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CDS Software and Data Analysis Discussion List

This mailing list is intended to discuss the development, implementation, and maintenance of the SOHO/CDS software library, as well as discussions about the analysis of CDS data, both from the NIS and from the GIS spectrograph.

Subscription to the list is open.

Appopriate postings are those referring to the development of the CDS software library, how to install it, what changes have been made that user's should be aware of, and all general issues concerning the library.

This mailing list also replaces the previous cds-data mailing list, which no longer exists. Therefore, discussions relating to any aspect of CDS data analysis are also appropriate for the cds-soft mailing list. Anyone interesting in using CDS software, or CDS data, should subscribe to cds-soft.

cds-soft - Archived messages

cds-data - Archived messages - (List Discontinued)

To subscribe to any of these lists, and keep up with what's happening with CDS by e-mail, send a mail message to with an empty Subject line and (for example) subscribe cds-soft as the content of the message. If you subscribe and after two or three days you do not receive any message, try to subscribe again with subscribe cds-soft [your e-mail address here].

The way these email list works is that messages sent to one of the above addresses, for example,
are then forwarded to everyone on that mailing list.

From the CDS Operations Management Team in the Space Science & Technology Department at CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
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