date
FIND_LIMB2        - Find the solar coordinates from an aspect camera image.
FIND_PROC         - Find routine in SSW tree
FIND_SYNOP        - FIND Synoptic data files in Archive
FIND_VALUE()      - Finds where an array is equal to a value.
FIND_WIND_DIR()   - Finds all directories under a specified directory under windows.
FIND_WITH_DEF()   - Searches for files with a default path and extension.
FIND_ZDBASE       - set ZDBASE to appropriate CDS/USER/SOHO Database location
FINITE            - Returns 1 (True) if its argument is finite.
FIT2GIF           - convert FITS file to a GIF image file
FITS2MAP          - Make an image map from a FITS file
FITS2RM           - Read a response matrix from a FITS file.  Optionally read EBOUNDS
FITS2SPECTRUM     - Read spectral rate data from a FITS file, including the ENEBAND
FITS2TIME         - convert fits header times to Yohkoh convention
FITSHEAD2STRUCT   - convert FITS header->struct, optionally add useful standard TAGS
FITSTAPE()        - Function to perform FITS tape I/O.
FITS_DATATYPE()   - Return datatype of FITS data for the given BITPIX value
FITS_DISP_MONTH   - To display a single image per day for a single month
FITS_INFO         - Provide information about the contents of a FITS file
FITS_MENU         - Display available FITS file and read selected file into IDL
FITS__DEFINE      - Define a FITS map object
FITTER            - Least-squares fit of linear function
FIT_CDS_MAP       - Produce maps of QL Gaussian fit results
FIT_CDS_QL        - Gaussian fit of CDS QL spectra
FIT_CIRCLE        - Fit a circle to vector of points.
FIT_GAUSS         - Fits a gaussian plus a quadratic to data points
FIT_SPEC          - fit spectra
FIX               - Returns a result converted to integer type.
FIX_CATALOG       - Fix an entry in the CDS catalog.
FIX_DATE          - Fix date that uses digit month into one with a string month
FIX_IAP           - Update KAP file with new IAP info
FIX_LINELIST      - Recalculates all the cen_pix values in the linelist db.
FIX_MAIN_TIMES    - Fixes start and stop times in the MAIN catalog
FIX_OBS_SEQ       - Fix blank OBS_SEQ and OBS_MODE values in the catalog
FIX_STRLEN()      - Make a string have a fixed length by appending spaces.
FIX_STRLEN_ARR()  - Make a string have a fixed length by appending spaces.
FIX_ZDBASE()      - To control the value of env. var. ZDBASE.
FLAG_LONG_NAMES   - Flags procedure names that would appear the same under DOS
FLASH_MSG         - Flashes an information message in a text widget.
FLASH_PLOTS       - Make a flashing plot of a polygon
FLOAT             - Returns a result converted to single-precision.
FLTARR            - Returns a single-precision vector or array.
FLUSH             - Causes all buffered output to be written.
FLUSH_CATALOG     - Flush the CDS catalog databases.
FMEDIAN           - Median filtering w/rectangular neighbourhood & MISSING
FMT_DOC           - format output buffer containing documentation header info
FMT_TAG           - Converts a data structure (as represented by the IDL SIZE
FMT_TIM           - Given a time (or array of times) return the formatted
FMT_TIMER         - print formatted times of an index file
FMT_VECT()        - Formats a vector (any length) into a parenthesized string.
FONT_SIZE         - Determine character width and height in pixels for a given
FORCE_EVT         - make new event structure for input into event routine
FORM_CHISQR       - Forms function to be minimized
FORM_FILENAME()   - Adds default paths and extensions to filenames.
FORM_HISTO        - Forms a histogram from the variable ARRAY.
FORM_INT()        - Scales an intensity image for use with split color tables.
FORM_SIGMAS       - Forms denominator in function to be minimized.
FORM_VEL()        - Scales a velocity image for display.
FREEZE_RAS_DUR    - Freeze raster durations, using measured values.
FREE_LUN          - Deallocates file units allocated with GET_LUN.
FREE_POINTER()    - to free a pointer variable
FREE_VAR          - free variable memory (pointer, objects, structures)
FREE_VAR__DEFINE  - Define a FREE_VAR class
FSELECT           - Read operator selected flare numbers from the terminal and store
FSTAT             - Returns a structure containing information about the file.
FSTATS            - vector version of fstat
FSTRING           - Shell around STRING function to fix 1024 size limit on formatting
FSUMER_DETAIL()   - Create a fake sumer detail structure
FTP_BBSO          - FTP BBSO H-alpha files for a given date
FTP_COPY          - To build an FTP command and execute it from IDL (Default=PUT)
FTP_COPY_NEW      - Wrapper to call ftp_copy.  Does a remote listing on the source
FTP_HEADER        - standard FTP header to include in FTP access routines
FTP_KISF          - FTP Kiepenheuer-Institut H-alpha files for a given date
FTP_MLSO_IMAGES   - FTP MLSO MK3 coronameter GIF images
FTP_MWSO          - FTP Mt. Wilson Solar Tower images for a given date
FTP_SYNOP         - Driver to ftp synoptic images for a given date
FTP__DEFINE       - Define an FTP client object
FUNCIR            - Return function value and its derivatives of the equation of a ci
FUNCT_FIT         - Non-linear least squares fit to a function of an
FUNCT_VAL         - evaluate any function and its partial derivatives
FXADDPAR          - Add or modify a parameter in a FITS header array.
FXBADDCOL         - Adds a column to a binary table extension.
FXBCLOSE          - Close a FITS binary table extension opened for read.
FXBCOLNUM()       - Returns a binary table column number.
FXBCREATE         - Open a new binary table at the end of a FITS file.
FXBDIMEN()        - Returns the dimensions for a column in a FITS binary table.
FXBFIND           - Find column keywords in a FITS binary table header.
FXBFINDLUN()      - Find logical unit number UNIT in FXBINTABLE common block.
FXBFINISH         - Close a FITS binary table extension file opened for write.
FXBHEADER()       - Returns the header of an open FITS binary table.
FXBHELP           - Prints short description of columns in a FITS binary table.
FXBHMAKE          - Create basic FITS binary table extension (BINTABLE) header.
FXBINTABLE        - Common block FXBINTABLE used by "FXB" routines.
FXBISOPEN()       - Returns true if UNIT points to an open FITS binary table.
FXBMHEADER()      - Returns the file header of an open FITS binary table.
FXBOPEN           - Open binary table extension in a disk FITS file for reading.
FXBPARSE          - Parse the binary table extension header.
FXBREAD           - Read a data array from a disk FITS binary table file.
FXBSTATE()        - Returns the state of a FITS binary table.
FXBTDIM()         - Parse TDIM-like kwywords.
FXBTFORM          - Returns information about FITS binary table columns.
FXBWRITE          - Write a binary data array to a disk FITS binary table file.
FXFINDEND         - Find the end of a FITS file.
FXHCLEAN          - Removes required keywords from FITS header.
FXHMAKE           - Create a basic FITS header array.
FXHMODIFY         - Modify a FITS header in a file on disk.
FXHREAD           - Reads a FITS header from an opened disk file.
FXKVALUE()        - Get value from a set of candidate keywords of a FITS header
FXMOVE            - Skip a specified number of extensions in a FITS file
FXPAR()           - Obtain the value of a parameter in a FITS header.
FXPARPOS()        - Finds position to insert record into FITS header.
FXPOSIT           - Return the unit number of a FITS file positioned at specified ext
FXREAD            - Read basic FITS files.
FXTAPEREAD        - Copy FITS files tape to disk with interactive capabilities.
FXTAPEWRITE       - Procedure to copy disk FITS files to tape with interactive
FXTPIO_READ       - Copies FITS files from tape to disk -- internal routine.
FXTPIO_WRITE      - Copy FITS files from disk to tape -- internal routine.
FXWRITE           - Write a disk FITS file.
F_ATIME           - Changes time info from numbers into formatted strings
F_CROSSP          - This function returns  the Vector (Cross) product of vectors v1 a
F_GAUSS_INTG      - This function returns the sum of a Gaussian and 2nd order polynom
F_PDER            - This function returns the partial derivative of a function.
F_USE_WIDGET      - This function provides global control over allowed use of widget 
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GAMINC            - Compute the function = exp(X) / X^P * Int[exp(-X)*X^(P-1)dx]
GAMMA             - Returns the gamma function of X.
GAUSSINT          - Returns the integral of the Gaussian probability function.
GAUSSJ            - Linear equation solution by Gauss-Jordan elimination
GAUSS_FUNCT2      - Evaluate the sum of a gaussian and a 2nd order polynomial.
GAUSS_INTG        - This procedure sums a Gaussian and 2nd order polynomial.
GAUSS_PUT()       - Load a 1-d or 2-d Gaussian into an array.
GDSPSPEC          - Displays all spectral windows from specific exposures.
GENX2HTML         - convert a 'genx' file to an html file in a 'standard' format
GENX_HEAD         - define version dependent genx file header structures
GENX_NEWVER       - create new version of genx file - only updates genx header
GEN_STRUCT        - Define the following general database structures
GEN__DEFINE       - Define a GENeric object
GETENV            - Returns the equivalence string for Name.
GETFILES          - Interactively asks for a list of tape file numbers.
GETLOG()          - Returns correct logical dir. for given operating system.
GETTOK()          - Extracts tokens from strings.
GETUT             - Retrieve base, start, or end time from common UTCOMMON.
GETUTBASE         - Function to retrieve value of utbase fromm common UTCOMMON withou
GET_ALT           - Extracts a CDS alternate entry from the database
GET_ANGLE         - This function returns the angle (degrees) between two vectors
GET_ANOMALY       - Extracts a SOHO anomaly definition from the database
GET_ARR_CENTER    - compute center of input coordinates array
GET_ASPECT        - This function calculates and returns the normalized position
GET_ATOMIC        - Return a data structure with atomic data parameters
GET_AVGSPEC       - Loads averaged example NIS spectrum.
GET_CALLDETAILS() - Return details of calling program (at any stack depth)
GET_CALLER        - Get name of caller routine
GET_CAMPAIGN      - Extracts a SOHO campaign definition from the database
GET_CDHS_DEXWIN() - Returns the parameters of an internal CDHS dexwin ID.
GET_CDHS_RASTER() - Returns the parameters of an internal CDHS raster ID.
GET_CDHS_SERIES() - Returns the parameters of an internal CDHS series ID.
GET_CDHS_VDSWIN() - Returns the parameters of an internal CDHS vdswin ID.
GET_CDS_ASRUN     - return ASRUN raster parameters from CDS Main catalog entry
GET_CDS_DELAY     - get delay (secs) due to pointing and slit changes between
GET_CDS_DUR       - compute study duration based on CDS plan details
GET_CDS_FOV       - get CDS FOV size (width, height) for CDS rasters in a plan
GET_CDS_GIS       - get CDS GIS detectors
GET_CDS_HOME      - get CDS home position
GET_CDS_OH        - computes time after a set of un-tagged
GET_CDS_PLAN      - Get nearest CDS detailed plan given a TIME, STUDY_ID,
GET_CDS_PNTCAL    - Gets a pointing calibration curve from database
GET_CDS_POINT     - Create structure from given CDS plan for use in IMAGE_TOOL
GET_CDS_RASTER    - get a CDS raster from database
GET_CDS_STATE     - determine CDS state just prior to input time
GET_CDS_STUDY     - get a CDS study from database
GET_CDS_XY        - get central (X,Y) coordinates CDS rasters in a plan
GET_CENT_OFF      - determine pixel offsets for centering widget bases
GET_COMPRESS      - Extracts a SOHO compression description from the database
GET_CORREL_OFFSETS - calculate rigid displacement via cross-correlation
GET_DATAWIN       - Extracts a data window list definition from the database
GET_DATE          - Return the current UTC date in CCYY-MM-DD format for FITS headers
GET_DEF_PRINTER   - Get default printer from available printers
GET_DEF_TIMES     - return default times
GET_DELIM         - returns file delimiter that is appropriate to VMS or UNIX
GET_DETAIL        - Extracts a CDS detailed science plan observation
GET_DFONT()       - Return widget font with size compatible with current device
GET_DOC           - retrieve a subset of idl header info. in a standard structure
GET_DROT_DUR      - compute durations (in seconds) to solar rotate a map
GET_EFFICIENCY    - Gets an overall efficiency value from database
GET_EFF_AREA      - Gets an overall effective area curve from database
GET_ELEMABUN      - Return elemental abundances.  H = 1, He = (approx) .2, etc.
GET_ENVIRON()     - Get environment variables.
GET_EXPER         - Extracts a CDS raster entry from the as-run database
GET_FID           - determine YYMMDD names based on date/time
GET_FITS_CDELT    - Get FITS CDELT values from header
GET_FITS_CEN      - Return XCEN and/or YCEN from FITS-like stucture
GET_FITS_PAR      - get image parameters from FITS header
GET_FITS_TIME     - Get FITS observation time from header
GET_FLAG          - Extracts a CDS flag receiver status from the database
GET_F_RASTER      - Extracts a fundamental raster definition from the database
GET_F_STUDY       - Extracts a fundamental study definition from the database
GET_GEV           - Wrapper around RD_GEV
GET_GIS_DELAY     - to get CDS GIS LUT delay
GET_GIS_DET       - get CDS GIS detectors used by a particular GSET
GET_GROUP         - Find out the name of the group of the current process.
GET_GSET          - Extracts a GIS raw data file entry from the database
GET_GZIP          - find GZIP command on a Windows system
GET_HANDLER_ID    - to get widget ID of base associated with event handler
GET_HANDLER_NAME  - to get name of event handler for widget ID.
GET_HEAP_INDEX    - Function to return the heap index of a pointer or object as a str
GET_HISTORY       - get HISTORY from structures or FITS header, optionally match patt
GET_HOST          - Find out the name of the ultrix system as defined in the system
GET_IJ()          - Determine (i,j) indices from a 1-d index of values
GET_IM_KEYWORD    - Gets the value of a SERTS keyword/flag.
GET_INDX          - Compute set of N indexes for an N-dimensional array given 1-D ind
GET_INFOX         - convert IDL structure info to string summary (1 line/structure)
GET_INSTRUMENT    - Extracts a SOHO instrument name and code from the database
GET_INST_COLOR()  - Get color code for the given SOHO instrument
GET_IONBAL        - Return interpolated ionization fractions.
GET_KBRD          - Returns the next character available from the standard input.
GET_KEYWORD       - Extract values in a string array that appear after
GET_LATEST_IAP    - get latest IAP files from SOC
GET_LATEST_KAP    - find most recently created KAP file for a given date
GET_LEAP_SEC      - Returns the dates of all known leap seconds.
GET_LIB()         - Place elements of !PATH into a string array..
GET_LINELIST      - Extracts a line list definition from the database
GET_LOGENV        - provide system independent front end to get_env and trn_log
GET_LUN           - Allocates a file unit from a  pool of free units.
GET_MAIN          - Extracts a CDS main entry from the as-run database
GET_MAP_DRANGE    - extract min/max data of map
GET_MAP_FOV       - compute map FOV
GET_MAP_PROP      - extract map properties
GET_MAP_REGION    - compute pixel indicies of region [xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax]
GET_MAP_SPACE     - extract dx,dy spacings from map
GET_MAP_SPACE     - extract xc,yc center from map
GET_MAP_SUB       - extract sub-field from a map
GET_MAP_TIME      - extract map time
GET_MAP_XP        - extract X-coordinate arrays of map
GET_MAP_XRANGE    - extract min/max X-coordinate of map
GET_MAP_YP        - extract Y-coordinate arrays of map
GET_MAP_YRANGE    - extract min/max Y-coordinate of map
GET_MAX_TAG       - find max dimension of a tag in a structure
GET_METHODS       - return all methods of a class or object
GET_MIRSHIFT      - Get the NIS mirror shift calibration for a given date.
GET_MOD()         - Extract list of procedure modules.
GET_MONTH         - get month name
GET_NAR           - Wrapper around RD_NAR
GET_NIMCP         - Gets the relevant NIMCP data for a given date
GET_NOAA          - get latest NOAA NEUTRAL-line GIF from EIT MAC
GET_OBJECT        - Extracts a SOHO object description from the database
GET_OBS_DATE()    - Get date and time of obs. from FTIS header in CCSDS format.
GET_ORBIT()       - Get the SOHO orbit information.
GET_PATH_DELIM    - returns IDL !path delimiter that is appropriate to OS
GET_PID           - return user PID and TTY for given process
GET_PLAN          - Extracts a SoHO science plan observation
GET_PLAN_DEF      - Get definition of plan type
GET_PLAN_FUNCT    - Get DEL, ADD, LIST function for a given plan structure
GET_PLAN_ITIME()  - Get index of time field in plan structure
GET_PLAN_PROG     - return program names for set of plans
GET_PLAN_SCI      - replace blank plan fields with SCI_PLAN values
GET_PLAN_SPEC     - construct SCI_SPEC title for PLAN
GET_PLAN_TIME()   - Get plan times
GET_PLAN_TT       - Find start time of next time-tagged study in a series of plans
GET_PLAN_TYPE     - Get type of plan structure
GET_POINTER()     - to get a pointer value from a pointer variable
GET_PROC()        - Extract procedure from a library or directory.
GET_PROGRAM       - Extracts a CDS program definition from the database
GET_QLDS()        - Returns the QLDS that the display routine is working on.
GET_RASTER        - Extracts a complete raster definition from the database
GET_RASTER_PAR    - to get CDS raster parameter information
GET_RAW           - Extracts a GIS raw data file entry from the database
GET_RAW_FIL       - Extracts GIS raw filament data file entry from database
GET_RB0P          - Determine the solar radius, b0 angle, and p angle for a set of ti
GET_RECENT_EIT    - get recent EIT images
GET_RECENT_FILE   - This function returns the name of the most recent file
GET_RECON         - This function returns the number of lines in an ASCII FILE
GET_RES_NAME      - return a valid resource name
GET_RID           - return a random ID
GET_SCREEN        - return screen scaling parameters for controlling widget
GET_SC_ATT()      - Get the SOHO spacecraft attitude.
GET_SC_POINT()    - Get the SOHO spacecraft pointing.
GET_SECTION_NO    - Get a set of section numbers from a string.
GET_SID           - Return a session ID (SID) for tracking users CGI forms
GET_SOHO_DET      - Extracts a SoHO detailed science plan observation
GET_SOHO_INST()   - Return one or more SOHO instrument names
GET_SOHO_MAP      - return SOHO SCI_PLAN instrument that is being used for ACTIVITY
GET_SOHO_SUBMODE  - return DSN subformat definitions for SOHO instruments
GET_SOLAR_INDICES - return selected solar/geomag indices for time range
GET_SOURCE_STC()  - Get a source structure based on the datatype.
GET_STUDY         - Extracts a complete study definition from the database
GET_STUDY_PAR     - to get CDS study parameter information
GET_SUBDIRS       - To return a list of the subdirectories under a given location
GET_SUB_REGION    - get coordinate range in an image
GET_SUMER_POINT() - Make a pointing structure for use by IMAGE_TOOL from SUMER study
GET_SUN           - Provides geocentric physical ephemeris of the sun.
GET_SYMBOL        - (VMS Only) Returns the value of a VMS DCL interpreter symbol.
GET_SYNOPTIC()    - Return list of FITS files for given dates and instrument
GET_TAG_INDEX     - Return index of structure tag name
GET_TAG_VALUE     - get tag values from within a structure
GET_TAPE          - get and mount available tape drive unit
GET_TEMP_DIR      - return system dependent temporary directory
GET_TILTCAL       - Get the NIS tilt calibration for a given date.
GET_TIME_DELAY()  - Get the time delay between SOHO and the Earth
GET_TM_FILE       - Return the telemetry file that corresponds to a UTC time.
GET_TV_SCALE      - Retrieves information about displayed images.
GET_UNIQ          - return unique elements of an array
GET_UNIQ_LIST()   - Extract uniq list of string values from a string array
GET_USER          - Find out the name of the user as defined by the environment
GET_USER_ID       - return user name and host
GET_UTAXIS        - This function returns the system variable axis structures set and
GET_UTC           - Gets the current date/time in UTC.
GET_UTEVENT       - return time ranges for various Yohkoh events - optionally use
GET_UTRANGE       - get user to enter UT start and end times
GET_UVXSECTIONS   - return UV/EUV xsections for input lambda, O, N2, and O2
GET_VDS_BIAS      - Determines CCD bias levels in the VDS.
GET_VDS_SLITPOS   - Gets VDS state database information.
GET_VDS_STATE     - Gets VDS state database information.
GET_VIEWPORT      - Gets current viewport values, in device coordinates.
GET_WAVECAL       - Get the wavelength calibration for a given date.
GET_WAVE_EFF      - Gets an efficiency versus wavelength curve from database
GET_WIDTH_CORR()  - Get adjustments for selected NIS line widths.
GET_WUVALUE       - return widget uvalue
GET_WVALUE        - return widget value
GET_XFONT         - return font (front end filter to device,get_font=)
GET_XWIN          - get a free X-window
GET_ZDBASE        - set ZDBASE file appropriate CDS/USER/SOHO Database location
GET_ZENANG        - Return solar Zenith angle (see ssw_pos2zenith wrapper)
GHOST_AMOUNT      - Find amount of ghosting
GHOST_BUSTER      - Move GIS detector ghosts
GHOST_INFO        - Display the ghosting information associated with a QLDS
GHOST_MOVE        - Manually move GIS detector ghosts
GHOST_PLOT_ALL    - Plots all 4 GIS detector data with likely ghost regions
GHOST_PLOT_ONE    - Plots a GIS detector data with likely ghost regions
GHOST_PLOT_SAMPLE - Plots (or returns) a theoretical sample GIS spectrum
GHOST_RESTORE     - Automatically move GIS detector ghosts
GHOST_TEST        - Add correlation tests to GIS ghost plots
GIF2PICT          - copy GIF image to PICT format
GISPLOT           - Plot engineering data from all four GIS detectors.
GIS_CALIB         - Applies calibration factors to GIS spectra.
GIS_CALIB_ANALOGUE - Applies analogue calibration factors to GIS spectra.
GIS_CALIB_AREA    - Applies effective area calibration to GIS data
GIS_CALIB_EXTRACT - Extracts GIS data for use with GIS_CALIB
GIS_CALIB_FF_LTGD - Corrects GIS data for flat field and long term gain depression
GIS_CALIB_FIFO    - Applies FIFO calibration factors to GIS spectra.
GIS_CALIB_HEII    - Marks HeII data uncalibratable in GIS spectra.
GIS_CALIB_LONGSLIT - Corrects GIS data for using the big slits (4, 5, and 6)
GIS_CALIB_PRINT   - Prints summary of GIS data.
GIS_CALIB_QUIZ    - Applies calibration factors for the GIS quiz-show.
GIS_CALIB_STGD    - Calibrates GIS data for short term gain depression
GIS_DUMMY         - Creates dummy data array for CDS GIS spectrograph
GIS_FF_WRITE      - Write a GIS flat field
GIS_GHOSTING      - Finds likely GIS ghost regions
GIS_PLOT          - Plots a summary of GIS detector data
GIS_SMOOTH        - Smooths GIS spectra to 'remove' fixed patterning
GIS_WRITE_CALIB   - Prints calibration factors for GIS spectra.
GMT_OFFSEC        - Return offset in seconds from local time to GMT (UT).
GOES2FLUX()       - Convert GOES class to flux.
GOOD_PIXELS()     - Returns all the good (not missing) pixels in an image.
GO_BATCH          - make and idl 'batch' job and 'submit' it (using VMS terminology)
GO_FILE_PURGE     - cron driver for file_purge
GO_UPDATE_SSW     - single point routine to maintain SSW system at remote sites
GRAPHICS          - This procedure switches to graphics from alpha page under Tektron
GREP()            - Search for string through a string array (cf grep in Perl)
GRID_DATA         - return gridded subset of input (~fixed cadence if no gaps)
GRID_MAP          - Regrid an image map
GRID_XY           - Make a uniform 2d X-Y grid of coordinates
GRWCH_ST          - This function returns the apparent RA of the meridian at Greenwic
GT2EXE            - convert gt function shorthand to valid calls (for use w/execute)
GT_BIMAGE         - Return wavelength band integrated image.
GT_BINX()         - Return detector X binning factor for a QLDS.
GT_BSC_BINCAL     - to get BCS crystal bin calibration data from CALFILEs
GT_BSC_CHAN       - extract channel nos and/or channel IDs BSC index
GT_BSC_WAVE       - return nominal wavelength arrays for BSC spectra
GT_CDS_TIME       - Returns the time of a specified exposure
GT_CONV2STR       - After a "GT" routine has extracted the relevant information, opti
GT_DATA_UNITS()   - Returns the current data units in the QLDS
GT_DAY            - To extract the word corresponding to day and optionally
GT_DETECTOR       - Returns the detector name ('NIS' or 'GIS')
GT_DETY           - Return detector Y guess (for NIS) given YIX and waveband.
GT_DIMENSION      - Returns information on the dimensionality of a QLDS
GT_DURATION()     - Get the duration of a raster from a file or data structure.
GT_EXPTIME        - return exposusure time from input
GT_EXPTIME()      - To retrieve the exposure time from a file or data structure.
GT_FPOINT()       - Gets the pointing from FITS file header.
GT_HDR()          - Return value of FITS header parameter for a given QLDS
GT_HXS            - To extract the word corresponding to the HXS counts.  The units
GT_IIMAGE         - Return image formed at a given dispersion pixel number
GT_LAMBDA         - Returns the wavelength for data points
GT_MIMAGE         - Return monochromatic image.
GT_MIRRPOS()      - To retrieve the mirror posns from a file or data structure.
GT_NIS_ALIGNMENT  - Retrieve the NIS-1 to NIS-2 alignment offsets
GT_NUMEXP()       - Get the number of exposures from a file or data structure.
GT_NUMWIN()       - Get the number of windows from a file or data structure.
GT_POINT()        - Gets the pointing from a data structure.
GT_RELAYS_HIST    - Restores data structure of CDS relay usage.
GT_RT_FILE()      - Create expected current CDS telemetry file name.
GT_SCANP          - Return a "slit spectrogram" from freely chosen points.
GT_SCANT          - Return a "slit spectrogram" with (lambda,TIME) dimension
GT_SCANX          - Return a "slit spectrogram" with (lambda,X) dimension
GT_SCANY          - Return a "slit spectrogram" with (lambda,X) dimension
GT_SLITNUM()      - To retrieve the slit number from a file or data structure.
GT_SLITPOS()      - Retrieve the slit positions from a file or data structure.
GT_SOLARX         - Returns the Solar X coordinates for data points
GT_SOLARY         - Returns the Solar Y coordinates for data points
GT_SOLAR_XY       - Return solar X and Y values for a CDS data window
GT_SPECTRUM       - Returns one-dimensional spectrum at specified point
GT_START()        - Gets the exposure start times from a file or data structure.
GT_SUM_H          - To extract the word corresponding to the SUM_H.  It is the HXT
GT_SUM_L          - To extract the word corresponding to the SUM_L.  It is the HXT
GT_SUM_M1         - To extract the word corresponding to the SUM_M1.  It is the HXT
GT_SUM_M2         - To extract the word corresponding to the SUM_M2.  It is the HXT
GT_SXS1           - To extract the word corresponding to the SXS1 counts.  The units
GT_SXS2           - To extract the word corresponding to the SXS2 counts.  The units
GT_TAGVAL         - return value stored in specified tag - (nested N-deep struct OK)
GT_TIME           - To extract the word corresponding to time and optionally
GT_TOTAL_CNTS     - To extract the word corresponding to the BCS total counts (as
GT_VALID()        - Determine if keyword values are valid for gt_xxx calls.
GT_VMAP           - Compute a velocity map from a fitted map structure that
GT_WAVEBAND()     - Return the waveband number given detector and wavelengt
GT_WINDATA()      - Return block of detector data from one detector window.
GT_WINDESC()      - Return descriptor structure for one detector window.
GT_WINDOW()       - Find a (valid) window from BAND + DETX
GT_WINSIZE()      - Get the size of data windows from a file or data structure.
GT_WLABEL()       - Get the label of a window from a file or data structure.
GT_WLIMITS()      - To retrieve the window limits from a file or data structure.
GT_WNUM()         - Get the number of a window from a file or data structure.
GZIP              - gzip files
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HANDLE_KILLER     - Kill handles hooked up with HANDLE_KILLER.
HANDLE_KILLER_HOOKUP - Hook up handles for automatic freeing when widget dies.
HARDCOPY          - Dump an 'X' window screen display to the hardcopy laser
HAS_ERROR()       - Handles an error message and return the error status
HAVE_EXE          - Check if an executable program exists
HAVE_FILES        - given a directory and a set of filenames, return
HAVE_METHOD       - check if method is supported by object
HAVE_PROC         - Check if a program exists in !path
HAVE_TAG          - Checks if structure has a specified tag name
HAVE_WIDGETS      - Tests whether current graphics device supports widgets.
HAVE_WINDOWS      - Tests whether current graphics device supports windows.
HCK_BS            - Evaluate formulae in Hudson, Canfield, and Kane
HEAD2STC          - convert FITs header to structure
HEADCAT           - Loads CDS header catalogue
HEADFITS          - Read a FITS (primary or extension) header into a string array.
HEL2ARCMIN()      - Compute position relative to sun centre from heliographic.
HEL2XY            - convert heliographic coords to arcsecsdetermine GOES events withi
HELP              - Gives the user information on many aspects of the IDL session.
HELP_CDS          - Pocket help to CDS Planning software
HELP_WINDOWS      - Print help text for starting SolarSoft under Windows
HEX2BIN           - Convert hexadecimal number to binary representation.
HEX2DEC           - Convert hexadecimal representation to decimal integer.
HISCAL()          - Performs histogram equalization on an array.
HISTOGRAM         - Returns the density function of Array.
HIS_EXIST         - Simple function to see if the history structure (.HIS) exists
HOST_TO_IEEE      - Translate an IDL variable from host to IEEE representation
HPRINT            - Print a FITS header (or other string array) one line at a time
HTML_DOC          - handle standard header and trailer html documents (templates)
HTML_FORM_ADDTIME - add times to an html form (template)
HTML_GET_FILES    - get relative files referenced by an html doc (recursive)
HTML_HIGHLIGHT    - highlight some user specified html (usually tables)
HTML_LINKLIST     - make a series of htmlfiles a 'linked list'
HTML_REMOVE_TEMPLATE - remote html header and trailer templates (site specific)
HTML_SPLAN        - Make SOHO plans for a give date range
HTML_TAGS         - include file for useful HTML tags
HTTP_NAMES        - convert filename to WWW link
HTTP__DEFINE      - Define a HTTP class
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IAP2STC           - convert IAP file (or array) to structure
IDL5TO4           - Convert IDL/v5 array[] syntax to IDL/v4 array() syntax.
IDL_RELEASE       - check if IDL release version within specified range
IDL_ROUTINE       - Create a string array of names of all IDL internal routines
IDL_SERVER_COMMAND - spawn an rpc command to an idl/www server
IDL_SERVER_CONTROL - operate on an IDL server (kill, restart, commmand..)
IDL_STARTUP_WINDOWS - Initial startup file for Windows
ID_ESC            - To bijectively map character strings to identifiers, allowing
ID_ESC_INIT       - Initialize the common blocks used by id_esc and id_unesc
ID_UNESC          - Convert identifiers escaped with id_esc back into strings.
IEEE2VAX          - To convert Unix IDL floating/double to VAX IDL data types.
IEEE_TO_HOST      - Translate an IDL variable from IEEE-754 to host representation
IIONBAL           - Return interpolated ionization fractions.
IMAGE2GIFANIM     - convert an image file sequence (gif, jpeg) to gif animation
IMAGE2MOVIE       - convert an image file sequence (3d, gif, jpeg) to mpeg or gif ani
IMAGELIB          - Defines variables/common blocks for the SERTS IMAGE library.
IMAGE_DECONVOLVE  - Deconvolve a PSF from an image
IMAGE_TOOL        - User interface of SOHO Pointing Tool and synoptic/summary databas
IMAGE_TOOL_COM    - Common blocks for IMAGE_TOOL
IMAGE_TOOL_EVENT  - Event handler of image tool
IMAGE_TOOL_HLP    - Print selected help message for a given uvalue of a widget
IMAGINARY         - Returns the imaginary part of complex-valued argument.
IMG_SUMMARY       - To display summary information of an image.  Display the image
IMPORT_PLAN       - Imports a science plan file written by EXPORT_PLAN.
IMPORT_STUDY      - Imports a study definition file written by EXPORT_STUDY.
IMP_DATAWIN()     - Reads data window definition from database export file
IMP_DETAIL()      - Reads a detailed science plan from an export file.
IMP_F_RASTER()    - Reads fundamental raster def. from database export file
IMP_F_STUDY()     - Reads fundamental study def. from database export file
IMP_LINELIST()    - Reads a linelist definition from a database export file
IMP_SCI_PLAN()    - Reads a SCI_PLAN definition from an export file.
IMP_V_RASTER()    - Reads raster variation def. from database export file
IMP_V_STUDY()     - Reads study variation def. from database export file
IM_CONV_COORD     - Convert between different image coordinate systems.
IM_KEYWORD_SET()  - Checks whether an image display keyword/flag is set.
INDD              - Return index of array A(i) for which
INDEX2FOV         - FOVs for input index(s) - optionally EXTREMEs of multiple FOVs
INDEX2MAP         - Make an image map from index/data pair
INDEX2OMAP        - convert INDEX/DATA to object maps
INDGEN            - Returns an integer array.
INLINE_TEXT()     - Return inline text immediately following call line
INPUT             - Prompt the user for input and allow a default
INPUT_TIME        - To allow a user to interactively enter a start and end time.
INQ_GEN           - Provide summary of SXT generic file
INSERT            - To insert a smaller array into a larger array
INT2EX            - Convert days since 1979 and milliseconds of day into
INT2SEC           - To convert the "standard" internal
INT2SECARR        - To convert any time format into a time series vector in seconds.
INT2UTC()         - Converts CDS internal time to calendar format.
INTARR            - Returns an integer vector.
INTERP1D          - Perform fast linear 1d interpolation
INTERP2()         - Performs a two-dimensional interpolation on IMAGE.
INTERP2D          - Perform bilinear 2d interpolation using the IDL intrinsic
INTERP2INTEG      - This function integrates over the limits on an interpolated array
INTERPOL8         - Linearly interpolate vectors with a regular or irregular grid.
INTERPOLATE       - Returns an array of linear, bilinear or trilinear
INTERP_ARR        - Linearly interpolate the two input arrays to the requested time.
INTER_MAP         - interpolate an image map onto a new coordinate system
INT_STRETCH       - Stretch one of two combined intensity color tables.
INVERT            - Returns an inverted copy of a square array.
IOCTL             - Provides a thin wrapper over the Unix ioctl(2) system call.
IPRINT            - Print array with counter, e.g. 1) value
ISARRAY           - Tests if the argument is an array.
ISHFT             - Performs the bit shift operation on variables.
IS_ALIVE          - check health of remote host
IS_BATCH          - return 1/0 if in batch mode or not
IS_BESTNODE       - quick and dirty search for 'best' node in nodelist
IS_BLANK          - return true is input is blank string
IS_CLASS          - check if an object is an instance of the specified class.  Calls 
IS_COMPRESSED     - returns true if file has .Z or .gz ext
IS_DIGIT          - Determine if a character is a digit [0 - 9].
IS_DIR            - platform/OS independent check if input name is a
IS_IEEE_BIG       - Determine if the current machine is use IEEE, big-endian numbers.
IS_LENDIAN.PRO    - Many routines (WRITEFITS, ANAFRD, etc) depend on the endianness
IS_LINK           - check if file name is actually a link
IS_MAP_LIST       - check if input object was inherited from a MAP_LIST
IS_MEMBER         - check set membership (element(s) IN set?), return boolean
IS_METHOD_ADDED   - check if a method has been added to a class
IS_NUMBER         - Test string (or array of strings) to see if it is a number
IS_OPEN           - check if a file unit is open
IS_PS             - boolean function - is file a PostScript File?
IS_STRING         - return true is input is a non-blank string
IS_WINNT          - check if current Windows OS is NT
IS_WOPEN          - platform/OS independent check if current window
ITOOL2MAP()       - Convert ITOOL data structure into MAP or vice versa
ITOOL_ADJ_CTABLE  - Adjust color table interactively through a draw widget
ITOOL_BUTTON_REFRESH - Make sure all buttons appear properly
ITOOL_COMPOSITE() - Make composite image array out of two image arrays
ITOOL_COPY_TO_PIX - Copy current main plot window to a pixmap window for later use
ITOOL_CROSS_HAIR  - Plot a rectangle or cross hair on the current plotting device.
ITOOL_DIFF_ROT()  - Coalign and differentially rotate a solar image to a new time
ITOOL_DISP_ROT    - Plot diff. rotation indicator over the displayed image
ITOOL_DRAW        - Handling draw events from the main graphics window
ITOOL_DRAW_DRAG   - Handles press and drag events of draw widget
ITOOL_DRAW_ICON   - Event handler for draw_icon events
ITOOL_EIT_DEGRID() - Degrid an EIT full-resolution, full field-of-view image
ITOOL_EIT_SCALE() - Rescale an image based on EIT image scaling algorithm
ITOOL_GETFILE()   - Get list of files for given dates and path
ITOOL_GET_SRC()   - Get 4-char image origin code
ITOOL_GET_TIME()  - Get date and time of obs. from FTIS header in CCSDS format.
ITOOL_GET_TYPE()  - Get 5-char image type code
ITOOL_IMG_MATCH() - Make the given image array match the base image
ITOOL_IMG_SRC()   - Return a string of an appropriate image source for a given code
ITOOL_IMG_TYPE()  - Return a full label of an appropriate image type
ITOOL_INSIDE_LIMB() - Detect if points defined by ppx and ppy are within the limb
ITOOL_LIMBFITTER  - Widget interface of limb-fitter for Image Tool
ITOOL_LOAD_IMAGE  - Load in a FITS or GIF file and try to determine the CSI structure
ITOOL_MAKE_FH()   - Make a valid FITS header array based on given CSI structure
ITOOL_MODIFY_FH   - Modify header of given FITS file
ITOOL_NEW_CSI()   - Create a new CSI (coordinate system info) structure
ITOOL_PICKFILE()  - Return a string array of SOHO synoptic or summary image file name
ITOOL_PKFILE_BS   - To create pickfile widget upon a given parent base in IMAGE_TOOL
ITOOL_PLOT_AXES   - Plot axes and labels around the current displayed image
ITOOL_POINT_PLOT  - Plot all pointing area in Pointing Tool
ITOOL_PTOOL       - Make a widget base for pointing for an appropriate SOHO instrumen
ITOOL_RANGE       - Get solar X and Y range of a given image
ITOOL_RD_FITS     - Driver program of FXREAD and CDS_IMAGE to read any FITS file
ITOOL_RD_GIF      - To read a GIF file and to get related obs time
ITOOL_RESTORE     - Restore zoomed-in image to its original status
ITOOL_RESTORE_PIX - Restore current plot window with pixmap saved in
ITOOL_SELECT_IMG() - Get X and Y range of selected image indices
ITOOL_SET_CSI()   - Obtain iamge scale and disk center coord. from the given FITS hea
ITOOL_SOLAR_GRID  - Plot grid lines over the solar image
ITOOL_SWITCHER    - Switch tools in Image Tool (from curr_tool to prev_tool)
ITOOL_WRITE_FITS  - Write FITS file or modify its header
ITOOL_XY          - Create array for Solar X and Solar Y coordinates for a given CSI
ITOOL_ZOOM        - Zoom in on part of an image in a given draw widget window
ITOOL_ZOOMINOUT   - Event handler for zooming in/out
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JDCNV             - Converts Gregorian dates to Julian days
JOIN_STRUCT       - join two structures
JOURNAL           - Provides a record of an interactive session.
JSMOVIE           - Make a Javascript movie HTML file for a series of GIF/JPEG images
JSMOVIE2          - Make a Javascript movie HTML file for a series of GIF/JPEG images
JUMPER            - This procedure corrects 2-byte or other counter overflow.
JUMPER2           - This procedure corrects 2-byte or other counter overflow.
JUSTIFY()         - Make string array right/left/center justified
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KANZ__DEFINE      - Define a KANZ data object
KAP_CONTENTS()    - Read in the latest KAP (or CAP or IAP) file for the given date
KAP_DATE()        - Returns the date of a KAP file
KAP_VERS()        - Returns the version number of a KAP file
KEYBOARD_CRS      - Move the graphics cursor with the keyboard.
KEYWORD_DB        - return info from one or more keyword database files
KEYWORD_SET       - Returns a nonzero value if Expression is defined and nonzero.
KILLOLD           - kill old jobs (PIDs)
KILL_JOB          - Kill a UNIX job
KISF__DEFINE      - Define a KISF data object for Kiepenheuer-Institute Obs.
KORREL            - Calculate the x/y offset between an image (or a series of images)
KPNO__DEFINE      - Define a KPNO data object
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LABEL_CURVE       - Plots a label with a line from it to a curve.
LABEL_IMAGE       - Puts labels on images.
LABEL_LINE        - Plots a horizontal line (w/ or w/o symbols) with a label.
LABEL_SYMBOL      - Plots a symbol with a label next to it on a graph.
LASTSTAT          - format status info for task_wait
LAST_ITEM         - Returns the last element of the input variable.
LAST_KAP_VERS()   - Gets version number of last KAP file read for given date
LAST_NELEM        - return last NN elements of vector or last NN images of data cube
LAT2Y()           - Convert heliographic latitute to Y value in arcsec
LCUR_CALC         - To calculate the light curve averages for the LCUR_IMAGE routine
LCUR_IMAGE        - To display a normalized light curve plot for image data.  The use
LCUR_PLOT         - To plot the light curve averages for the LCUR_IMAGE routine
LCUR_PLOTR        - To generate a line plot showing the location of the regions selec
LEAP_YEAR()       - Check if a given year number is a leap year
LIMB_INFO         - Get position of solar disk center and radius from an image.
LINDGEN           - Returns a longword integer array.
LINECOLOR         - Set a color index to a particular color.
LINE_TABLE        - make an ~IDL image color table cooexist with a  table
LINFLX            - Compute the Mewe line spectrum for EM=1.e44 cm^-3
LINKEDLIST        - The purpose of this program is to implement a list that
LINKIMAGE         - Merges routines written in other languages with IDL.
LIST_ALT          - List the CDS alternate science plan for a date range.
LIST_ANOMALY      - List the SoHO anomalies for a given time range.
LIST_CACHE__DEFINE - Define a cache list object, whose contents persist
LIST_CAMPAIGN     - List all the SoHO campaigns for a date range.
LIST_CDROM        - List the contents of CDS level-0 CDROMs
LIST_COM_TIMES    - List the SoHO command contact times for a given period
LIST_DATAWIN      - List the available data window lists for a given line list.
LIST_DETAIL       - List the CDS detailed science plan for a given date range.
LIST_DLYD_TIMES   - List the SoHO delayed command times for a given period
LIST_DSN          - List the SoHO DSN contacts for a given period
LIST_DURATION     - Find the actual durations of rasters from the catalog
LIST_EXPER        - List the CDS raster as-run entries for a given date range
LIST_EXP_COMM     - List the comments on a CDS raster as-run entry
LIST_FITS()       - Produce a list of available FITS files and optional info.
LIST_FLAG         - List the CDS flag receiver status for a date range.
LIST_F_RASTER     - List the fundamental parameters of all available rasters.
LIST_F_STUDY      - List the fundamental parameters of all available studies.
LIST_GEV          - determine GOES events within center/fov
LIST_GSET         - List GIS setup
LIST_INST_DLYD    - List the instrument delayed command times for a given period
LIST_LINELIST     - List all the available line lists.
LIST_MAIN         - List the CDS main as-run entries for a given date range
LIST_MDI_M        - List the MDI-M times for a given period
LIST_MEUD         - List MEUDON H-alpha files
LIST_NAR          - determine NOAA AR's within center/fov
LIST_NRT_RES      - List the NRT reserved times for a given period
LIST_OBJECT       - List the available SoHO object abbreviations.
LIST_OTHER_OBS    - List plan for other observatories for given date range
LIST_OTHER_RES    - List simple resource items that contains only start & stop times
LIST_PATH         - Manage listing of IDL path
LIST_PLAN         - List the SoHO science plan for a given date range.
LIST_PRINTER      - LIST available printers
LIST_PRINTER_UNIX - LIST available printers from /etc/printcap or /etc/printers.conf
LIST_PRINTER_VMS() - List names of all printer queues
LIST_PROGRAM      - List the available CDS program definitions.
LIST_RAW          - List raw data files for given GIS detector
LIST_RESOURCE     - List the resource times for a given period
LIST_RES_TYPE     - List all resource types
LIST_SOHO_DET     - List the SoHO detailed plan for a given date range.
LIST_SUPPORT      - List Ground Support a given period
LIST_TM()         - Produce a list of available TM files.
LIST_TO_DETAIL    - convert LIST structure to DETAILS structure
LIST_V_RASTER     - List the defined variations for a given raster ID.
LIST_V_STUDY      - List the defined variations for a given study.
LIST_WITH_PATH()  - Searches for files with a default path and extension.
LNGAMMA           - Returns the logarithm of the gamma function of X.
LOADCT            - Load predefined color tables.
LOAD_EIT_COLOR    - Load EIT color table based on the wavelength (in FITS header)
LOAD_RED          - Load "Red Temperature" with a gamma effect.
LOAD_VEL          - Loads a velocity color table.
LOAD_WAVECAL()    - Loads wavecal into common block for use by pix2wave etc
LOCAL_DIFF()      - Gets the current difference between local and UTC time.
LOCAL_DIFFS       - This procedure finds all of the idl procedures in a directory(ies
LOCATE_FFCAL      - Help locate the scan for FFCAL
LOCATE_VAL()      - Locates a particular value in a vector or array.
LOCK_DATABASE     - Lock a CDS database for write.
LOCK_ZDBASE       - Lock directories defined by ZDBASE
LOC_FILE()        - Get files from a set of directories.
LOC_SYNOP         - Locate Synoptic data file
LONARR            - Returns a longword integer array.
LONG              - Returns a result converted to longword integer type.
LONGHEX()         - Converts an array of short int values into a fixed hex string for
LOW_RES           - create a low resolution image/vector by removing every n'th pixel
LOW_RES_1D        - create a low resolution vector by removing every n'th pixels
LOW_RES_2D        - create a low resolution 2d image by removing every n'th pixels
LSPLOT            - plot lightcurves of selected spectral regions
LSTSQR            - Least-squares fit of arbitrary function to data points
LTC_MAP           - Plot time history of mean values in vicinity of pixels
LUBKSB            - With LUDCMP, solves the set of  N linear equations Ax = b.
LUDCMP            - Replaces an N by N matrix, A, with the LU decomposition.
LVIEW_XY          - wrapper around SOHO_XY to adjust for L1 view
LZPLOT            - print a PostScript plot file
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MAIL              - To send a mail message to yourself or a list of users
MAIN_EXECUTE      - execute idl 'command' file (in IDL_STARTUP format)
MAKE_ARRAY        - Returns an array of the specified type.
MAKE_INTO_BYTARR  - convert input to byte array
MAKE_MAP          - Make an image map
MAKE_MIRROR       - build a mirror file
MAKE_POINTER      - to make a pointer variable
MAKE_SFIT_STC     - Make an SFIT structure from a CFIT structure.
MAKE_SSW_MIRROR   - generate the mirror file required for SSW install/upgrades
MAKE_STR          - Control dynamic structure building - avoids collision of
MAKE_STRUCT       - a new way of creating structures
MAKE_XY           - Make a uniform 2d X-Y grid of coordinates
MAP2EARTH         - convert SOHO-view map to Earth-view
MAP2FITS          - write image map to FITS file
MAP2GIF           - make series of GIF images from series of maps
MAP2INDEX         - convert D.M.Zarro map object(s) to "standard index,data"
MAP2L1            - convert EARTH-view image map to L1-view
MAP2MPEG          - make MPEG movie from series of maps
MAP2SOHO          - convert Earth-view map to SOHO-view
MAPX              - hide/show map/unmap sensitize/desensitize widgets
MAP_CONTINENTS    - Draws the projection of the continental boundaries.
MAP_ENV2DIR       - make file which maps between environmentals and local pathnames
MAP_FORMAT        - return data type string(s) for input format list
MAP_GRID          - Draws the graticule of parallels and meridians.
MAP_IMAGE         - Returns an image warped to fit the map projection.
MAP_LIST__DEFINE  - Define a map linkedlist
MAP_MATRIX        - This procedure creates a linear transformation matrix between two
MAP_SET           - Establishes the axis type and coordinate conversion.
MAP__DEFINE       - Define a object map
MARKPLOT          - highlight features on plot (default is open crosshair)
MARK_POLY         - draw polygon
MARK_REGION       - This procedure selects an interval from a plot window.
MASK_MATRIX()     - Create a mask matrix for image manipulation
MATCH             - Routine to match values in two vectors.
MATCH_STRUCT      - check if two structures are identical
MAX               - Returns the value of the largest element of Array.
MCURVEFIT         - Non-linear least squares fit to a function of an arbitrary
MDI_CAT           - return MDI header/structures between time0 and time1
MDI_COPY          - copy daily MDI magnetograms and intensitygrams to SYNOP_DATA
MDI_FILES         - return MDI file names between time0 and time0
MDI_LINK          - make a link between MDI file in $MDI_MAGS and
MDI_WRITE_GENXCAT - map mdi files (from SOI WWW requests) -> a time based catalog
MDI__DEFINE       - Define an MDI data object
MEAN_MAP          - Compute mean value in vicinity of pixels
MED3X3GEN         - Generalized 3x3 median filter for image processing.
MEDIAN            - Returns the median value of Array.
MERGE_FITS_HDRS   - Merge two FITS headers.
MERGE_GENXCAT     - merge multiple genx catalogs -> fewer (reduce granularity)
MERGE_MAP         - merge to image maps
MERGE_STRUCT      - merge/concatanate two structures
MESOLA__DEFINE    - Define a MESOLA data object
MESSAGE           - Issues error and informational  messages.
MEUDON__DEFINE    - Define a Meudon data object
MEWE_SPEC         - Compute a Mewe thermal spectrum (line + continuum) for EM=1.e44 c
MGAUSS            - Compute multiple gauss functions with quadratic background
MIN               - Returns the value of the smallest  element of Array.
MINF_PARABOL_D    - Find a local minimum of a 1-D function up to specified tolerance,
MJD2DATE          - Converts MJD to year, month, and day.
MJD2STR           - Converts MJD to string format.
MKDARR            - To make an array having two elements such as:
MKLOG             - define a logical (VMS) or environment (UNIX) variable
MKLOG_LIST        - define environmental for first valid listed argument
MKTHUMB           - make a thumbnail of an image or movie sequence
MK_24BIT          - scale image to 24 bit color table
MK_8BIT           - scale image to 8 bit color table
MK_AGIF           - Make animated GIF file from series of GIF files
MK_ANALYSIS()     - Create/initialize a CFIT ANALYSIS structure.
MK_BSC_STR        - Build the BSC data structure definition
MK_CDS_ADEF_STC() - Make a CDS Analysis Definition Structure with default values.
MK_CDS_ADEF_WIN_STC - Create CDS Analysis Definition (ADEF) window structure
MK_CDS_ANALYSIS() - Make a CFIT analysis structure from CDS data
MK_CDS_COM        - Common blocks for MK_CDS_PLAN
MK_CDS_DBASE      - makes a widget interface to CDS Detailed Plan
MK_CDS_IMAP       - Make an image map from a CDS QL structure
MK_CDS_MAP        - Make an image map from a CDS QL structure
MK_CDS_PLAN       - Create/edit detailed, science, alternative and flag plan for CDS
MK_CDS_SMAP       - Make an image map from a CDS QL structure in which
MK_CDS_STUDY      - create studies by appending rasters to fundamental part
MK_COMPONENT_STC() - Return structure describing N-parameter fitting component
MK_COMP_BGAUSS()  - Create a structure describing the fit component "bgauss"
MK_COMP_GAUSS()   - Create a structure describing the fit component "gauss"
MK_COMP_POLY()    - Create a structure describing a polynomial fit component
MK_COMP_PPOLY()   - Create a structure for a pivoted polynomial fit component
MK_COMP_VOIGT()   - Create a structure describing the fit component "voigt"
MK_DFONT          - make some uniformly useful fonts for planning software
MK_EBAR           - to compute error bars for a set of data arrays
MK_EIT_MAP        - Make an image map from EIT FITS data
MK_FID            - create FID directory (named YYMMDD based on date/time)
MK_FILE           - create an empty file
MK_FITS_HEAD      - Given a data array, build the minimal FITS header.
MK_FORMT_HTML     - make FORM-ready html segment for times (start [and stop])
MK_GIF            - Convert FITS files to GIF image files
MK_GISPLOT_LBL    - Create text strings to label tick marks for MK_GIS_PLT
MK_HELP_STC()     - To create a help structure to be used in help mode
MK_HXI_MAP        - Make an image map from an HXI index/data structure
MK_IMG_ICON       - iconize an image
MK_IVM_MAP        - Make an image map from a Imaging Vector Magnetograph (IVM) data
MK_LINK           - Link file(s) to a directory
MK_MAP_XP         - compute X-coordinate arrays from center and spacing
MK_MAP_YP         - compute Y-coordinate arrays from center and spacing
MK_MPEG           - make an MPEG movie from a series of image files (def = GIF)
MK_NEW_CSI()      - Create a new CSI (coordinate system info) structure
MK_NEW_MAP        - convert old format map to new format
MK_OLD_MAP        - convert new format map to old format
MK_PARAMETER_STC() - Return an "empty" structure describing a fitting parameter
MK_PIX            - make a genx file of image or current window for display by show_p
MK_PLAN           - Shell program to run MK_CDS_PLAN or MK_SUMER_PLAN
MK_PLAN_ADD       - Add PLAN entry to PLANS array
MK_PLAN_CAMP      - Check validity of campaign ID
MK_PLAN_CHANGE    - change PLAN plan entries
MK_PLAN_CLONE     - clone a plan from one OPS day to another
MK_PLAN_COMP      - compare contents of two plans
MK_PLAN_CONV      - convert plan time tags from TAI to UTC
MK_PLAN_COPY()    - Make a new plan entry from a selected (highlighted) plan entry
MK_PLAN_COPY_EV   - Event "processor" for MK_PLAN_COPY
MK_PLAN_CORR      - correct plan entry so that PLAN.N_POINTINGS matches number of ele
MK_PLAN_CUSTOM    - widget interface for customizing MK_DETAIL
MK_PLAN_DUR       - compute study duration based on plan details
MK_PLAN_EXIST     - check contents of MK_PLAN_SHARED common blocks
MK_PLAN_FIND      - Find all plans between STARTDIS/STOPDIS (inclusive)
MK_PLAN_FORM      - Make SOHO plan form in PNG format
MK_PLAN_HTML      - Make list of SOHO plans of today in HTML table format
MK_PLAN_LOAD      - load contents of MK_PLAN_SHARED common blocks
MK_PLAN_ORDER     - orders plan entries according to time-tags and durations
MK_PLAN_PLOT      - Plot timeline for arbitrary plan type and instruments
MK_PLAN_POINT()   - Shell program for making a pointing structure for use with IMAGE_
MK_PLAN_PRIV()    - Check to see if the user has the privilege of editing plan
MK_PLAN_READ      - general reader for PLAN Database
MK_PLAN_RECAL     - Recompute DETAILS based on time-tagged information
MK_PLAN_RECOVER   - recover from a MK_PLAN crash
MK_PLAN_REM       - Remove PLAN entry from given list of PLANS
MK_PLAN_RESET     - reset contents of MK_PLAN_SHARED common blocks
MK_PLAN_SBASE     - makes a widget interface to CDS or SUMER Science Plan
MK_PLAN_SEND      - Send a new pointing structure to and trigger an event in IMAGE_TO
MK_PLAN_SHARED    - Common blocks for MK_SOHO, MK_PLAN, & MK_DETAIL
MK_PLAN_SHIFT     - Event handler of draw events for MK_SOHO's "Shift" button
MK_PLAN_SORT()    - Sort a list of plans by time
MK_PLAN_TAIL()    - Find the last plan entry in the current plan block
MK_PLAN_UNLOAD    - Unload contents of MK_PLAN_SHARED common blocks
MK_PLAN_WHERE     - Find where input TIME or PLAN is relative to PLANS
MK_PLAN_WRITE     - Rewrite PLAN entries
MK_PLAN_XY        - format plan pointing fields
MK_POINT_BASE     - Make a widget base for pointing for an appropriate SOHO instrumen
MK_POINT_STC      - Make a fresh pointing structure to be used by IMAGE_TOOL
MK_RASTER         - Widget selection and definition of a CDS raster observation.
MK_RATE_HDR       - Make a FITS header for a RATE EXTENSION
MK_REFBAR         - To display a reference color bar (to go along side an image)
MK_RMF_HDR        - Make an header for a response matrix FITS extension.
MK_SOHO           - Widget interface for displaying/editing SOHO SCI plans
MK_SOHO_COM       - Common blocks for SOHO planning tool.
MK_SOHO_CUSTOM    - Widget interface for customizing MK_SOHO
MK_SOHO_EDP       - Clone a given plan entry to other instruments
MK_SOHO_EXTPLAN   - Extract science plans for a given instrument from SOHO SCI plans
MK_SOHO_SBASE     - Create widget fields for SOHO DET plans
MK_SOHO_SBASE     - Create widget fields for SOHO SCI plans
MK_SOHO_SETUP     - Set up things for SOC people to run MK_SOHO *more* easily
MK_SOHO_TARGET    - Create an HTML file listing all SOHO plan targets
MK_STUDY          - Create CDS studies
MK_SUB_DIR        - create subdirectories under parent
MK_SUMMARY        - Produce CDS summary data
MK_SXT_MAP        - Make an image map from an SXT index/data structure
MK_SYNOPTIC       - Puts together the CDS Meridian NIS synoptic scans.
MK_TEMP_DIR       - Create a temporary directory
MK_TEMP_FILE      - Create a temporary filename
MK_TIMETICK       - Create time ticks to be used by AXIS
MK_WAVECAL        - To allow loading of CDS wavelength coefficients to database.
MODE_VAL()        - Returns the modal value of an array.
MOD_ALT()         - Modify entry in the alternate science plan database.
MOD_CAMPAIGN()    - Modify a CDS campaign record in the database
MOD_CATALOG()     - Modify a catalog entry
MOD_DETAIL()      - Modifies an entry in the science plan database.
MOD_EXPER()       - Modifies a CDS experiment entry in the as-run database
MOD_FLAG()        - Modify entry in the flag receiver science plan database.
MOD_GSET()        - Modifies a GIS setup definition in the database
MOD_LINELIST()    - Modifies a linelist definition in the database
MOD_MAIN()        - Modifies a CDS main entry in the as-run database
MOD_PLAN()        - Modifies an entry in the science plan database.
MOD_V_RASTER()    - Modifies a raster variation definition in the database
MOD_V_STUDY()     - Modifies a study variation definition in the database
MONO_SPEC()       - Plots a spectrum chosen graphically by user.
MONTHNAMES        - Returns a string array of month names.
MONTH_ID          - Return the month number (1-12) as a function of the 3 letter
MORE              - Display a text array using the MORE method.
MOVIE_MAP         - make movie of series of map images
MPCURVEFIT        - Perform Levenberg-Marquardt least-squares fit (replaces CURVEFIT)
MPFIT             - Perform Levenberg-Marquardt least-squares minimization (MINPACK-1
MPFIT2DFUN        - Perform Levenberg-Marquardt least-squares fit to a 2-D IDL functi
MPFIT2DPEAK       - Fit a gaussian, lorentzian or Moffat model to data
MPFITEXPR         - Perform Levenberg-Marquardt least-squares fit to arbitrary expres
MPFITFUN          - Perform Levenberg-Marquardt least-squares fit to IDL function
MPFITPEAK         - Fit a gaussian, lorentzian or Moffat model to data
MPROVE            - Improves the solution of a linear set of equations, Ax = b.
MRDFITS2          - Read all standard FITS data types into arrays or structures.
MRD_HREAD         - Reads a FITS header from an opened disk file or Unix pipe
MRD_SKIP          - Skip a number of bytes from the current location in a file or a p
MRD_STRUCT        - Return a structure as defined in the names and values data.
MREADFITS         - read multiple FITs into data cube, header-> IDL structure array
MREADFITS_FIXUP   - adjust some standard fields after mreadfits rebinning
MREADFITS_INFO    - extract COMMENT and HISTORY info from mreadfits output variables
MRQCOF            - Internal routine called by MRQMIN
MSPLOT            - plot multiple data sets on a single set of axes
MULTI_DRAW        - create multiple draw widgets for display
MVOIGT            - Compute multiple voigt functions with quadratic background
MVOIGT_FIT        - multiple voigt function fit to line profile
MWRITEFITS        - index/data to specified type of FITS file
MXFDSET_MAP       - map Multi-Fits-Extension user SS -> "dset array"
MXFREAD           - Multi-Fits-Extension READer
MXF_DECOMP_DATA   - convert fits extension header and byte stream to image
MXF_DSET_MAP      - map Multi-Fits-Extension user SS -> "dset array"
MXF_READ_DATA     - Multi-Xtension-Fits data reader
MXF_READ_HEADER   - read headers from mxf files
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NANCAY__DEFINE    - Define a Nancay data site object
NBYTES            - Return the size in bytes of the input argument
NDIM_INDICES()    - Return n-dimensional indices from a one-dimensional index
NDSPSPEC()        - Displays all Spectral Windows from specific exposures.
NETSCAPE_CONTROL  - control Netscape client process(es) from within SSW/IDL
NEW_FF_DEMO       - Demonstrates application of Flat Field and its effects
NEW_VERSION       - construct new file name using VMS-like syntax
NEXPOSURES()      - Return the number of "exposures" in a QLDS
NEXT_TM_FILE      - Get the next telemetry file in sequence.
NEXT_WINDOW       - return next available window number, so they can be known in adva
NIMCP_DEPTH_FUNCT() - Function used by GET_NIMCP
NINT()            - Returns the nearest integers to the input values.
NIS1_RELCAL       - Demonstrate possible NIS1 relative intensity calibration.
NIS2_RELCAL       - Demonstrate possible NIS2 relative intensity calibration.
NIS_AVG_SPECT_DEMO - Demonstrate the NIS average quiet sun spectra.
NIS_BIAS_DEMO     - Demonstrates NIS bias levels from daily synoptic scans.
NIS_CALIB         - Applies calibration factors to NIS images.
NIS_MRGDATA       - Merge continguous/overlapping windows in a CDS/NIS raster
NIS_PIX_ANALYSE   - Complementary routine to NIS_QUICKLOOK. Allows the spectrum
NIS_QUICKLOOK     - Allows a quick-look at CDS data
NIS_ROTATE        - Applies slant and tilt corrections to VDS images.
NIS_WAVECAL_DEMO  - Demonstrate NIS wavelength calibration.
NL_LSQFIT         - Fit a user-supplied nonlinear function to two-dimensional data
NL_MRQMIN         - Internal routine called by NL_LSQFIT
NOBE__DEFINE      - Define a NOBE data object for Nobeyama Radio Obs.
NORMALIZE_CUBE    - empirically normalize cube of data from relative signal levels
NOSPIKE.PRO       - Despike an image using a median filter / dilation
NOTEPAD           - Call the NOTEPAD editor to edit a file.
NTRIM()           - Calls TRIM(BYTE2INT(NUMBER),...)
NUM2LET           - Returns a letter ('A', 'B') from an input integer (1, 2).
NUM2STR()         - Convert number to unpadded string
NUMCHAR()         - Count all appearances of a character in a string.
NUM_CHK()         - Checks to see if a string is a valid representation of an
N_DIMENSIONS()    - Returns number of dimensions of a variable.
N_ELEMENTS        - Returns the number of elements in an expression or variable.
N_PARAMS          - Returns the number of non-keyword parameters.
N_TAGS            - Returns the number of structure tags.
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OBJ_CLONE         - Clone an object
OBJ_COMPILE       - compile object methods including those of super class
OBJ_DISSECT       - find methods & properties of an object or class
OBJ_EVENT         - General object widget event handler
OBJ_METHODS       - find methods in an object
OBJ_PARENT        - find parents of object or class
OBJ_PROPS         - find property names in an object
OBJ_SUPER         - Execute a method of a super class
OBT2TAI()         - Converts OBT/LOBT to UTC
OCC_PROFILE       - This procedure calculates the occultation profile for a source in
OCONTOUR          - To overlay a contour on top of an image
OLIST__DEFINE     - Define a linkedlist object that stores objects
ON_ERROR          - Determines the action taken when an error is detected.
ON_IOERROR        - Specifies a statement to be jumped to if an I/O error occurs.
OPEN              - Procedures open a specified file for input and/or output.
OPEN_ANACUBE      - Opens ANA data cube for reading with WINDOW_ANACUBE
OPEN_KAP          - Opens an KAP file.
OPEN_MSP_FILE     - Opens an Microsoft Project file.
OPLOT             - Plots vector data over a previously-drawn plot.
OPLOTBAR          - Overplot a bar graph filled in with a pattern.
OPLOTERR          - Over-plot data points with accompanying X or Y error bars.
OPLOT_ERR         - Overplot data with error bars in both X and Y directions
OPLOT_IMAGE       - Overplot an image.
OPLOT_NAR         - Oplot NOAA AR pointing structures from GET_NAR
OPLOT_SPLAN       - oplots individual planning items on plan timeline
OPLOT_STRING      - Overplot an X,Y array using a character string as a symbol.
OPS_POINT         - Calculate pointing from OPS data in the telemetry.
ORIENT_MARK       - Plot orientation mark over the display
OS_FAMILY()       - Return current operating system as in !VERSION.OS_FAMILY
OUTPLOT           - Plot vector data over a previously drawn plot (using UTPLOT) with
OVERWRT_HDR_KW    - Update FITS header by overwriting with keyword values from second
OVRO_DEFINE       - Define an OVRO data object
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PAIR_STRUCT       - Pair a structure down into component "tag:value" pairs
PARCHECK          - Routine to check user parameters to a procedure
PARSE_ATIME       - This procedure parses a time in any of the allowed
PARSE_COMLINE     - This function parses a string that has fields separated by commas
PARSE_LINES       - To take a string (or an array of strings) and to
PASSWORD_INFO     - read/parse password file  - optionlly match user PATTERN
PATCH_MAP         - patch plot an array of maps
PATHFIX           - remove elements from !path or restore original !path
PATH_DATA         - return the path to on-line reformatted data files
PATH_DELIMITER    - return system dependent !path delimiter
PATH_DIR()        - Return directories in the path containing the input string
PATH_EXPAND       - Expands VMS logical names in a search path.
PATH_LIB          - Extract the path of one or more procedures.
PATH_LIB_UNIX     - Extract the path of one or more procedures.
PAUSE             - Request that the user hit  between plots.
PB0R()            - To calculate the solar P, B0 angles and the semi-diameter.
PCL               - Sets graphics device to HP LaserJet PCL file.
PCLCLOSE          - Close an HP LaserJet PCL plot file, reset graphics device.
PCLPLOT           - Print an HP LaserJet PCL plot file, reset graphics device.
PCONVERT()        - Convert Plot DEVICE, DATA, NORMAL and PIXEL coordinates
PCORRE()          - Calculate significance of correlation coefficient.
PCTIME2SSW        - convert a PC time->SSW (anytim output)
PCURSE            - user cursor to select points from plot
PD                - Push a directory onto the top of a directory stack
PEEK              - Search and print IDL routine.
PERIODOGRAM()     - Calculate periodogram of (unevenly spaced) time series.
PFIND()           - Find Plot Region ID corresponding to an event.
PHNX__DEFINE      - Define a site object for Phoenix data
PICKFITS          - Browse/search lfitslist.txt to find CDS/SUMER fits files.
PICKFONT  USE TO BE XFONT - Modal widget for selecting and viewing an X Windows font.
PICKLAMBDA        - To sum the lines at the same wavelengths
PICK_LINE()       - Pick lines from Kelly's line list
PICK_TIMES        - pick times from a selection
PIX2WAVE          - Calculate CDS wavelength given a detector pixel location.
PLAN_XCAT_SUMM    - Prints out a summary of the plan for maintaining XCAT
PLOT              - Draws graphs of vector arguments. 
PLOTBAR           - Plot a bar graph filled in with a pattern.
PLOTERR           - Plot data points with accompanying X or Y error bars.
PLOTLTC           - plot light curve
PLOTS             - Plots vectors or points on the current graphics device.
PLOTTIME          - Originally it simply put a message "Plot Made dd-MMM-yy hh:mm:ss"
PLOTTIMES         - Ancient routine which effectively does an "xyouts, /norm"
PLOT_ARC          - To allow a user to mark an arc on an image and the intensity
PLOT_CDS_CRAYS    - Demonstrates counts of cosmic rays detected by CDS
PLOT_CDS_POINT    - Plot CDS pointings on latest EIT image
PLOT_CMDTIMES     - Plots commanding times on science plan.
PLOT_DELTAT       - Plot the time interval between exposures in a raster.
PLOT_DEX          - Plot the actual dew to be used in observation.
PLOT_ERR          - Plot data with error bars in both X and Y directions
PLOT_EXPINT       - Plots exposure intervals for a CDS raster.
PLOT_FRAME        - Plots frame for science planning tool.
PLOT_GOESP        - demo read & plot GOES proton/electron values
PLOT_HELIO        - Plot solar heliographic grid and limb
PLOT_HIST         - To plot a histogram with a properly labeled X axis.
PLOT_HISTO        - Plots a histogram from the variable ARRAY.
PLOT_IMAGE        - Display images with plot axes around it.
PLOT_IO           - Is identical to the PLOT procedure, except...
PLOT_ITEM         - Plots individual planning items on science plan.
PLOT_LCUR         - Plot a light curve and allow the user to blowup
PLOT_MAP          - Plot an image map
PLOT_MAP2 [WARNING-TEMPORARY FIX ONLY FOR 16 bit Z-Buffer suppor - Plot an image map
PLOT_MAP_ASPECT   - include file for plot_map
PLOT_MAP_CONTOUR  - include file for plot_map
PLOT_OI           - Is identical to the PLOT procedure, except...
PLOT_OO           - Is identical to the PLOT procedure, except...
PLOT_PLAN         - plot plan timeline for a given date range and DB type
PLOT_RASTER       - Plot the scan positions in a raster.
PLOT_RESOURCE     - Plots any of given resource item on the resource row
PLOT_SCI_TLM      - Demonstrates science content of CDS telemetry
PLOT_SLIT_OFFSETS - Demonstrates Y-pixel offsets for different slits.
PLOT_SPEC         - plot spectra
PLOT_SPG__DEFINE  - Define a PLOT_SPG method
PLOT_SPLAN        - Plot SOHO SCIENCE plan for a given date range.
PLOT_SSW_FOV      - Plot fields of view of selected instruments from catalogs
PLOT_STRING       - Plot an X, Y array using a character string as the symbol.
PLOT_SUPPORT      - Plots ground support times on science plan.
PLOT_TEMP_POS     - Demonstrates temperature dependence of NIS wavecal
PLOT_TM_CALIB     - Standard plot of calibrated CDS telemetry data.
PLOT_UTFRAME      - Plots frame for science planning tool
PLOT_VDS_BIAS     - Plot VDS CCD bias levels
PLOT_WINDOWS      - Plot the data extraction windows in a raster.
PLOT_ZOOM         - Wrapper of PLOT with zoom function.
PL_SCALE          - This function  scales distance in graphics output and multiplot e
PMM               - print min, max of given argument (up to ten arguments)
POINT_LUN         - Sets or obtains the current position of the file pointer.
POLAR_GRID        - Overlay a polar grid on an image
POLYFILL          - Fills the interior of a region of the display.
POLYFILLV         - Returns a vector containing the 1-d subscripts of the elements...
POLYGON_CSR       - Make a size-fixed polygon cursor movable with a mouse
POLYSHADE         - Returns a shaded-surface representation.
POLY_2D           - Performs polynomial warping of images.
POLY_FIT_MOST()   - Fit a polynomial to a curve, ignoring outriders.
POLY_SPEC()       - Averages spectra chosen graphically by user.
POLY_VAL()        - Returns values from polygonal areas of displayed images.
POPUP_MENU        - pop up a menu with a list of options to choose from
POPUP_MSG         - Display a message from a popup text widget.
POSITIVE          - boolean - 1 (true) if positive - scaler/arrays ok
PPD               - Pop up directory name from the directory stack and CD to it.
PPRINT (OBSOLETE -- See SPRINT.PRO) - Closes currently open hardcopy plot device (if 
PQLPROFILE        - General purpose profile-drawing kit.
PQLZOOM           - General purpose draw-window zoom.
PRCOLS            - print up to 10 array parameters in aligned columns w/optional hea
PRED_PROG_NUM()   - Predict the study counter for a given date/time.
PRESTORE          - Restore Plot Region data (!P,!X,!Y,!D, and data X/Y size)
PRG_ALT()         - Purges old and deleted CDS alternate plan records
PRG_ANOMALY()     - Purges old and deleted SOHO anomaly records
PRG_DETAIL()      - Purges old and deleted CDS detailed science plan records
PRG_FLAG()        - Purges old and deleted CDS flag plan records
PRG_PLAN()        - Purges old and deleted SOHO science plan records
PRG_SOHO_DET()    - Purges old and deleted SOHO detailed science plan records
PRINT             - Procedures perform formatted output. 
PRINT_CFIT        - Print some contents of a Component Fit structure
PRINT_GEV         - Wrapper around GET_GEV
PRINT_HTML        - print string in basic HTML format
PRINT_NAR         - Wrapper around GET_NAR
PRINT_STR         - Divide and print a string.  Optionally write ascii file.
PRIV_ZDBASE()     - Checks if current database has write access.
PRODUCT()         - Calculates the product of all the elements of an array.
PROF()            - Returns profiles from arrays along the path XVAL, YVAL.
PROFIL            - Extract a profile from an image.
PROFILES          - Interactively draw row or column profiles of an image in a separa
PROFILES2         - Interactively draw row or column profiles of an image in a separa
PROGBAR           - interface to showprogress object to create and update a progress 
PROGMETER         - A widget that displays a progress meter with a color bar
PR_LOGENV         - print or return Environment/Logical definitions
PR_LOGWINDOWS     - print or return Environment/Logical definitions
PR_PATH           - Procedure to print the IDL !path variable (since it
PR_PATH_LIB       - Print the path of a file in !path
PR_STATS          - To print the min/max/avg/dev for an array
PR_STATUS         - print and/or return some status info
PR_SYNTAX         - print syntax of calling procedure/function
PR_TIM2WEEK       - Print Yohkoh week ID for specified time
PR_WEEK2TIM       - Print time range for specified Yohkoh week ID
PS                - Sets graphics device to PostScript file.
PSCLOSE           - Close a PostScript plot file, reset graphics device.
PSPLOT            - Prints PostScript plots and resets to the previous device.
PSTORE()          - Store Plot Region data (!P,!X,!Y,!D, and data X/Y size)
PS_LONG           - To stretch plotting area when device is PostScript printer.
PS_RESET          - Resets PostScript plotting area to Portrait, normal size.
PTEST             - Demonstration of the PQLPROFILE/PQLZOOM routines.
PTR_ALLOC         - to allocate a heap variable to a null pointer
PTR_CLONE         - Clone pointers
PTR_EXIST         - check if a pointer is valid and has data in it
PULSE_SPREAD      - This procedure generates a matrix of gaussian pulse-shapes which 
PURGE_CDHSSTATE   - Remove "TO BE DELETED" items from cdhsstate
PURGE_KAPS        - Remove old versions of KAP files on archive.
PURPOSE           - List procedure/function names and purposes.
PUT               - Places one of several images on the image display screen.
PVOIGT            - Compute voigt function with partial derivatives
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QCALIB            - Compare NIS intensity calibrations
QLHELP            - Widget to select help topics related to the QL Software.
QL_BSCALE()       - Scales VDS data for display with QL_COLTABLE color table.
QL_DIMENSIONS     - (Obsolete -- use(s) gt_dimension)
QL_MENU           - Executive menu for QL software
QL_RD_LLIST       - Read a CDS line list into the returned structure.
QL_SIZE           - Avoid disappearance of singular trailing dimensions
QMCLOSE           - Close a QMS plot file and reset the graphics device.
QMPLOT            - Print a QMS plot file and reset the graphics device.
QMS               - Sets graphics device to QMS Quikplot file.
QTILT()           - Get the NIS tilt for a given wavelength.
QUALITY_FILTER    - filter data with some qualitative checks
QUERY_ANOMALY     - Query Anomaly rrcords and write result to a file
QWAVECAL()        - Lists current calibration parameters
QZDBASE           - Print the current value of env. var. ZDBASE
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RADIOSPECTROGRAM FITS File reader - Reads (solar) radio spectrograms from RAG-FITS fi
RANDOMN           - Returns normally-distributed pseudo-random numbers.
RANDOMU           - Returns uniformly-distributed pseudo-random numbers.
RASTER_SIZE       - Get raster size based on RASTER structure from GET_RASTER.
RAY_NEIGHBOUR     - A routine called by COSMIC_RAY_ZAPPER.
RD_ASCII          - Read sequential ASCII file
RD_ATODAT         - Read the atomic data files: ssec3.dat, casec3.dat, fesec3.dat, f2
RD_CDS_POINT      - Read CDS pointings for specified times
RD_CHIANTI        - Read the CHIANTI line list
RD_GENX           - Read SXT generic file and return contents in appropriate data
RD_GOES           - read GOES data
RD_GOESP_ASCII    - read goes ascii particle files and return structure vector
RD_IMAGE_FITS     - Driver program of FXREAD and CDS_IMAGE to read any FITS file
RD_IMAGE_GIF      - To read a GIF file and to get related obs time
RD_IONBAL         - Read ascii files containing ionization balance calculations.
RD_MDI            - simple mdi front end to mreadfits; ssw-rationalize output
RD_PLAN           - Read a plan for a given date range.
RD_RDB            - To read an RDB file (text file with TAB delimiters).  Optionally
RD_RESOURCE       - Read a resource (MDI, DSN, COM times etc) for a given date range.
RD_RSTN           - read RSTN radio data
RD_SERTS          - Read the SERTS Active Region line list
RD_TEXT           - read an ascii file into an IDL session
RD_TFILE          - read/return contents of text file - optionally interpret
RD_TFILES         - Allow an array of input files and then basically call RD_TFILE
RD_ULIN_COL       - Generic text file reader which has columns identified
READ              - Perform formatted input into variables.
READCDSFITS()     - Read and return the contents of a CDS FITS level-1 file
READER__DEFINE    - Define a READER object
READFITS          - Read a FITS file into IDL data and header variables.
READS             - Performs formatted input from a string variable.
READU             - Reads unformatted binary data from a file.
READ_DEFAULT      - Prompts for a variable with a default value.
READ_EIT_FILE     - read EIT files
READ_FULL_ATT     - Reads a SOHO full resolution attitude file.
READ_KAP()        - Reads in a KAP file.
READ_KAP_ITEM     - Reads an item from a KAP
READ_KEY          - Returns ASCII equivalent of keystroke.
READ_MSP_FILE()   - Reads in a Microsoft Project file.
READ_MSP_ITEM     - Reads an item from a Microsoft Project file.
READ_NIMCP_CAL    - Read in NIMCP burn-in calibration files.
READ_SC_ATT       - Read SOHO spacecraft attitude files.
READ_SEQFILE      - read an ascii file into an IDL session
REARRANGE()       - Rearranges the dimensions in an array (ala TRANSPOSE).
REBIN             - Resizes a vector or array.
REBIN_FID         - Rebin files read by FIND_FID
REBIN_GIF         - rebin GIF file by given factor
REBIN_MAP         - Rebin an image map to new dimensions
RECOMPILE         - recompile a routine
RECOVER           - A general crash recovery procedure -- recovers stored QLDS
RECPOL            - Convert 2-d rectangular coordinates to polar coordinates.
REDUCE()          - Reduce an array by box averaging to a more useful size.
REDUCE_MAP        - create a low resolution map by removing pixels
REFORM            - Changes the dimensions of an array.
REGEN_SYNOP       - Regenerates the synoptic datasets.
REGIS             - Sets graphics device to REGIS mode.
REGRESS           - Multiple linear regression fit.
REGRESS_FIT       - Linear regression routine for functions with constant term
REG_CDROM         - Register information about the level zero CDROMs.
RELTIME           - return relative UT time or time range (default is offset from NOW
REMCHAR           - Remove all appearances of character (char) from string (st)
REMOVE            - Contract a vector or up to 7 vectors by removing specified elemen
REMOVE_PATH       - This procedure removes directories with the input string
REMTAB            - To remove the tabs from a line
REM_ANON_TAG      - Find and remove anonymous structure tags from within structure
REM_BLANKS        - remove blank elements from string array
REM_COM()         - Finds elements unique to second vector.
REM_DUP           - Function to remove duplicate values from a vector.
REM_DUP_TAG       - remove duplicate tags from a structure
REM_ELEM          - return subscripts of input array remaining after elements in
REM_FST           - Returns the indeces of the last occurring unique elements in the 
REM_MAP_LIMB      - remove above limb pixels from a map
REM_MULT_CHAR()   - Function to remove multiple characters from a string.
REM_SEQ           - remove runs of sequential array elements to a single value
REM_TAG           - remove a tag from a structure
RENAME            - rename unix files (new string replaces old string)
REPACK_MAP        - Pack pixel coordinate arrays into image map
REPCHAR()         - Replaces a character within a string by another.
REPLICATE         - Returns an array filled with the original scalar value.
REPRODUCE         - Reproduce any input any number of times
REPSTR            - Replace all occurences of one substring by another.
REP_LOGENV        - replace environmental translation with envionmental
REP_PROP          - replace a property value in a map object
REP_STRUCT_NAME   - Replace structure name
REP_TAG_NAME      - replace tag name in a structure
REP_TAG_VALUE     - replace tag value in a structure
REQUIRED_TAGS     - check input structure of fits header for 'required' tags
RESET             - Resets system variables to their default values.
RESET_XY          - This procedure resets saved !x, !y, and !p values to enable activ
RESPACE_MAP       - Rebin an image map to new pixel spacing
RESPOND_WIDG      - Widget to prompt user for (e.g.) a "YES" or "NO" response.
RESTENV           - restore environment (UNIX environmentals/VMS logicals)
RESTGEN           - read & restore parameters (idl variables) from a generic file
RESTGENX          - update of 'restgen' to handle pointers, objects, etc.
RESTORE           - Restores the IDL objects saved by the SAVE procedure.
RESTORE_ANALYSIS() - Restore a CFIT ANALYSIS structure with data
RESTORE_CDS_ADEF() - Restore a CDS Analysis Definition (saved with SAVE_CDS_ADEF)
RESTORE_IDL_ROUTINES - restore IDL binary routine files written via save_idl_routines
RESTORE_OVERFLOW  - This procedure controls the correction of counter overflow in BAT
RESTORE_PLOTVAR   - This procedure reloads system variable structures from stored val
RESTORE_WAVECAL   - Restores sensible default wavelength calibration from a given qld
RESTSYS           - restore idl system variables using values saved via
REST_MASK()       - Return the index excluding those given in SUBINDEX.
REVERSE_COLORS    - Reverse the current color table
REV_SWAP          - Swaps data between reverse network and host byte order.
REWIND            - (VMS Only) Rewinds the tape on the designated IDL tape unit.
REWIND            - Emulates the VMS REWIND function in Unix.
RFITS             - Reads a standard FITS disk file into an array.
RFITS2            - Reads multiple standard fits or compressed fits files into array
RM2FITS           - Write a response matrix to a FITS file.  Aims for OGIP CAL-GEN-92
RMOSAIC           - spawn background mosaic job, optional 'solar' hotlist lookup
RM_FILE           - delete a file in OS independent way
RM_LOCK           - remove LOCK file created by APPLY_LOCK
RM_PATH           - Remove directory (and optionally its subdirs) from IDL path
ROBERTS           - Returns approximation to the Roberts edge enhancement operator.
ROLL_XY           - rotate image coordinates
ROMAN()           - Returns ROMAN atomic number given the ionization
ROOTNR            - Finds the value of VARIABLE for which FUNC(VARIABLE) = 0.
ROTATE            - Returns a rotated and/or transposed copy of Matrix.
ROTATE_3D         - apply rsi 'rotate' to 3d data; multiples of 90deg w/opt transpose
ROTATE_LIMB()     - Make a 2xN array that results from rotating points on the limb
ROTATION()        - Make a 3x3 matrix for a rotation transformation conversion.
ROTPIC            - Rotate a picture that is described by X & Y vectors.
ROT_CDS_XY        - solar rotate deferred CDS pointing
ROT_MAP           - rotate image contained within structure created by MAKE_MAP
ROT_SUBIMAGE      - Modify an image array with a rotated region
ROT_XY()          - Get a solar rotated position for a given time interval.
ROUND_OFF()       - To round a number to a specified accuracy
ROUND_TIME        - round time to start of hour, day, month, or year
ROWSORT           - Sort an array based on the values in two of its columns.
RSH               - spawn remote command
RSTRMID           - Reverse of STRMID
RTAG_NAMES        - recursively return all tag names within a structure
R_COORD           - Given a linear array index and a centroid this will
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S2C               - Returns Cartesian coordinates (X,Y,Z) of a position vector
SAFE_EXP()        - Safe version of EXP() -- no floating underflows
SAFE_LOG10        - apply 'safe' log10  via alog10((data+1.)>1.), optionally bytscl
SAFE_STRING()     - Safe version of STRING
SAFE_UNLOG10      - ~undo the 'safe_log10' function algorithm
SAME_DATA()       - Check if two variables are identical.
SAVE              - Saves variables and system variables in a file.
SAVEENV           - save current environment (UNIX environmentals/VMS logicals)
SAVEGENX          - update of 'savegen' to handle pointers, objects, etc.
SAVEIMAGE         - Save the current graphics window to an output file (GIF by defaul
SAVESYS           - save idl system variables for later restoration via restsys
SAVE_ANALYSIS     - Save a CFIT ANALYSIS structure with data
SAVE_CDS_ADEF     - Save a CDS Analysis Definition (ADEF)
SAVE_IDL_ROUTINES - save selected subset of IDL routines to binary file (pre-compiled
SAVE_WAVECAL()    - Returns wavecal from common block for temporary storage
SCALECOM          - This is an include block to be used with CH_SCALE and PL_SCALE.
SCALE_TV          - Scales an image to best fit the image display screen.
SCANPATH          - Widget prog. for reading documentation within IDL procedures
SCOPE             - zoom in on an image
SCOPE_CURSOR      - Draw a rubber-band box (or circle)
SCRATCH           - manage scratch files (names, auto-delete, units,...)
SCREEN_SELECT     - Interactively select from list using widgets, X or terminal
SCR_ATTRIB        - Set screen attributes to those given, in the given order.
SCR_CHARSET       - To change the character sets.
SCR_CURMOV        - Moves the cursor relative to its original position.
SCR_CURPOS        - Positions the cursor at the specified screen location.
SCR_ERASE         - To erase portions of the terminal screen.
SCR_OTHER         - To allow the user to issue any ESCAPE sequence.
SCR_RESET         - To reset the terminal.
SCR_SCROLL        - Defines the scrolling area on the screen.
SEC2DHMS()        - Convert time in sec to string in 'xxDxxHxxMxxS' (DHMS) format
SEC2UTC()         - Converts seconds since MJD=0 to CDS UTC time format.
SELECT_BOX        - Interactive selection of a box on the graphics display.
SELECT_O          - Allows interactive (text) screen selection from a list.
SELECT_W          - Creates a non-exclusive menu in widget form.
SELECT_WIDG       - Display an ASCII list using widgets and the widget manager.
SELECT_WINDOWS    - Select the windows display depending on OS
SELECT_X          - Allos interactive screen selection from X-windows device.
SEL_FILETIMES     - To select the files within a time range (assuming the file
SEL_TIMRANGE      - Given a range of times (or a single time) and a time array, retur
SEND_MAIL         - to e-mail a file or array
SEND_PRINT        - to print a file or array in a device independent way
SEP_FILENAME      - Separates a filename into its component parts.
SETDISP           - set X windows display to remote node while in idl
SETENV            - (Unix Only) Adds or changes an environment string.
SETENV            - Emulates the SETENV routine in VMS.
SETFLAG           - Sets flags to control behavior of image display routines.
SETIMAGE          - Allow several images in one window.
SETLOG            - (VMS Only) Defines a logical name. 
SETPLOT           - Switch between plotting devices with memory about each.
SETPS             - To make a "set_plot" call and optional "device" calls.  It's
SETSCALE          - Sets plot scale so it is the same in X and Y directions.
SETSSW_WINDOWS    - Emulate script SETSSW for window
SETUT             - Set base,start, or end time in common UTCOMMON.
SETUTBASE         - Set UTBASE variable in common UTCOMMON to the number of seconds
SETVIEW           - Switch between several plots on one page.
SETWINDOW         - Switch between windows, retaining parameters for each.
SET_CDS_FITS      - Define CDS_FITS_DATA environment variable to
SET_CDS_SDB       - append 'sdb' directories  to ZDBASE
SET_CURSOR_SHAPE  - Widget interface to set cursor size interactively
SET_FASTPATH      - use ys environmentals and path file to do fast path setup
SET_FONT          - To change the font size for X windows and widgets
SET_GRAPHICS      - This procedure sets screen and hardcopy output graphic devices fo
SET_HARD          - set hard copy page parameters
SET_KAP_VERS()    - Sets version number of last KAP file read for given date
SET_LINE_COLOR    - Define 11 different colors for the first 11 color indices
SET_LOGENV        - set environmental variable (unix) and logicals (vms)
SET_LOGVMS        - set logicals (vms)
SET_LOGWINDOWS    - set logicals (windows)
SET_PLOT          - Sets the output device used by the IDL graphics procedures.
SET_POINTER       - to set a pointer value to a pointer variable
SET_PRINTER       - To allow the user to set the printer queue where the output will
SET_QLDS()        - Put back QLDS that the display routine is working on.
SET_SHADING       - Modifies the light source shading parameters.
SET_SYMBOL        - (VMS Only) Defines a DCL interpreter symbol.
SET_UTAXIS        - This function returns the system variable x=axis structure as tho
SET_UTLABEL       - This procedure controls the default for a date
SET_UTPLOT        - Allows user flexibility in setting up time axis labelling.
SET_X             - Set the device to 'X' with vector fonts.
SET_XCOLORS       - part of idl setup - avoid order dependent X call effects
SFITSLIST         - Create/update the lfitslist.txt file.
SFIT_XY           - Polynomial fit to a surface on non-uniform grids.
SGN               - Return the sign of the argument.
SHADE_SURF        - Creates a shaded-surface representation.
SHADE_VOLUME      - Gives list of vertices and polygons describing the contour surfac
SHIFT             - Shifts elements of vectors or arrays.
SHIFT_MAP         - shift an image map
SHORTHEX()        - Converts an array of short int values into a fixed hex string for
SHOW IMAGE        - Displays or writes an image with axes and scale on
SHOW3             - Show a 2D array three ways in a display that combines SURFACE,
SHOWFLAGS         - Show the settings controlled by SET/UNSET/ENABLEFLAG.
SHOWIMAGE         - Show the contents of a graphics file in the current window.
SHOW_AXES         - Informs of axes type of CDS data structure.
SHOW_CDHS         - Interprets CDHS series and raster IDs
SHOW_CDS_MECH     - Plot CDS mechanism statistics.
SHOW_CDS_TEMP     - Plot CDS temperature statistics.
SHOW_COLORS       - Displays the current color table.
SHOW_DATAWIN      - To list the contents of the datawin database.
SHOW_DCS          - Shows current contents of CDS deferred command store.
SHOW_EVARS        - List current definitions of CDS environment variables.
SHOW_FITS_HDR     - Display a CDS FITS file header.
SHOW_LINELIST     - To list the contents of the linelist database.
SHOW_MOVIE        - Uses XINTERANIMATE to show a movie.
SHOW_PIX          - dipslay processed images saved with
SHOW_PLAN         - Produce a listing of a CDS observation plan.
SHOW_QUEUE        - Show the contents of a print queue.
SHOW_RASTER       - Show details of a raster definition.
SHOW_RES_STC      - Show resource structure selected from the display
SHOW_SCATTER      - Demonstrates difference between wide slit and rastered images.
SHOW_SLIT6        - Shows spectral overlap regions in CDS wide slit data.
SHOW_STRUCT       - Display contents and breakdown of an IDL structure.
SHOW_STUDY        - Produce a listing of a CDS study definition.
SHOW_SYNOP        - widget interface to Synoptic data archive
SHOW_SYNOPTIC     - Displays data from a single CDS synoptic scan.
SHOW_SYNOP__DEFINE - widget interface to Synoptic data archive
SHOW_TM_PKT       - To show details of packets in a CDS telemetry file.
SID__DEFINE       - Define a Session ID (SID) class for tracking users CGI forms
SIGN              - This function takes two numbers X1,X2 and returns sign(X2)*abs(X1
SIGRANGE()        - Selects the most significant data range in an image.
SIG_ARRAY         - Returns the standard deviation of an array.
SIN               - SIN returns the trigonometric  sine of X.
SINCE_VERSION     - Determine if current release is later than specified.
SINDGEN           - Returns a string array with the specified dimensions.
SINH              - Returns the hyperbolic sine of X. 
SITE__DEFINE      - Define a site object
SIZE              - Returns a vector with size and type information for its argument.
SIZEOF()          - Calculates the size of an IDL variable
SKIPF             - (VMS Only) Skips records or files on the designated tape unit.
SKIPF             - Emulates the VMS SKIPF function on UNIX machines.
SLIT45_IMAGE_DEMO - Demonstrates slit 4 and 5 NIS image data.
SLIT4V5_DEMO      - Demonstrates slit 4 and 5 NIS data.
SMART_FTP         - A wrapper around FTP
SMART_WINDOW      - a smarter way to set/restore plot window parameters
SMOOFT            - Implements the smooft routine from Numerical Recipes (Sec. 13.9).
SMOOTH            - Returns a copy of Array smoothed with a boxcar average.
SNAP_MOVIE        - Makes a movie out of CDS snapshots.
SNU               - This function returns a number selected from a widget interface.
SOBEL             - Approximation of the 3x3, nonlinear edge-enhancement operator.
SOBEL_SCALE       - auto scale image  with edge enhancment
SOHOFILE2TIME()   - Return time from a given file name conforming the SOHO standard
SOHO_CAMPAIGN     - Make KAP style of list of SOHO campaign entries
SOHO_FAC          - return ratio of solar radius viewed from SOHO to that viewed
SOHO_ITEMS_HTML   - List SOHO related plans in HTML format
SOHO_VIEW()       - Check to see if SC_VIEW is set on
SOHO_XY           - convert EARTH-view coordinates to SOHO-view
SOLEPHUT          - Calculate the solar ra and dec in degrees given the
SORT              - Returns a vector of subscripts that allow array to be sorted.
SORT_CFIT         - Sort some of the components in a component fit structure
SORT_INDEX        - return time sorted array of merged structures
SPAWN             - Spawns a child process to execute a command.
SPECIAL_MOVIE     - make sxt movies for WWW (just set up and call image2movie)
SPECTRA2FITS      - Create fits binary tables using BATSE and GOES spectra data.
SPECTRUM2FITS     - Write spectral rate data to a FITS file.
SPEC_DIR()        - Appends a default disk or directory to a filename.
SPHCART           - This function computes cartesion coordinates from RA and DEC
SPIKE_ID          - To locate single pixel spikes, like Cosmic Rays,
SPLIT_COLORTAB    - simplify some split-color tables manipulations
SPLIT_STRUCT      - split two structures apart
SPLIT_TAGS        - split duplicate tags from a structure
SPRINT            - To spawn a print command
SPS               - Set the graphic device to Postscript and use machine fonts.
SQRT              - Returns the square root of X. 
SSWDB_INFO        - return info about SSWDB data bases (sizes, descriptions...)
SSWDB_INSTALL     - Interface routine to SolarSoft library installation
SSWDB_UPGRADE     - generate SSWDB set list, generate packages and spawn mirror job
SSWFITS_STRUCT    - return "STANDARD" ssw structure  (FITs->IDL mapping)
SSWLOC            - use SSW mapfile to see online SSW routines
SSWSTRUCT_FILL    - fill missing SSW tags , if possible
SSW_BIN           - return system-dependent BIN directory OR executable name w/path
SSW_BUILD_TRACE   - build a mosaic from components w/ssw std.
SSW_CHECK_CONTRIB - check local contrib area to see if routines have made it online
SSW_COLORS        - load SSW color tables, optionally return RGB
SSW_COMPOSITE     - form composite of 2 or more images
SSW_CONFLICTS     - check input files or files matching pattern against online SSW
SSW_CONTRIB_INFO  - return info from ssw_contrib 'jobfile' in structure
SSW_CONTRIB_MONITOR - monitor "ssw_contrib"uted SW, optionally online=>SSW
SSW_CONTRIB_OK2ONLINe - boolean - true if JOBINFO passes sanity/security tests
SSW_CROSSCORR     - This procedure computes a crosscorrelation function between two
SSW_CT2RGB        - return RGB for give IDL or SSW wavelength dependent color table
SSW_DELTAT        - return deltaTime between input times in specified units
SSW_ENV           - add & remove SSW elements IDL !path, optionally run setup.NNN
SSW_FILL_CUBE     - fill missing data with data from neighbors
SSW_FIND_TRANSIT  - find planet against solar disk
SSW_FOV_CONTEXT   - generate a 'context' image for a reduced FOV or movie sequence
SSW_GETAPPLET     - return user requested java applet for insertion into HTML doc
SSW_INSTALL       - Interface routine to SolarSoft library installation
SSW_INSTALL_EXPLINKAges - expand SSW auto-linkages (PI team defined)
SSW_INSTRUMENTS   - return list of instruments under SSW
SSW_INSTR_INFO    - return info about callers $SSW_INSTR
SSW_MOVE          - assist "mass" onlines (new) or moves (existing) routines->SSW
SSW_PACKAGES      - setup paths for SW packages within SSW framework
SSW_PATH          - add or remove SSW elements from IDL path
SSW_POS2ZENITH    - Calculate solar zenith angle from an observer's position
SSW_REQUIRED_PATH - check if a required path/instrument is defined in session
SSW_SETUP_WINDOWS - Initial setup for Windows
SSW_SET_CHIANTI   - set CHIANTI system variables within SSW environment
SSW_SET_INSTR     - update $SSW_INSTR (add or remove from environmental)
SSW_STRFIND       - find a string pattern in SSW online files (or input file list)
SSW_STRSPLIT      - split string array at first (or last) occurence of pattern
SSW_SWMAP_BESTOF  - generate 'bestof' subset of SSW one-liner/category map file
SSW_SWMAP_INFO    - Generate 'enhanced' SSW mapfile to add one liners and categories
SSW_SWMAP_UNIQINFO - Generate or return lists of uniq 'instruments' and uniq categori
SSW_TIMESTAT      - return time 'statistics'
SSW_TIME_COMPARE  - boolean time or file-time compare (combine some SSW functions)
SSW_TRACK_DEMO    - make level1 EIT movies for WWW, demo some SSW/EIT SW.
SSW_TRACK_FOV     - Extract a sub-field from the SSW-compliant (2D) image data
SSW_UNSPIKE_CUBE  - temporal despiking of CCD image cube using neighbor images
SSW_UPGRADE       - generate SSW set list, generate packages and spawn mirror job
ST2NUM            - convert string variable into numeric array
STC_CLONE         - Clone structures
STC_SUM           - Sum structure tag values into one huge string
STC_UNIQ          - return unique structures from an array
STDNAME2USER()    - Converts CDS standard line names to user format.
STEPPER           - Step through individual images a single frame at a time.
STEPPER_TITLE     - overly title on graphics device for stepper/xstepper
STM               - Science Telemetry Monitor.
STOP              - Stops the execution of a running program or batch file.
STORE_ARRAY       - Insert array into an array of arrays.
STORE_PLOTVAR     - This procedure loads system variable structures into common.
STORE_TV_SCALE    - Store information about displayed images.
STR2ARR           - Convert delimited string into string array
STR2COLS          - break strarry into columns at specified delimiter
STR2FILE          - print string array to a file
STR2HTML          - format a block of free-form ascii text into a standard 'html'
STR2HTML_ANCHOR   - add anchor html to input vector
STR2LINES()       - Convert a string into a series lines (string array) at certain le
STR2NUMBER        - return numeric part of a string or string array
STR2PAGES         - To take a string array and to break it into page blocks
STR2TOKEN()       - Convert a string into an array of tokens
STR2UTC()         - Parses UTC time strings.
STRARR            - Returns a string array containing  zero-length strings.
STRARRCOMPRESS    - remove null elements from string arrays (1D 2D)
STRARRINSERT      - insert/replace one text array into/by another at specifed delimit
STRCAPITALIZE     - capatilize first letters in Names and Titles
STRCOMPRESS       - Returns a copy of String with whitespace compressed to single spa
STREP             - Replaces first occurrence of given string within a string.
STRETCH_BOX       - draw rubberband box
STRETCH_CIRCLE    - draw rubberband circle
STRETCH_RANGE     - stretch color table (stretch within user supplied range only)
STREXTRACT        - extract substring between patt1 and patt2
STRFIND_URLS      - find URLS in a text array, useful for TEXT->HTML conversions
STRING            - Returns its arguments converted to string type.
STRIP_ARG         - Strip argument and keyword calls from an IDL program.
STRIP_DIRNAME()   - Strip off directory name associated with filenames.
STRIP_DOC         - Strip internal documentation from an IDL program.
STRIP_STRUCT      - Strip down a structure by removing tags
STRIP_WILD        - Strip wild characters (*,?) from procedure name
STRJUSTIFY        - left/right justify or center string array
STRLASTCHAR       - return last non-blank character(s) in a string or string array
STRLEN            - Returns the length of its string-type argument.
STRLIST2HTML      - identify ordered/unordered lists in string array and cnvt->html
STRLOWCASE        - Returns a copy of String converted to lowercase characters.
STRMESSAGE        - Returns the text of the error message specified by Errno.
STRMID            - Extracts a substring from a string  expression.
STRMIDS           - strmid with vectorized parameters
STRN              - Convert number to unpadded string.
STRNOCOMMENT      - de-comment a string / string array
STRNUMBER         - Function to determine if a string is a valid numeric value.
STRPAD()          - Pads a string with blanks (or whatever) to specified width
STRPAIR2STRUCT    - convert string array of field/value pairs to structure
STRPOS            - Finds the first occurrence of a substring within an object string
STRPOSARR         - find position of 1st or last occurence of substring in each eleme
STRPUT            - Inserts the contents of one string into another.
STRREMPAT         - identify/remove 1st occurence of pattern in inarray
STRSEC            - Convert seconds after midnight to a time string.
STRSPECIAL        - return true if input is a 'special' character (or as defined by k
STRSPLIT          - split string array at first (or last) occurence of pattern
STRSTAT           - check to see if the input structure name exists
STRTAB2HTML       - generate html Table (V3 table format) from table (string array)
STRTAB2VECT       - extract columns in a 2D string table to one or more 1D vectors
STRTRIM           - Returns String with leading and/or trailing blanks removed.
STRUCT2FITSHEAD   - Map FITS Header-Structure structure back-> fits header (strarr)
STRUCT2MS         - convert an structure to a make_str structure
STRUCT2SSW        - add SSW standard tags to input structure, optionally rationalize
STRUCT_WHERE      - filter a structure array; return SubScripts which satisfy
STRUNF            - Unfold structure, produce template for struct_tags.hlp
STRUPCASE         - Returns String converted to upper case.
STR_CHECKS        - turn structure checks on or off (for
STR_CHOP()        - Chop off a substring from a string scalar or vector
STR_CHUNK         - Break a string into equi-sized chunks
STR_CONCAT        - allow concatenation of identical structures even though
STR_COPY          - copy structures  - required when two structures are
STR_COPY_TAGS     - copy structures where the tag names match.  The
STR_CUT           - cut string to max size, appending "..."
STR_DEBLANK       - replace blank delimiters in a string with commas
STR_EBC2ASC       - To convert a string from EBCDIC to ASCII
STR_EXPAND        - Expand delimited string into an array.
STR_FORMAT        - format a variable to a string
STR_INDEX()       - Get indices of a substring (SUBSTR) in string.
STR_ISTYPE        - boolean function - check for structure type (instrument)
STR_LASTPOS()     - Find last occurence of a substring in the source string
STR_MATCH         - match patterns in a string
STR_MERGE         - merge (append) a new structure tag into an existing structure
STR_PERM          - return string array which contains all permutations of
STR_PICK()        - Extract a substring bounded by given characters.
STR_POW_CONV      - Convert a units string with exponentials [ to/from ] [ IDL plot
STR_REPLACE       - replace all occurences of a substring with a replacement
STR_SPACE         - Break up a string array with spaces between elements
STR_SUB2TOP       - Move all structure tags to the top level, removing pointers and o
STR_SUBSET        - generate a (smaller) structure with a subset of selected tags
STR_TAGINFO       - return info about all tags in the input structure
STR_TAGVAL        - return value stored in specified tag - (nested N-deep struct OK)
STR_TRAIL         - remove a trailing item from a string
STR_VER_UPDATE    - Allow old structures to be copied to new structure definitions
STUDY_BRIEF       - Lists information on CDS studies available at EOF
ST_WINDATA        - Putting back the data block for a detector window
SUBMIT_CAP()      - Submits a CAP file to the ECS.
SUBMIT_IAP()      - Submits an IAP file to the ECS.
SUB_MAP           - get subimage of an image map
SUM               - Function to do a 1-d summation of a 2-d data set.
SUMER_POINT_STC() - Make pointing structure for IMAGE_TOOL from SUMER study
SUM_COL()         - Sums along the columns of a matrix.
SUM_ROW()         - Sums along the rows of a matrix.
SUN               - Computes geocentric physical ephemeris of the sun.
SUN2VAX           - Converts data written on a DEC machine to SUN format by swapping
SUNSIZE_DEMO      - Demonstrate apparent size/position of sun each day.
SUNVIEW           - Switch to SunView mode.
SUN_POS           - Calculate solar ephemeris parameters.
SUPPRESS_MESSAGE  - check if a suppressed message is stored in COMMON
SUPP_WIN          - platform/OS independent check if current device
SURFACE           - Draws a wire-mesh representation of a two-dimensional array.
SVBKSB            - Solve the set of simultaneous linear equations Ax = b,
SVD               - Performs Singular Value Decomposition on the matrix A.
SWAP              - Procedure to swap bytes
SWISS_CHEESE      - take an array and set every adjacent pixel to a
SXADDPAR          - Add or modify a parameter in a FITS header array.
SXDELPAR          - Procedure to delete a keyword parameter(s) from a FITS header
SXPAR             - Obtain the value of a parameter in a FITS header
SXT__DEFINE       - Define an SXT map object
SYNOPTIC_STATS    - Demonstrates statistics from daily synoptic scans.
SYNOP_DB__DEFINE  - Define database for Synoptic data achive
SYNOP_DEFINE      - Define a SYNOP data object
SYNOP_LINK        - make a link between SYNOP data files and
SYNOP_SITE__DEFINE - Define a SYNOP data object
SYNOP_STAB_DEMO   - Demonstrate further temperature/wavecal effects.
SYS2UT            - function to get current time (which is given in seconds since 70/
SYSTIME           - Returns the current system time.
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TABLE2STRUCT      - convert ascii table data to structure - optionally read file
TAG_EXIST()       - To test whether a tag name exists in a structure.
TAG_NAMES         - Returns a string array with the names of tags in a structure.
TAI2OBT()         - Converts TAI to OBT/LOBT
TAI2UTC()         - Converts TAI time in seconds to UTC calendar time.
TAN               - Returns the tangent of X. 
TANH              - Returns the hyperbolic tangent of X. 
TAPRD             - (VMS Only) Reads the next record on the selected tape unit.
TAPRD             - Emulates VMS TAPRD procedure on UNIX machines.
TAPWRT            - (VMS Only) Writes data to the selected tape unit.
TAPWRT            - Emulates VMS TAPWRT procedure on UNIX machines.
TBEEP             - beep terminal
TCOPY             - Copy files from tape to tape
TEK               - Sets graphics device to Tektronix 4010 mode.
TEK4105           - Sets the graphics device for Tektronix 4105 terminals.
TEK4211           - Sets graphics device for Tektronix 4211 color terminal.
TEKMONO           - Sets graphics device for Tek 4100+ terminals, mono mode.
TEK_END           - This procedure closes plot file and set plotting device back to s
TEK_INIT          - Set up for making Tektronix or PostScript hardcopies of plots fro
TEK_PRINT         - This procedure sends a plot file to printer.
TEMPORARY         - Returns a temporary copy of a variable.
TEM_THERMAL_POWER - Calculate thermal X-ray power for a given temperature and emissio
TESTCUBE          - return test data cube (shifted dist) - optionally make gif files
TEST_DIR          - Test that a directory exists and is writable
TEST_OPEN         - Test open a file to determine existence and/or write access
TEXTCLOSE         - Closes file specified by !TEXTOUT.  Used by ASTRON routines.
TEXTOPEN          - Opens file for text output.
TEXT_ANOMALY()    - Convert the contents of an anomaly structure into an ascii array
TEXT_MATCH()      - Find text(s) matching expression
TEXT_OUTPUT       - Display ascii text on screen, send to printer, or save in file
TE_SCALE          - Will take x, an NxN image of temperatures, or EM's, or
TFTD              - Search for a string in header documentation.
THIN              - Returns the "skeleton" of a bi-level image. 
TICK_VEC          - Generate tickmarks for tight (or wide) displays.
TIFF2GIF          - convert TIFF to GIF files
TILT_NIS1_DEMO    - Demonstrate variation of NIS1 spectral line tilt.
TILT_NIS2_DEMO    - Demonstrate variation of NIS2 spectral line tilt.
TIM2CLON  (** OBSOLETE ** See TIM2CAR instead) - Calculate the 'Carrington' or heliog
TIM2DSET          - Given a structure (roadmap or index), find the dataset with
TIM2JD            - Compute Julian day number from item.
TIM2MATCH         - Give an array of reference times, determine if the input times fa
TIME2FID          - create YYMMDD_HHMM fid name based on date/time
TIMEAVG           - sum & average data values,
TIMEGRID          - create a (approximately) uniform grid of times
TIMER             - Measure elapsed time between calls.
TIMER_VERSION     - check IDL version that supports timer events
TIMESTAMP         - Place the current time outside the upper right-hand corner
TIME_AVERAGE()    - To form a time average of a set of time series data.
TIME_CHECK        - Define a TIME_CHECK object
TIME_WINDOW       - return time range of input indices - optionally expand/pad range
TIMING            - To measure the run time of given IDL routine(s)
TIMSTR2EX         - Subroutine to convert a date/time string to a seven element array
TJD2YMD           - This function converts truncated Julian days to a standard time f
TLB_PLACE()       - Find the "optimal" coordinates of a new top level base
TLM_SCIENCE       - To count the science packets in a telemetry file.
TLM_SUMMARY       - To summarize a telemetry file.
TM_CALIB()        - To calibrate the CDS engineering telemetry data.
TM_NEW_DB         - Produce new format of telemetry database.
TM_PARAM()        - Return details of parameters in the telemetry database.
TM_READ_CAL()     - Read telemetry calibration data from file.
TOTAL             - Returns the sum of the elements of Array.
TOTVECT           - running sum of a vector (must have been done at lease 10e9 times)
TQLI              - Uses the QL algorithm to determine the eigenvalues/vectors.
TRACE_COPY        - copy reformatted and prep'ed TRACE files to
TRACK_H2A         - Given a heliocentric coordinate and a set of dates, track the
TRACK_PROC        - To find all processes for a given process name and user.  Optiona
TRANSPOSE         - Returns the transpose of Array. 
TRED2             - Householder's method to reduce a real, symmetric matrix to tridia
TRIANGULATE       - Delaunay tri-angulation of a planar set of points.
TRIDAG            - Solves tridiagonal systems of linear equations.
TRIGRID           - Returns a regular grid of interpolated Z values.
TRIM()            - Converts numbers to strings, without trailing zeros.
TRIM_CAMPAIGN     - trim all blank strings in Campaign structure
TRIM_TAGS         - Trim all string tags in a structure
TRNLOG            - (VMS Only) Searches for a logical name and returns equivalent.
TRUP              - simultaneously trim and uppercase a string
TV                - Displays images on the image display  without scaling the intensi
TV2               - To allow a user to output an image to a PostScript device and
TVAXIS            - Places X and/or Y axes on displayed images.
TVBOXCRS          - Interactively select a box on displayed images.
TVCRS             - Manipulates the display device cursor.
TVDEVICE          - Defines the default image display device or window.
TVERASE           - Erases image display screen.
TVLCT             - Loads the display color translation tables.
TVMULTI           - display multiple images in a single window or postscript page
TVOUT             - Outputs text onto images.
TVPLT             - Plots points on displayed images.
TVPOINTS          - Selects a series of points from a displayed image.
TVPOS             - Returns cursor positions on displayed images.
TVPRINT           - Sends the contents of a window to a PostScript printer.
TVPROF            - Uses the cursor to get a profile from a displayed image.
TVPROFILE         - Interactively draw profile of an image in separate window.
TVRD              - Returns the contents of a portion of the display subsystem's memo
TVREAD()          - Reads contents of an image display screen into an array.
TVSCL             - Displays array with intensity scaling.
TVSCREEN          - Create window 512 (or 256) pixels on a side for images.
TVSELECT          - Select image display device/window defined by TVDEVICE.
TVSUBIMAGE()      - Interactively selects a subimage from a displayed image.
TVUNSELECT        - Inverse to the TVSELECT routine.
TVVALUE           - Interactively display the values in an image.
TVZOOM            - Zooms into the current image display window.
TVZOOM2           - Zooms into the current image display window.
TWIDGET           - This procedure provides a MOTIF interface for date or date&time s
TYP()             - Translate keywords (/INT,/BYT etc) to IDL type numbers
TYPE_CONV         - Perform a variable type conversion.  It is used
T_UTPLOT          - Given the input time vector, x0, prepare the time variable, xplot
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UCON_PATH         - manage ucon portions of SSW path
UDATE2EX          - Converts time string from UNIX command "date"
UITDBLIB          - Add the system variables used by the UIT database library
UNCOMPRESS        - uncompress a file
UNIQ              - Return the subscripts of the unique elements in an array.
UNIQO             - return subscripts of uniq elements and maintain original order
UNIXTIME2EX       - To convert time of the form "Fri Feb 19 12:54:04 PST 1999"
UNIX_CMD          - To execute a UNIX command and to monitor the command to make
UNIX_SPAWN        - spawn a shell command and return STDIO and STDERR
UNLOCK_DATABASE   - Unlock a previously locked database.
UNLOCK_ZDBASE     - Unlock directories defined by ZDBASE
UNPACK_MAP        - Unpack data and pixel coordinate arrays for image
UNPACK_STRUCT     - unpacks the tag names of structure into dynamic variables
UNSETFLAG         - Unset a flag field set by SETFLAG.
UNSIGN()          - Produces longword equivalent of an unsigned 16-bit integer.
UPDATE_CAMPAIGN   - Read the ASCII campaign file and update campaign database
UPDATE_CDS_TARGETS - Driver to update CDS target pages
UPDATE_CFIT       - Update values in a fit structure.
UPDATE_DEX()      - Updates CDS data extraction windows for current setup
UPDATE_FITLIMB    - Updates contents of the limb-fitting widget
UPDATE_HISTORY    - add history record(s) to input structure(s)
UPDATE_IAP        - Update Databases from latest IAP files from SOC
UPDATE_KAP        - Read in the latest KAP files to keep database updated
UPDATE_RAS_DUR    - Updates all the raster durations in the database.
UPDATE_SOHO_TARGETS - Driver to update SOHO target pages
UPDATE_STUDY_DUR  - Updates all the study durations in the database.
UPD_CDS_POINT     - Update pointing in CDS data structure
UPD_PLAN()        - Adds a SOHO science plan record to the database
UPD_SCI_PLAN      - Update SCIENCE plan with DETAILS plan
UPD_SOHO_DET()    - Adds a SOHO detailed science plan record to the database
URL_DECODE        - translate one FORM variable to string (or string array)
URL_GET           - get a file from a URL location
URL_QUERY2TIME    - convert WWW FORM-POST queries to standard format
USERSYM           - Is used to define a user plotting symbol.
USE_EARTH_VIEW    - Set env variable SC_VIEW off to change point of view to Earth
USE_SOHO_VIEW     - Set env variable SC_VIEW on to change point of view to SOHO
USE_VAX_FLOAT     - This function modifies new VMS floating point to reconcile old VM
UTC2DOW()         - Calculates the day of the week from CDS UTC date/time.
UTC2DOY()         - Calculates the day of the year from CDS UTC date/time.
UTC2INT()         - Converts CCSDS calendar time to internal format.
UTC2SEC()         - Converts CDS UTC time format to seconds since MJD=0.
UTC2STR()         - Converts CDS external time in UTC to string format.
UTC2TAI()         - Converts UTC calendar time to TAI.
UTCURSOR          - allow user to click on utplot and return utplot time
UTHELP            - This procedure prints the normal calling arguments
UTIME             - Function to return time in seconds from 79/1/1,0000 corresponding
UTLABEL           - Print start date and time on plot drawn with UTPLOT routine.
UTPLOT            - Plot X vs Y with Universal time labels on bottom X axis.
UTPLOT_IO         - Plot X vs Y with Universal time labels on bottom X axis.  X axis
UTPLOT_UTIME      - Function to return time in seconds from 79/1/1,0000 corresponding
UTPLOT__DEFINE    - Define a UTPLOT plot class
UT_2_YYDOY        - This function converts time from UTIME format, sec from 1-jan-197
UT_LABEL          - label previously drawn utplot / outplot (via
UT_TIME           - Return UT time / convert input times between Local and UT time
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VALID_CDS_POINT   - validate that CDS pointing is within acceptable limits
VALID_CLASS       - check if input name is a valid object class name
VALID_FITS        - check if file is a valid FITS file
VALID_GIF()       - To detect if the given file is in GIF format
VALID_JPEG()      - To detect if the given file is in JEPG format
VALID_MAP         - check if input image map is of valid type
VALID_NUM()       - Check if a string is a valid number representation.
VALID_OMAP        - check if input objects is a valid object map
VALID_POINTER     - check if input pointer is a valid pointer
VALID_RANGE       - determine if input range is non-zero 2-element vector
VALID_TIME()      - To test if the given time has the valid format
VALID_TIME_RANGE  - Function to determine if time range is a valid absolute time rang
VAR_TYPE          - Determine the data type of a variable or parameter.
VAX2IEEE          - To convert VAX floating point to Sun IEEE floating point
VAX2SUN           - Converts data written on a DEC machine to SUN format by swapping
VCHECK()          - Check if variable exists and return optional default if not.
VDS_BIAS_GLITCH   - Demonstrates instability in VDS bias level.
VDS_BURNIN_NEW    - Adds burn-in to flat field for post-recovery VDS images.
VDS_BURNIN_ORIG   - Adds burn-in to flat field for pre-accident VDS images.
VDS_CALIB         - Applies calibration factors to VDS images.
VDS_DEBIAS        - Removes CCD biases from VDS images.
VDS_DUMMY         - Produce dummy VDS data in the form of a (1024,256) array.
VDS_READ_FLAT     - Reads VDS flat field images.
VDS_ROTATE        - Corrects full NIS spectral extraction array for rotation
VEL_STRETCH       - Stretch velocity color tables, either alone or combined.
VERT_LINE         - Plot a vertical line at the position in the x argument.
VOIGT             - Returns the intensity of a VOIGT profile.
VOIGT_FIT         - Single voigt function fit to line profile
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WAIT              - Suspends execution of an IDL program for a specified period.
WAS_CALLED        - check if procedure has been called in a heirarchy of calls
WAVE2PIX          - Calculate the CDS detector pixel given a wavelength.
WAVESIZE()        - Return no. of dispersion pixels in a Spectral Window
WCHECK_SET        - Checks whether a window has been created (window_in variable exis
WC_WHERE          - return subscripts of input array where a pattern match is
WC_WHEREQ         - find strarry elements  matching pattern w/imbeded question marks
WDEF              - Makes a window quick and easy.
WDEL              - Close a window
WDELETE           - Deletes IDL windows. 
WDELETES          - delete multiple (or all) windows
WDISPLAY          - Displays images in a window all their own, sized to fit.
WEEK2EX           - Given a year and a week #, return the date of the first
WEEKID2EX         - Convert Week number to external time
WEOF              - (VMS Only) Writes an end of file mark on the tape unit.
WEOF              - Emulates the VMS WEOF routine on UNIX machines.
WGRID             - draw grid on current graphics display
WHAT_CDHS_STUDY   - Lists last few CDHS study IDs
WHAT_USES         - Informs of entries in planning databases
WHERE             - Returns subscripts of non-zero elements of Expression.
WHERENAN()        - Finds positions of IEEE NaN values.
WHERE_ARR         - Return the subscripts where a given set of values equal the value
WHERE_MAP         - find nearest map in time to a set of maps
WHERE_NEGZERO()   - Finds positions of IEEE -0.0 values.
WHERE_OFF_LIMB    - find indicies of points off solar limb
WHERE_PATTERN     - find byte pattern in byte array
WHERE_RASTER()    - Locates start packets of GIS or VDS rasters in tm file.
WHERE_STRUCT      - WHERE function for structures
WHERE_TABLE       - identify tables within a text array
WHERE_TIMES       - check where times fall within input time limits
WHERE_TITLE       - identify titles/headers in text array
WHERE_VECTOR      - WHERE function for vectors
WHICH             - Search for and print file or routine in IDL !path
WHICH_INST        - return which instrument DB (CDS or SUMER) is being used
WHICH_ZDBASE()    - Returns which database is selected
WIDGET_BASE       - Is used to create base wid- gets.
WIDGET_BUTTON     - Creates button widgets. 
WIDGET_CONTROL    - Is used to realize, manage, and destroy widget hierarchies.
WIDGET_DRAW       - Is used to create draw widgets.
WIDGET_EVENT      - Returns events for the widget hierarchy rooted at Widget_ID.
WIDGET_FLASH      - routine to create an eye-catching flashing widget
WIDGET_INFO       - Is used to obtain information about the widget subsystem.
WIDGET_LABEL      - Is used to create label widgets.
WIDGET_LIST       - Is used to create list widgets.
WIDGET_MBASE      - same as WIDGET_BASE, but allows GROUP to be undefined when
WIDGET_SELECTED   - get currently highlighted selections from list widget
WIDGET_SLIDER     - Is used to create slider widgets.
WIDGET_TEXT       - Creates text widgets.
WIDG_HELP         - Widget to select help topics.
WIDG_TYPE         - Returns the type (TEXT, BUTTON, etc.) of the widget ID.
WIN               - Switch to Microsoft Windows mode.
WINCOPY           - copy contents of one window into another
WINDOW            - Creates a window for the display of graphics or text.
WINDOWNO()        - Return the number of a window within a QL data structure.
WINDOW_ANACUBE    - Read ANA image cube opened with OPEN_ANACUBE;
WINDOW_TEST       - This procedure is used to test whether X windows are available if
WIN_DUMP          - Use xwd program to dump the contents of whole widget window
WIN_SPAWN         - This procedure allows SPAWN to return results under WINdows.
WMAX()            - Return the max value of the data in a Spectral Window.
WMENU             - Displays a menu whose choices are given by a string array.
WMENU_SEL         - To allow a user to select a series of array elements
WMENU_SEL_SET     - To allow a user to manually set the number of characters and line
WOBJECT           - create template widget window with buttons
WRITEFITS         - Write IDL array and header variables to a disk FITS file.
WRITEU            - Writes unformatted binary data.
WRITE_ACCESS      - check directory for write access
WRITE_ANOMALY     - Write output of perl program "anomaly_report" to database
WRITE_CAP         - Write out the CAP from the science plan.
WRITE_CIF()       - Write a Catalog Output File for the SOHO Catalog
WRITE_DIR         - platform/OS independent check if directory as write permission
WRITE_IAP         - Write out the IAP from the science plan.
WRITE_IN_BOX      - Writes a text message within a box in a graphics window.
WRT_ASCII         - Writes a string array to an ascii file
WRT_EBC2ASC       - Given an EBCDIC input file, create
WRT_EBOUNDS_EXT   - Write an EBOUNDS binary extension to a FITS file.
WRT_ENEBAND_EXT   - Write an ENEBAND extension to a FITS file.
WRT_FITS          - Write a FITS file given an image and a FITS header
WRT_GENX          - Write SXT generic file - XDR format - see front end
WRT_RATE_EXT      - Write a RATE binary extension to a FITS file.
WRT_STR           - write data structure size information for SXT generic files
WR_ASC            - To write arrays into columns of ASCII numbers
WR_MOVIE          - Convert an array of frames to a JAVASCRIPT or MPEG movie.
WSET              - Selects the current window.
WSHOW             - Exposes or hides the designated  window.
WTITLE            - Add a title to a window AFTER it has been created
WVOIGT            - Call the IDL Voigt routine to calculate a Voigt Profile.
WWWIDL_SERVER_CHECK - perform watchdog check an idlwww server - restart on error
WWWIDL_WATCHDOG   - perform a watchdog check (update or read/compare)
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X2GIF             - read and write X window to GIF file
X2JPEG            - Read X window and write to JPEG file.
X2PS              - convert X window plot to postscript file
XACK              - Make user acknowledge an action
XALIVE            - To check if an X widget is alive
XANSWER()         - Popup widget to get a Yes/No answer for a given question
XBLINK            - Blinks two images together by using XMOVIE.
XCALENDAR         - widget interface to calendar
XCAMP             - widget interface to campaign database
XCAT              - widget interface to CDS AS-RUN catalog
XCDS_ANALYSIS     - Widget interface to do analyses of CDS data.
XCDS_BOOK         - add or return CDS study from bookmark save file
XCDS_COSMIC       - Cosmic ray removal - automatic and manual
XCDS_SNAPSHOT     - Widget interface to CDS_SNAPSHOT
XCFIT             - Interactive design of component fit structure
XCFIT_BLOCK       - Design/apply multi-component fit to data block
XCHOICE           - present a choice
XCLONE_PLAN       - Widget program for CLONE_PLAN.
XCOR_CDS          - Coalign CDS images with generic FITS images
XCPT              - widget interface to CPT
XCRON             - Simulate running IDL commands in a cron job
XCROP_CUBE        - General N-dimensional cube cropping.
XCR_REMOVE        - Manual cosmic ray remover
XDEVICE           - Returns the name of the windows device suitable for current os.
XDICE             - The primary purpose of this routine is to serve as an example for
XDIFF             - Show differences between program versions
XDISP_FITS        - To allow a user to select a file and image to be displayed
XDOC              - Front end to online documentation software.
XDROPLIST         - Function to select an item from a droplist widget.
XEDIT             - Call the XEDIT editor to edit a file.
XGAMMA            - Widget interface to control the screen brightness.
XGEN_WIDGET       - Takes a text file and creates a widget.  The
XGET_SYNOPTIC()   - Return a string array of SOHO synoptic or summary image file name
XGET_UTC()        - A widget program to select date/time (UTC) interactively
XGHOST            - to get IDs of widgets that have the same event handler
XHIDE             - To hide (map) an X widget
XIAP              - widget interface to WRITE_IAP and WRITE_CAP
XINPUT            - Allow user to input text
XINTERANIMATE2    - Display animated sequence of images using X-windows Pixmaps.
XKILL             - To kill a bunch of X widgets
XLIST             - lists structure tags in a list widget.
XLOAD             - Widget control of color tables, with SERTS enhancements.
XMAIL             - widget mail interface
XMANAGER          - Provide main event loop and management for widgets created using 
XMANAGER_COM      - return widget ID's and application names from
XMANAGER_COM_NEW  - return widget ID's and application names from
XMANAGER_COM_OLD  - return widget ID's and application names from
XMANAGER_RESET    - Reset XMANAGER after a widget application crashes
XMATRIX           - Widget display of fields within an arbitrary structure
XMENU             - This procedure simplifies setting up widget menus. XMENU accepts 
XMENU_GEN_B_EV    - The event handler for XMENU_GEN_BUT
XMENU_GEN_I_EV    - The event handler for XMENU_GEN_INPUT
XMENU_SEL         - Allow user to select a set of items from a list.  Widget equivale
XMESSAGE          - Make a pop-up widget window to display a brief message
XMOVIE            - Animates a series of images under widget control.
XPICKFILE         - Compound widget program for file selection
XPLOTSCALE        - A widget interface to control plot scaling methods
XPL_STRUCT        - Explain STRUCTURE tags by browsing help files
XPOPUP            - widget popup window
XPORT             - widget interface to EXPORT_PLAN
XPRINT            - print an array or file
XPROGRAM          - widget interface to program database
XPROGRAM_ADD      - widget interface to add program ID to database
XPS_SETUP         - Widget interface to PS
XREALIZE          - control placement of realized widgets
XRECORDER         - Tool for recording/replaying user events.
XREPORT           - widget interface to anomaly database
XREPORT_EDIT      - widget interface to add/edit entry in anomaly database
XSELECT           - Force the user to select from a list or abort.
XSEL_ITEM()       - Select an item from a given string list (similar to XSEL_LIST)
XSEL_LIST()       - To select one item from a list.
XSEL_PRINTER      - select printer
XSET_COLOR        - Change color index interactively
XSET_VALUE        - Set the value of a variable interactively with a slider.
XSHOW             - To show (unmap) an X widget
XSHOW_HELP        - Show help text in a text widget based on its topic
XSHOW_RASTER      - Widget display of CDS rasters
XSTEPPER          - Widget interface/ X-Windows data cube reviewer
XSTEP_UEVENT      - handle events in xstepper utility window
XSTRUCT           - widget display of fields within an arbitrary structure
XSTUDY            - Widget interface to CDS database catalog
XTEXT             - Text display widget with searching capability
XTEXTEDIT         - Simple widget text editor
XTEXT_RESET       - Reset widget text fields
XTEXT_RESET_ID    - Reset widget text fields
XTV               - This application is designed to display IDL arrays as images. XTV
XTVSCALE          - A widget interface to control image scaling methods
XUPDATE           - Hassle-free (hopefully) widget_control,id,update=0/1
XVALID()          - Determine if a named widget is registered with XMANAGER
XVALIDATE         - validates widget time strings
XWIDUMP           - Dump (or return) full contents of a widget hierarchy
XWIN              - Switch to X-windows mode.
XY0               - This procedure resets the x and y axes defaults.
XYESNO            - Provide a yes/no question in widget form
XYOUTS            - Draws text on the currently-selected graphics device.
XYOUTS2           - Wrapper for xyouts -- use pseudo pixel coordinates when writing t
XYPLOT__DEFINE    - Define a general X vs Y plot class
XYPRO             - compute spherical from cartestian coordinates (3-d)
XYRADEC           - This function returns spherical from cartesian coordinates (3-d).
XY_RASTER         - Generate a raster pattern of time series images
XZOOM_PLAN        - zoom in on plot window
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Y2KFIX            - apply Y2K correction to date
YESNO             - To determine what the answer to a yes or no question was
YESNOX            - Ask a yes/no question and check the answer
YES_NO            - Prompts and checks for a user answer of either YES or NO
YMD2JD            - From Year, Month, and Day compute Julian Day number.
YMD2SEC           - Convert YY/MM/DD string to sec.  Or if YMD and SEC parameters
YMD2TJD           - This function converts standard format times to truncated Julian 
YOHKOH_FORMAT     - This procedure sets the default style
YYDOY_2_UT        - This function converts time from Year (YY)  and Day of Year (DOY)
Y_AVERAGE         - Get the average value of an array of displayed y values during a 
Y_CHECKER         - A routine called by COSMIC_RAY_ZAPPER.
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ZBUFF2FILE        - write the image current Z-buffer image to an image file
ZFORMAT           - To format some output as hex.  It's needed because of
ZONE_DEF_ID()     - Associates zone ID's with widget event values.
ZONE_DEF_LABEL    - Associates zone labels with ID numbers.
ZOOM_BLINK        - To super-impose two images and blink between them.
ZOOM_COOR         - This provides a query to mark the corners of an image box range.
ZOOM_SINGLE       - Display part of an image (or graphics) from the current window
ZPARCHECK         - Routine to check user parameters to a procedure
ZROOTS            - Finds the roots of an m-degree, complex polynomial.
ZSIZE()           - Return no. of "pixels along slit" in a QLDS

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